Top 10 Incense Sticks In The World

Top 10 Incense Sticks In The World
Having tried numerous companies and brands over the last decade, I have placed myself in a pretty good position to list out the Top 10 Incense Stick brands available in the world. This list will be beneficial to those who are just starting out with the use of Incense inside their homes and businesses...

1. Satya Nag Champa - Smell the unique and natural fragrance of the Champa without polluting the environment. Enjoy the best incense sticks that you will find anywhere in the whole world. Even better than costly Japanese brands.

2. HEM Anubhuti - The fragrance of these incense sticks is even better than the first one on my list but it slips to the second position purely due to the stick being not as beautifully crafted as the Satya Nag Champa.

3. HEM Tuberose - Not a Brown and natural incense stick as the first two but gives out a powerful aroma of the Tuberose Flowers whose smell simply makes your room smell of the flowery aroma of the Tuberose long after the incense has been burnt.

4. Zed Black Vaayu - I personally like this one because it comes closest to the Aroma mix of the Anubhuti and the Satya Nag Champa with a much lesser price tag.

5. Satya Agarwood - Bring home the wonderfully soothing yet powerful aromas of the Agarwood by lighting up Satya's Agarwood Incense Stick. Another natural and pure incense stick that does not harm your lungs nor suffocates you while you enjoy the incense during periods of relaxation and bliss.

6. Seychelles Hand-Rolled Sticks - A mix of aromas for you - Rose, Loban, Sandalwood, and Nag Champa. Once again, the naturally made incense sticks are featured on my list and for good reason. A little expensive at Rs.4 a stick but worth giving it a try if you are an incense lover like I am.

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7. HEM Coconut - Living near coconut and palm trees for most of my life has made me a big fan of creamy and fresh Coconuts. These Coconut Incense Sticks will have you dreaming about the pristine clean beaches of South India in no time. A must have in every incense lover's home.

8. Satya Chandan - If you love the smell of pure Sandalwood then do not look any further than Satya's Chandan Incense Sticks. You will enjoy just seeing the slow upward movements of the smoke emitted from these incense sticks besides being bowled over with the calmness and pleasantness of their Sandalwood Aroma.

9. HEM Sun - A very energizing incense stick pack that lifts your mood within a few minutes of it spreading it's unique Aroma inside your room. Not a natural incense stick so please light it up in a well ventilated area and away from kids.

10. Satya Super Hit - Another Satya pack makes it onto my list purely due to the rich Aroma and high quality of these natural incense sticks. Another 'must have' in your collection if you seriously love your incense.

Few more worthy mentions...
11. HEM Cinnamon.
12. HEM Patchouli.
13. Maison Green Tea and Passion Fruit.
14. Cycle Woods.
15. HEM Lemongrass.
16. Hem Chandan.
17. Ashish Sandalwood Incense Cones.
18. HEM Myrrh.
19. HEM White Sage.
20. Satya For You.

The important thing to remember about Incense Sticks is that Natural or not they do pollute the environment around us so you should light them in moderation and in open areas or room with proper ventilation.

The natural ones are far better to buy for your own health's sake. Plus you truly get to savor the relaxing aromas that come along with having a passion for burning incense.

My students sometimes ask me why I spend so much money in burning incense sticks and I tell them the same thing that I will tell you here.

The quality of my life has been enhanced through the numerous moments that I've relished while taking in the soothing and inspiring aromas of my favorite incenses. They waste their money in expensive smart phones while I invest mine in a better life at home.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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Published: October 29th 2017.

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