How To Save Big Money At The Movies

How To Save Big Money At The Movies
Going to watch movies at the theater is a fun activity. Especially if the movie is one that entertains you as well as teaches you valuable lessons.

However, movie tickets are expensive these days. A single ticket for a prime time show of a new Hindi movie is Rs.500. The recliner seats at the back are almost double the rate - Rs.900.

Big Money At The Movies

Then, if you want to eat some snacks or drink a cold beverage then you will have to cough up a minimum of Rs.200 more. This is just for the cheapest snack (2 Samosas at Rs.100) and a cold drink (Rs.100).

If you go alone then perhaps you can manage your entire movie outing within Rs.700.

But if you are going with your partner or in a group of 2 people or more then the minimum outing price will be Rs.1500.

However, there is a way to save lots of money on movie outings if you are willing to do things a bit differently like we do.

For the same example above, the cost of a movie ticket for a new Hindi movie is just Rs.150 for both the Prime and Recliner seats for the 8am show.

Big Money At The Movies

We have saved a lot of money just by booking our tickets for the early morning shows.

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Since we usually go to the movies in a group of 3 or more people, the total savings on the ticket price is Rs.350 x 3 = Rs.1050.

But, this is not all, since we paid through our online wallet on Amazon, we received a cashback of Rs.125 on the 3 tickets we booked.

Save Money At The Movies

Since there is a convenience fee of Rs.55 added when we book tickets online, our total costs for 3 tickets along with the cashback is Rs.378.

Since we book tickets only for the Matinee shows, food isn't too much of a problem for us.

We eat our Breakfast at home before leaving and hence don't need to waste money on expensive snacks and beverages at the theater.

It's difficult to understand why movie tickets are so expensive nowadays. A matinee ticket costs Rs.300 to Rs.750 less than a prime time ticket.

Just doesn't make sense. It prevents Millions of people in the middle and lower income groups from even going to the movies.

For them, booking tickets for the matinee shows and paying for them using online wallets and discount coupons will save them much money.

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We love watching movies in 3D, we have seen almost every single movie this year which has hit the screens in this format.

Since April this year, we have watched 11 movies at the theaters. And we spent no more than Rs.500 on the 3 tickets booked each time.

I know a close friend who laughs at the way we wake up early in the morning to watch the earliest Matinee show.

However, I don't mind her laughing at me. Since saving money is an important part of my daily life.

Whatever money we save goes towards investing in a more comfortable life for us at home.

To be honest, prior to April this year, I hadn't watched a single movie at the theater in over 9 years. No kidding!

I just didn't like the idea of wasting so much money on the tickets and food when I could use that money for something better.

It is ridiculous to know that the cost of a DVD of a good movie is just Rs.300. But the cost of the movie ticket for the same movie is Rs.500.

So it always makes more sense to buy a DVD or borrow a copy of it from a friend to watch it at your own convenience at home.

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I've watched over 300 movies in the last 5 years. Almost all of them, apart from these 11, were watched in the comforts of my own bedroom.

I usually watch them on Cable TV or download movies from YouTube using a free plugin to do so. This way, I can watch the downloaded movies anytime I want.

Had I watched even 100 of those movies at the theater then I would pay Rs.50,000 or more on the tickets alone.

So basically, we've saved a lot of money just by watching movies at home. However, we do love watching movies in 3D.

3D movies are best watched on the big screen, no doubt about that, so I have started watching the early morning shows with my wife and son.

So far, this year, we watched the Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Terminator 2 (3D version), Wonder Woman, War of the Planet of the Apes, Cars 3, Lego Ninjago, and Valerian all in 3D.

It just seems so real and mesmerizing to watch movies on the big screen in 3D.

Anyway, bottom line, you can save a lot of money at the movies by eating breakfast at home and watching the early morning shows.

Plus you can save some more by using an online wallet and discount coupons to get a further reduction on the ticket price.

You can easily spend less than 1/3rd the amount of money by following this simple step.

Savio DSilva
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Published: October 22nd 2017.

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