90 Relatively Easy Ways To Get Rid Of A Headache

90 Relatively Easy Ways To Get Rid Of A Headache
A headache can be really irritating. I've had them myself during my younger years. As a therapist, I've researched, tried and observed each of these highly useful and relatively simple remedies to help cure a headache and reduce migraine.

1. Massage the head pain away with Eucalyptus Oil. It relaxes the muscles and eases off the pain.

2. Remove any distractions from the environment. Switch off the TV, turn off the stereo, switch to silent mode on your phone.

3. Place raw potato slices on your forehead for 15 minutes at a time. Something about this starchy root veggie makes the pain go away or subside.

4. Rub your hands together and then apply your hot hands onto your closed eyes. Do this around 20 times at a time, two or three times a day. It works like a hot pack. And it's free and easy to do.

5. Spend time cuddling, hugging and making out. The flush of energy and excitement increases the blood flow to the brain and makes your headache lessen in intensity.

6. Wear a paper or cardboard hat on top of your head for half an hour. I read about this on a wellness blog run by an experienced nurse so there must be some truth to it.

7. Spend time in nature. Be around trees, lush greenery works wonders for all of us, smell some fresh flowers during the early morning hours, go to the nearby beach to clear your head. The outdoors is a powerful cure.

8. Smile gently, this helps relax the jaw. Keep smiling for a few minutes to feel better thereafter.

9. Sitting down or laying down in complete darkness definitely helps ease the pain away to some extent. Turn off the lights and take a nap or just sit there with your eyes closed.

10. Avoid talking when you have a strong headache. Conversation is healthy but not when you have a lot of pain inside your head.

11. Don't stress your eyes. Do not strain your eyes at all. And if you wear glasses then make sure you have the right number on them.

12. Place an ice pack or some ice cubes wrapped inside a towel on your forehead. Keep it there for around 20 seconds at a time, then remove it, then place it back for another 20 seconds. Ice helps improve circulation while reducing the pain.

13. If you have a bath tub then take a nice long hot water bath with Epsom Salts and Baking Soda added to the hot water. Simply lay in the hot water and let the toxins out of your body.

14. In my own experience, I have found great benefits in Tai Chi. Just practicing this easy form of relaxation and exercise at home can help reduce the pain, ease muscle tension and prevent future headaches.

15. Smell some cloves. Just crush a few of them, place the smaller pieces into a muslin cloth or handkerchief, then smell them in spells of 2 minutes at a time. The pain relieving qualities of cloves work its magic through the aromas itself.

16. Eat more salmon and tuna. Many other fish will do too. Omega-3 fats help prevent blood clotting, lowers our blood pressures, reduces pain and maintains an even and constant rhythm inside our heart.

17. Place a few cabbage leaves that have been soaked in hot water for a few minutes on your forehead and leave it there for 10 minutes. Worked for me last week when I had a mild headache.

18. Not completely proven. But the Release Technique has seen great results when tried on patients by Larry Crane and Lestor Levenson. It's a kind of psychotherapy that helps you let go of unwanted feelings and thoughts which might cause you to worry and be stressed thereby causing frequent headaches.

19. Chamomile Tea not only helps us relieve stress and relax but is well known through the ages as a cure for hangovers and headaches.

20. Stop spending time on social media. I find that this tip is the root cause of headaches in this generation of teenagers and young adults. So cut down on your online social networking time if you wish to get rid off your headache.

21. Listen to relaxing music. There are plenty of free music videos available online when you search for relaxation music videos. Simply download them and listen to them to decrease the pain.

22. Take a hot water wash. Pour the hot water on your back, neck and head.

23. Have foods such as pulses, beans, spinach, broccoli, and chocolates on a daily basis as they contain magnesium in good quantities. Magnesium is supposed to prevent the wave of brain signaling and block the pain-transmitting chemicals inside our brain thereby reducing headaches.

24. Stretch at periodic intervals during the day. Just raise your hands as high as possible, wiggle your toes, bend down and touch your toes a few times if you can and get some light exercise to increase the blood flow to your brain and stay active.

25. Squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass of warm water and sip it slowly. It makes sure that the acid and alkaline balance is maintained well inside your body.

26. Butterbur is a plant that belongs to the Daisy family and is known to be one of the medically proven headache remedies. Ask your family doctor to prescribe you a pill that contains the root of this plant which helps increase the blood flow to the brain and relaxes the muscles.

27. Avoid caffeine. Drink less coffee. Anything more than a cup is not good for you. Sip on water instead. As coffee and other caffeinated drinks tend to dehydrate us rather than the other way round.

