200 Qualities Of Good Counselors

200 Qualities Of Good Counselors
Hi! I am Savio DSilva, a Counselor by profession, among many other things. This wonderful list of 200 qualities and habits of good Counselors has been compiled by me after studying and practicing counseling for more than 20 years of my life.

It has been my own secret resource that helps me understand well what my duties are during each counseling session and how best I can help my client enhance the quality of her life and solve a specific issue she seeks counseling for.

I am sharing this list of qualities and habits for the first time ever with you. Maybe doing so will help you understand better the range of responsibilities and powers that a counselor has. It will also help the thousands of clients that come this way to know the range of qualities and habits that an exceptional counselor must have.

Here is the complete list for you to refer to, download, and read several times...

1. Good Counselors listen to every word that their clients say.

2. Good Counselors do their best to understand their clients.

3. Good Counselors are unbiased.

4. Good Counselors are always alert and attentive during the session.

5. Good Counselors tend to use the latest technology and communication tools that are available.

6. Good Counselors are usually happy to discuss any issues surrounding confidentiality.

7. Good Counselors constantly practice their core skills and talents to keep getting better at them.

8. Good Counselors knows how to use anger to their advantage.

9. Good Counselors willingly accept feedback from each client.

10. Good Counselors do not judge clients based on their appearances, background or skills.

11. Good Counselors remember the issues of each client from session to session.

12. Good Counselors understand that a little progress each day adds up to big results.

13. Good Counselors do some physical exercise daily (for 20 minutes or so).

14. Good Counselors do not procrastinate.

15. Good Counselors do not try to win people over purely on charm.

16. Good Counselors do not talk too much during the session.

17. Good Counselors have tons of patience and tolerance.

18. Good Counselors understand that listening & hearing are different skills. They choose to listen.

19. Good Counselors spend little or no time talking about other clients.

20. Good Counselors do not try to control, fool, cheat or manipulate their clients.

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21. Good Counselors love to sip on warm water during the day.

22. Good Counselors learn something new from every client they counsel.

23. Good Counselors have open posture - no crossed arms or legs.

24. Good Counselors review each session after it is complete.

25. Good Counselors tend to give their clients clear and specific information.

26. Good Counselors will not make a pass at their clients.

27. Good Counselors have a clear sense of direction and focus.

28. Good Counselors have a firm belief in themselves.

29. Good Counselors realize that it is much better to tell the truth than carry a lie forever.

30. Good Counselors manage their emotions, relationships and time wisely.

31. Good Counselors are disciplined, do things at a set time in a set fashion.

32. Good Counselors rectify, don't repeat the same mistakes.

33. Good Counselors embrace change and accept whatever they cannot change.

34. Good Counselors arrive at the workplace calm and rested.

35. Good Counselors do not raise their voice with their clients.

36. Good Counselors work less than 30 hours a week.

37. Good Counselors remember the name of each client they counsel.

38. Good Counselors are passionate about their work and it always shows.

39. Good Counselors do not speak in complex 'psychobabble' which leaves the client confused.

40. Good Counselors are excellent at paraphrasing.

41. Good Counselors allow clients to make their own choices and respect their decisions.

42. Good Counselors spend an hour on planning and relaxation each day.

43. Good Counselors gain a perspective on things quickly.

44. Good Counselors do not leave until their clients have left the counseling room.

45. Good Counselors do not push clients into highly vulnerable feelings or memories.

46. Good Counselors spend time in Meditation every single day.

47. Good Counselors keep each counseling session a secret.

48. Good Counselors always expect the best to happen.

49. Good Counselors do not reveal the identity of their clients to anyone else.

50. Good Counselors choose their words wisely.

51. Good Counselors do not look down on their clients.

52. Good Counselors return all phone calls, email and text messages of their clients promptly.

53. Good Counselors eat a healthy, rich and wholesome diet every single day.

54. Good Counselors always invite client feedback regarding the ways in which counseling wasn't helpful.

55. Good Counselors are really good at putting themselves in the shoes of their clients.

56. Good Counselors always seem to be in a good mood.

57. Good Counselors will not attack, abuse or ridicule their clients.

58. Good Counselors make it easy for the client to discuss any concerns they have about counseling.

59. Good Counselors are cool under pressure even if they don't appear to be.

60. Good Counselors take up few counseling appointments to give their best to each client.

61. Good Counselors do their homework well.

62. Good Counselors constantly strive to develop their personality.

63. Good Counselors will encourage the client to do things that are helpful in their healing journey.

64. Good Counselors look inside, not outside, for solutions to a client's problems.

65. Good Counselors are not afraid of counseling a client. Ever.

66. Good Counselors will help each client in deciding when counseling is over.

67. Good Counselors do not wind up sessions early.

68. Good Counselors do not blame their clients for anything.

69. Good Counselors are easily accessible to their clients. Their doors are open and so are their hearts.

70. Good Counselors think positive every hour of the day.

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71. Good Counselors maintain a daily journal.

