The Power Of Positive Affirmations

The Power Of Positive Affirmations
Punishments given during our school days worked very well. It's common for elementary (primary) school students to receive a punishment when they have done something wrong.

Mostly these punishments involve writing what you don't want repeated or done ever again. For example, if a child comes to class wearing dirty shoes then the written punishment for this would usually be for the child to write down the phrase "I will never wear dirty shoes to school again" as much as 300 times.

I've spend countless hours reading books on Psychology and the topic of affirmations is one that I've read and spoken about hundreds of times.

The school punishments given to the students are (basically) negative affirmations. And they really work well when done earnestly.

Writing the same phrase down in our books over 100 times might really irritate us but the fact is that affirmations work. Whether positive or negative they work.

I will share a real live example right now just in case you don't believe how powerful affirmations are....

I will ask you to read out the following phrase around 50 times. Just read it out aloud and for some reason if you cannot read it out aloud then simply read it inside your mind 50 times. Here is the phrase for you to read...

I feel happy right now.

Repeat this 50 times...

I feel happy right now.

I feel happy right now.

I feel happy right now.




I feel happy right now.

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Once you are done walk over to your mirror and take a good hard look at your face. Chances are high that you will find yourself looking at a very happy face in the mirror.

Now that I've proven how powerful affirmations can be, it is time that you make your own affirmations. I've written a post about this just before publishing this one. The post is called "Be Like A Rooster". Read it once you have read this one.

Let me remind you that both positive and negative affirmations work equally well. Most motivational writers and speakers focus purely on positive affirmations but with my experience in this field there is no evidence to prove that there is any difference between the two.

What matters is the words you have chosen in those affirmations and what they mean to your brain. Nothing else.

You want to break a bad habit. Well, that's what many clients who come to me want to do. I've have great success in helping hundreds of people overcome their addictions and bad habits purely with the planned use of written affirmations.

In my years of experience with affirmations I've found out that written affirmations work better than spoken ones. And the ones that work the best are a delicate mix of both written and spoken affirmations.

The reason I started off this post by sharing the great power of school punishments is because they generally work. Negative (or positive) affirmations written down hundreds of times make your mind believe in what you are writing to the last word.

Write down this phrase 10 times on a piece of paper. And then read out the 10 phrases aloud after you've written them. I promise you (if you are in normal mental health) that you will remember this phrase that I'm asking you to write down for at least the next 365 days. If not more.

Ready. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Now write this down...

I feel happy right now.

Yes, write it down 9 more times....

I feel happy right now.

I feel happy right now.

I feel happy right now.

I feel happy right now.


I feel happy right now.

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Thank you. Now that you've written down this phrase 10 times simply read it out aloud 10 times. You must do this exercise to know the power of affirmations in your life.

I've spoken about the power of affirmations over 500 times. From classrooms to corporate seminars, counseling sessions to personal coaching. I know the immense power that affirmations have. I even use them myself.

And each time someone took my lessons seriously they returned to tell me how wonderfully well those affirmations worked for them. Addicts have become De-addicted. Bad habits have been broken. Good habits have been formed.

There are a few simple rules you must keep in mind before jumping up and making your own affirmations right now....

1. You should not make more than 6 affirmations at a time.

2. Each affirmation must have less than 7 words. Lesser the better.

3. Each affirmation must be written using the simplest of words.

4. Each affirmation must be complete and make sense.

5. Affirmations must directly be connected to your life, what you want to do or be, and nothing else.

6. You cannot make affirmations work for other people. This is not voodoo.

7. Affirmations must be written down 100 times a day (or more).

8. Written affirmations must be repeated out aloud 10 times a day. 5 times when you wake up and 5 times before you go to sleep.

9. Be realistic when creating your affirmations. In other words, be practical and don't create affirmations that are virtually impossible to achieve or have.

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Obviously, affirmations are powerful tools in a human being's mind. Therefore, you will see many people who invite trouble and sadness into their lives just because they unknowingly repeat things that they want or don't want to happen.

For example, many people attract poverty in their lives simply because they keep telling others how poor they are. Yes, it's true.

Similarly, most people ask for the wrong things when they keep telling others about what they don't want in their lives. For example, people say they hate a particular food item (let's say Peas) and over time their minds actually start attracting peas on their plates wherever they go to eat. It may not be served to them all the time, but much more often than they would have liked.

Affirmations have a lot to do with the law of attraction. It's true. You can actually attract things that you want or don't want into your life just by repeating it or talking about hundreds of times.

You might have heard about the immensely popular book called "The Secret". Well, if you haven't read it then don't worry since what I've shared inside this post is more than enough to help you know how to use the law of attraction to your benefit.

In the near future, I will share hundreds of examples of affirmations that I've helped people make over the years. I will even share many of my own affirmations which have worked very well for me.

It's time to part ways now. You can now go about making your own set of affirmations so that your life can be much better than what it is today. Be very careful what you ask for because you just might get it!

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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