28. Stay indoors during the afternoons. Avoid the heat of the sun at all costs. If you must go out, carry an umbrella, wear a big hat, and stay in the shade all the time.

29. Eat more chicken and turkey. Both contain Tryptophan which helps trigger happiness through the stimulation of dopamine in the brain.

30. Ginger juice added to your cups of tea will help in reducing the pain. It tends to reduce any swelling that might have occurred in your brain too.

31. Stroke a cat. Or a dog. Go to sleep along with your furry pets and you will notice your headache has gone when you wake up. The sleep, the rest and their furry bodies does something wonderful to ease the headache away.

32. Invest in a comfortable mattress. Your bed and your bedroom must induce sleep almost as soon as its dark or when you switch off the lights and lay down on it.

33. Try some guided meditation. There are a few articles on Gobog itself to help you in this matter. Guided meditation MP3 files can be listened to and help you enter a state of calm and relaxation through the expert guidance of the meditation expert who reads the script to you.

34. The Acerola Cherry that is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients is believed to be highly effective in treating a headache.

35. Don't laugh at this one. But I've personally noticed and felt great relief just by combing my hair from side to side and up to down for a few minutes when I have a headache. It works for me. Might work for you too!

36. Avoid sticky foods at all costs. Chewing gum for instance. Sticky rice. Etc. It has been proven that the more you chew, the more your head, cheeks and jaws pain.

37. Boil a few fresh basil leaves, add a spoonful of honey into it, a green tea bag, then stir it well, and drink it. The muscle relaxing and analgesic properties of Basil is a miracle cure for probing headaches.

38. Massage your head with peppermint oil. But get someone else to massage it for you. Most people report better results when others massage their heads.

39. Sleep for 9 hours every single night. Most headaches are mainly a result of your body and brain not getting enough rest during the night hours.

40. A hot bowl of clear chicken soup is my favorite way of relieving headaches if it's available at a restaurant nearby. Or can be prepared quickly at home. Order the one which has extra ginger and celery in it.

41. Get rid off clutter. An open, airy home that is clean and well organized helps reduce the chances of headaches occurring due to stress and congestion caused because of clutter.

42. Valerian Root is another way to reduce anxiety and stress which in turn helps in eradicating that chronic pain inside your head. Also try white willow bark. Both of these can be sourced through an Ayurveda doctor.

43. Open the windows. Let the fresh air inside. Avoid the usage of air conditioning if you can. Fresh air to breathe on a daily basis is an absolute must to cure long term headache problems.

44. Do some light Yoga daily. There are many poses which are designed to relax our muscles. A yoga guru or therapist can help you in this regard. Or simply watch a few videos online to learn how.

45. Close your eyes and rest your head by lying down on the bed or resting against a soft pillow placed at the back of your head.

46. Daily meditation helps a lot. It may not cure a headache while you have it but it helps prevent it from occurring in the first place. Deep breathing in silence is the best way to meditate.

47. Avoid overeating. If possible, eat only veggies and fruits for a few days. This helps increase the blood circulation inside our system.

48. Use aroma oil to relieve the ache. The best aroma is that of apples, ginger, lavender or cinnamon. Usually, I use Cinnamon Apple which does the trick for me.

49. Breathe deeply with your eyes closed while sitting down in a relaxed position. Meditation is truly the best medicine and deep breathing is the most effective natural form of meditation.

50. Eat grapes. They are a tried and tested pain reliever in many countries around the world.

51. Do not use posture that strains your muscles, do not slump or slouch, and if you work long hours at a desk, then stand up, take a walk around every hour or so. Sit properly, ensure your back is properly supported, and your neck is not sticking out at all.

52. Have less salt. Foods that contain salts definitely cause us to have high blood pressure and have more headaches. This is something I have personally experienced in my own studies on this subject.

53. Drink some water. Warm water is more effective in my personal experience. A glass or two is just fine.

54. Take a painkilling tablet. But please, please, please check with your doctor before doing so.

55. Have watermelons, cucumbers, oranges and other raw foods with a high water content inside them. Being hydrated all day long is most important if you suffer from frequent headaches.

56. Botox is known to reduce long term migraine though there is no scientific evidence to back this up. Also since it's a costly procedure it should be your last resort.

57. Get rid off mold. There are times when I've seen that clients suffer from headaches from months without realizing that the acute presence of mold inside their homes is causing them.

58. Dip a few cotton swabs (one at a time) into a solution made of Cayenne Pepper boiled with water and mint paste. Put these cotton swabs into each of your two nostrils, placing one inside at a time, smell it well, then take it out after a minute. Do the same thing with the second nostril.

59. Visit a hypnotherapist and let them relax your mind and body through the measured use of hypnosis. An effective treatment for migraine, not required for small headaches.