72. Good Counselors take small breaks during work hours to relax and refresh themselves.

73. Good Counselors sleep soundly for 8 hours or more each night.

74. Good Counselors are spiritually and emotionally strong.

75. Good Counselors have a real zest for living, to see new places and experience new things.

76. Good Counselors counsel just one client at a single time.

77. Good Counselors can see the forest through the trees.

78. Good Counselors never fight with their clients.

79. Good Counselors have full faith in their client's ability to work through their problems.

80. Good Counselors know when to speak up and when to shut up.

81. Good Counselors know that everyone loves respect, appreciation and love.

82. Good Counselors understand that time is way, way more valuable than money.

83. Good Counselors spend ample time on leisure activities and recreation.

84. Good Counselors have a reason to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night.

85. Good Counselors understand body language well.

86. Good Counselors can help their clients find a way out of the toughest problems.

87. Good Counselors take backups of all important files and documents every single day.

88. The primary motivation of a Good Counselor is to help others and work for the betterment of mankind.

89. Good Counselors are unhurried and patient.

90. Good Counselors have worked on both the right and the left side of the brain.

91. Good Counselors can find a way out of the toughest problems.

92. Good Counselors think before they speak, listen well before they answer.

93. Good Counselors will believe what the client says.

94. Good Counselors clarify any doubts that their client has.

95. Good Counselors will always share information about the process of counseling.

96. Good Counselors do not sell or promote anything else during their counseling sessions.

97. Good Counselors are better listeners than speakers.

98. Good Counselors do not make the client feel guilty.

99. Good Counselors never laugh at their client's expense.

100. Good Counselors are flexible and open to new ways of doing things.

101. Good Counselors tend to speak only when spoken to.

102. Good Counselors do not have the answers to everything and accept that fully.

103. Good Counselors acknowledge any gender, cultural and religious differences.

104. Good Counselors won't finish their client's sentences.

105. Good Counselors tend to pause before and after important words.

106. Good Counselors are calm and relaxed during counseling sessions.

107. Good Counselors are able to put their minds above their hearts.

108. Good Counselors will not make fake promises or guarantees.

109. Good Counselors will avoid interrupting their clients while they are sharing their story.

110. Good Counselors think before they give an answer to a question.

111. Good Counselors are warm and friendly.

112. Good Counselors have excellent communication skills.

113. Good Counselors know that complaining is a pure waste of time and energy so they rarely if ever complain.

114. Good Counselors maintain a balance between work and other major areas of their life.

115. Good Counselors spend a few hours each week increasing their current knowledge.

116. Good Counselors evaluate their core skills and performance once a week.

117. Good Counselors do not fall asleep during a counseling session.

118. Good Counselors are prepared to say no when they have to.

119. Good Counselors can switch off completely after each counseling session.

120. Good Counselors tend to notice a lot since they have a real eye for detail.

121. Good Counselors analyze but don't judge.

122. Good Counselors can enter a peaceful, relaxed state of mind almost instantly.

123. Good Counselors are trustworthy and dependable.

124. Good Counselors have an excellent memory and good grasping power.

125. Good Counselors do not curse or swear at their clients.

126. Good Counselors encourage the client to build relational support outside of counseling.

127. Good Counselors are most keen on reaching a positive outcome through counseling.

128. Good Counselors interact with diverse people and relish varied experiences.

129. Good Counselors understand themselves well.

130. Good Counselors fully understand that each counseling session is different from the previous one.

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131. Good Counselors are open to suggestions, criticisms and ideas.

