The Best Career Advice From A 2nd Grader

The Best Career Advice From A 2nd Grader
Most people are involved in careers that they don't particularly like that much. But they have little choice but to continue with those careers because that's what helps pay the bills.

They make money by working. And if they quit that job they don't like then they will be left without enough money to manage their monthly expenses.

According to a best selling book (Living Dead), most working people don't like what they do for a living. And because they don't like their jobs they don't do it that well.

Intensive surveys conducted by the author of this highly popular novel concluded that most employees spend less than 1/3rd of their time spent in their workplace working. Shocking. Right?

Which means that each year companies and organizations waste Trillions of dollars because the staff that they hire to get work done are busy "not" working. That's why the author of the book calls the workforce as the "living dead".

I believe that everything that the book reveals is more than 100% true. People these days don't like working at all.

More than 8 out of 10 people in a top company does not work for more than 1/3rd the time that they spend in their offices.

Basically, working people spend every 2 out of 6 hours working. And every 4 out of 6 hours not working.

So, this means, that companies are paying their employees more money for not working than what they pay them for actually doing some work.

The number reason people don't like to work is because they don't like the work that they do.

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I remember when I was in 2nd grade we were asked to write an essay about what we will become when we grow up.

31 out of 32 students said that they wanted to be when they grew up and they got claps and compliments for their little speeches that morning in St. Ignatius High School. But the 32nd student was laughed and made fun off when he made his speech about what he would be when he grew up.

All the 31 students (and the class teacher) laughed at him when he read the very first line of his speech. What was so funny about his speech that everyone else was laughing and poking fun at him?

Basically, the 32nd student said that when he grew up he would be doing 15 different things in his life. Everyone burst out laughing when he said this. Why did they laugh? You know why!

They laughed at him because our educational system tells us that we can only be one thing when we grow up. We can only become a doctor, we cannot be anything more in our careers. We can only become an engineer, not a doctor too! So everyone laughed at the 32nd student of that 2nd grade class on that lousy Tuesday morning in Jacob Circle.

But that 32nd student knew something far beyond his age. He had wisdom far beyond his years. When he grew up, he actually became 14 out of the 15 things on that list. And if I am not mistaken then he will complete the 15th thing a year from now.

I was the 32nd student in that 2nd grade class. I was laughed at when I said that I wanted to be 15 different things when I grew up.

Today I am the one laughing and almost all the other students in my class are doing something completely different from the one thing that they said they would become when they grew up.

The child who wanted to be a doctor is today selling screws. The student who wanted to be a doctor is today working in a call center (night shift).

The students who wanted to become accountants, lawyers, army officers etc. are today working in banks and private sector companies.

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I was shocked that not a single one of those 31 students managed to become the one thing that they wanted to be when they grew up.

But here I was. I am the happiest student alive. I always wanted to be more than one thing. A rebel I was. A rebel I will forever be.

I wanted to be more than just 1 person in this world. Why be stuck in one job when you can love being in multiple careers and play diverse roles in society?

Today I am a counselor, a teacher, a content writer, an author, a motivational speaker, an artist, a song writer, a digital photographer, a cook, a businessman, online marketing wiz, and more.

I love my work because it's always been work that I love to do.

The best career advice that I can give you is to find a career that you love and do it.

And once you have found 1 career, then find your second calling, then your third, and then your fourth.

Who says you need to be just 1 thing and fulfill just 1 role in society?

Read the full story of Little Charles.

Our educational system is both meaningless and corrupt. The same teachers who told us that we should become scientists when we grow up (because we were good in Science) are still struggling to complete a working day in the school they work in. They hate their jobs and then they give us advice!!

More than 90 out of every 100 working professionals don't like the work that they do. Given a choice they would love to do something else.

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It's time you start working on your second and third careers. Don't get stuck in a single job.

Use whatever free time you have at work or over the weekends to start building a second, third and fourth careers.

Of course, it's up to you to take my advice. I for one know exactly how powerful the advice that I share with you in this post is. Leonardo da Vinci knew the power of working in different professions. The richest and most successful people in the world know what I'm talking about.

For example, Azim Premji (one of the richest people in Asia) is involved with 50 different things in a month.

His company manufactures everything from furniture to software, clothing to bathing soap, but yet he manages to do them all in less than 35 hours of work hours spent in the office each week.

Some of my readers criticize me by saying that because I spend my time in doing different things I am not a world famous expert in any single one of them. Well, my objective is not to be world famous for what I do. My purpose is to love what I do. I believe I have done that, am doing that, and will do that.

No one can make me or Azim or Bill do something that they don't love doing. The choice is ours.

We would rather spend less hours at work but give everything to that task over just working 1/3rd of the time we spend in the office.

Enough said. It's time to wake up! Or continue sleeping! It's your choice.

So to sum up...the best career advice from a 2nd grader is to do what you love and be involved in as many careers as you are comfortable with and like.

Read the full story of Little Charles.

You can be whatever you want to be, and in this case, you can create more than a couple of careers for yourself. No excuses, just do it!

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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Published: October 30th 2017.

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