60. Carry a beetle nut on you and play with it, stroke it, rub it, many times a day. It has been known to reduce stress, increase concentration and reduce head pain.

61. Boil the flowers of the feverfew plant in plain water. Then drink the mixture two times a day. It has been proven to relax the muscles and ease the tension away from decades.

62. Relax your mind. Don't think. Clear your mind. Don't focus on the past nor the future, live in the now. Mindfulness works wonders.

63. Try some ginger candy. They are available at a few candy shops around the place. Or bake some ginger cookies at home, sprinkle cinnamon powder on top after the cookies are out. Have while its hot.

64. Watch less TV. There's something about the Idiot Box that makes my headaches increase very quickly. I've observed that my headache goes away by itself when I turn off the TV and lay down in silence.

65. Lower your shoulders. Standing with shoulders stiff and high can increase the frequency of headaches in the long run.

66. Make a paste of Betel Leaves and warm water. Apply it on your forehead for 30 minutes and leave it there while you take a nap. Wash it off with warm or cold water. Feel cured!

67. Be silent. Do not make any noise. Silence is truly golden at this time.

68. Book a session of Reflexology and get your feet pressed and massaged by an expert. Or you can massage the skin surface between the biggest toe and the second one. This helps reduce the pain quickly.

69. Get Acupuncture and Acupressure done on you. Both are known to ease out chronic pain in the long term.

70. Smelling some lavender oil will help a lot when you have a mild headache. It just makes you feel relaxed and soothes the pain away.

71. Essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Thyme and Rosemary can be massaged gently into your forehead to alleviate the ache.

72. A 350 mg dose of Riboflavin on a daily basis reduce migraine up to 30% in the long term (around 6 months or more). Consult your family doctor before starting this medication.

73. Follow a regular schedule. Plan your day the night before. Planning and following through with your schedule for the day helps you feel less stressed and worried thereby reducing the chances of headache due to stress, tension and worry.

74. High blood pressure can cause and trigger headaches. Eating foods that lower blood pressure such as spinach, cabbage, carrots and broccoli will help a lot in this matter.

75. Just drop a couple of drops of Ghee into your nostrils before you go to sleep at night. I have seen good results from my clients who have used this headache relief technique.

76. Have some salicin, which is commonly found in almonds. Eat a small bowl of almonds slowly. But grind it into a powder first as eating it in chunks will cause you to pain more due to the crunchiness and constant chewing.

77. Add a bit of hot mustard powder to a bucket of hot water and dip your feet into it for 20 minutes or so. I got this tip from my 95-year-old grandmother.

78. Try Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy. I HAVE NOT tried this myself so please do your own research before giving this somewhat expensive therapy a shot.

79. Do not drink alcohol. It tends to dehydrate your body thus increasing the severity of the head pain.

80. Bright light, excessive sunlight, and flickering lights can cause you to have headaches. Keep your room well shaded during the day, cover your eyes with sun glasses while outside in the sun, and use an anti-glare screen on your phone, tablet and computer.

81. Apply a homemade cinnamon balm onto your forehead, close your eyes, and let it stay there for 30 minutes before you wash it off. Simply grind 20 grams of cinnamon sticks, add some warm water to it to make a thick consistency, then apply the mixture on your temples.

82. Drink a hot cup of tea. I don't exactly know the science behind this one but it works like magic.

83. Hold a pencil between your teeth without biting it. This helps relax your jaw muscles and ease the pain away bit by bit.

84. Marjoram infused inside tea can ease away headaches though I've not been told by any client about the success rate of this. Use at your own discretion and do your research before trying this one out.

85. Gluten, eggs and sugary foods are prone to causing headaches in us when we consume them more than required. Keep a close eye on your diet to reduce the intake of these 3 things.

86. Maintain a headache journal. Write down when you have headaches, how long it lasts and what you did to overcome them. In your observations, you are certain to find a few tricks that cure headaches easily for you.

87. Stock up. One of the most overlooked things in my study of thousands of people who have frequent headaches. A well stocked kitchen and pantry area prevents both stress and anxiety to a great extent.

88. Play with your eyebrows. Feel it. Run them gently. Feel the pain reduce after a few minutes.

89. Eat a banana. It is rich in many essential nutrients including Potassium which is known to reduce pain in the head.

90. Reduce stress in your life. If there's no stress then the chances of having a headache reduces to a great extent.

Find out which of these 90 ways works best for you. Then use them the next time you have a headache. Some of these ways are more useful for long term treatment of migraine while most others give quick relief. As a final advisory, please consult your family doctor before taking any medication to cure your headache.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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