132. Good Counselors have a glow on their faces in the morning.

133. Good Counselors are prepared to let go when they have to.

134. Good Counselors will not judge their clients. They analyze the issue, not the person.

135. Good Counselors know that everyone makes mistakes. They learn to forgive others & themselves.

136. Good Counselors spend time in quiet reflection and deep thought everyday.

137. Good Counselors are quick learners and pick up new things quickly.

138. Good Counselors know that everything that is negative has a positive side to it.

139. Good Counselors suggest, not instruct, they share, not order out.

140. Good Counselors turn off their phones when involved in a conversation with someone.

141. Good Counselors will not be overwhelmed with a client's problems.

142. Good Counselors ignore potential setbacks and never get bogged down by them.

143. Good Counselors understand that being alone is not being lonely.

144. Good Counselors should never be aloof, jealous, or feel guilty.

145. Good Counselors do not carry their work home with them.

146. Good Counselors will not have pity on their clients.

147. Good Counselors constantly update their knowledge about psychological topics.

148. Good Counselors usually have tons of counseling experience.

149. Good Counselors do not possess a passive attitude.

150. Good Counselors set their own standards. They don't compete with other counselors.

151. Good Counselors are genuine, sincere and earnest.

152. Good Counselors are always on time for their counseling sessions.

153. Good Counselors never takes advantage of their clients.

154. Good Counselors know that a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.

155. Good Counselors are not distracted nor loses focus during the session.

156. Good Counselors completely control their time, they spend each minute well.

157. Good Counselors spend an hour a day on building their brain fitness.

158. Good Counselors want to genuinely help their clients through counseling.

159. Good Counselors will always respect the client's feelings, beliefs and values.

160. Good Counselors spend little or no time thinking about sad or unpleasant things.

161. Good Counselors won't get bored easily.

162. Good Counselors are never too busy or hassled at work.

163. Good Counselors admit when they are wrong and always learn from errors.

164. Good Counselors refrain from comparing clients with each other.

165. Good Counselors spend a few hours each week enhancing their counseling skills.

166. Good Counselors will not reveal personal information about themselves unless necessary.

167. Good Counselors look beyond the obvious. They always digs deeper.

168. Good Counselors do not force their clients to change themselves. Nobody loves being changed.

169. Good Counselors rarely assume things. They do their research and find out everything that they can.

170. Good Counselors never threaten their clients.

171. Good Counselors do not answer the phone during a counseling session.

172. Good Counselors set aside a few hours each week for their social life.

173. Good Counselors show up at work with a bounce in their walk and a smile on their face.

174. Good Counselors have great confidence in their own abilities.

175. Good Counselors have a clean breath at all times.

176. Good Counselors are giving, loving, caring and passionate by nature.

177. Good Counselors will not be vague when analyzing or summarizing the session.

178. Good Counselors do not hesitate to be frank and upfront with their client.

179. Good Counselors do not act like they know everything.

180. Good Counselors respect their clients and allow them to work through their experiences and emotions.

181. Good Counselors must be suitably qualified to offer counseling services to clients.

182. Good Counselors offer their clients new solutions to help them move towards their goals.

183. Good Counselors watch less than 10 hours of TV each week.

184. Good Counselors know that not situations but their reactions to them make or break them.

185. Good Counselors love their jobs. It is their life's purpose to help their clients live better lives.

186. Good Counselors are not addicted to work, drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

187. Good Counselors don't gossip. Gossip can hurt people in tons of ways.

188. Good Counselors question their clients effectively.

189. Good Counselors are able to respectfully challenge their client's perceptions or position when necessary.

190. Good Counselors do not let their ego control their thoughts and actions.

191. Good Counselors spend ample time in mother nature.

192. Good Counselors will never keep clients in therapy against their will.

193. Good Counselors will never force or pressure their clients into doing anything they don't want to do.

194. Good Counselors understand that 'listen' and 'silent' share the same letters.

195. Good Counselors genuinely care about the welfare of their clients.

196. Good Counselors use a Dictaphone or video recorder to record each session.

197. Good Counselors do not mix counseling with pleasure.

198. Good Counselors never charge any extra money from a client for a counseling session.

199. Good Counselors always keep their promises.

200. Good Counselors inspire other counselors to be good counselors themselves.

Hope my years of research, practice and passion for counseling will help you become an exceptional counselor and help your clients live better lives. This study is just a guide for you and me to refer to. It might not be possible to practice or follow all the points listed in one's practice. But it always helps to keep learning and striving to be better.

To be directly trained to become a Good Counselor please take the time to read about our courses in Counseling on Enoma.in.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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Published: October 29th 2017.

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