A Powerful Exercise To Improve Your Concentration Right Now

A Powerful Exercise To Improve Your Concentration Right Now
The ability to fully concentrate on an activity while doing it is a wonderful quality to possess in one's repertoire.

Not too many of us can concentrate on the task at hand without being disturbed or distracted by our surroundings.

You just need to visit a coffee shop to know what I am talking about. In a coffee shop, you will find that everyone sitting down at the tables get so easily distracted when someone walks in through the door.

Many customers are easily distracted by the sounds around them as well. It's tough for them to concentrate on simply reading their book while sipping on their coffee.

Couples and partners find it difficult to spend quality time with each other without anything else (such as the TV) distracting them. It seems tough for them to have a pleasant conversation without being disturbed by something or the other.

Dating has become a problem these days since most people find it so difficult to focus their attention on solely their dates. They seem to be looking everywhere else but directly at them.

Concentration is a top quality to have in one's personality. Your ability to fully focus and concentrate on whatever you are doing is really important to your success ratio.

Surveys conducted in this area suggest that men concentrate the most while they are watching their favorite sports team playing their games on TV.

Women love TV shows and soaps. It's easy for us to concentrate better on things that we are so interested in.

Those who concentrate fully on their jobs are 3 times as effective as those that get distracted far too easily. Highly effective professionals quickly rise up to the top of their careers because of their unique ability to focus and concentrate on their work during working hours.

Training yourself to improve your concentration is an easy way to enhance your ability to concentrate on whatever you are doing during the day.

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A simple exercise that greatly increases your focus and concentration is to stare at the light of a lit candle for 15 minutes at a time.

All you need to have for this exercise is a candle and a lighter to light it. You must be in a dark room and all by yourself when you are doing this.

Your bedroom is an ideal place for this fun exercise.

Switch off the lights, draw the curtains, close the doors and windows to make sure that the room is completely dark.

Then light the candle, place it standing in the stand, and then sit down a few feet away and blankly stare at the candlelight for 15 minutes or more.

It's important that you do not take your eyes off the candlelight even for a second.

You can even lay down on your bed and look at the lit candle.

Any posture or position will serve your purpose just as long as you can see the candlelight clearly from wherever you are in the dark room.

After just a few days of doing this exercise you will find that you suddenly have an improved concentration and focus while you are doing other things as well.

It's amazing how an easy exercise such as this one can do wonders to your personality. Give this interesting and powerful exercise a shot today and you will surely start doing it daily.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
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Published: October 29th 2017.

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