Few Simple Ways To Kill Boredom

Few Simple Ways To Kill Boredom
If you find yourself feeling really bored right now then this post has been created just for you.

Boredom is that awful feeling where you just don't find anything interesting. You sit there all day looking outside the window or just laying on your bed staring at the ceiling.

You are really, really bored. You even find it difficult to laugh at funny pictures on the internet. You sit there on your social media wall for a few hours hoping for something exciting to happen but it is just another day in the land of boredom.

You weren't always like this though. Life was much more fascinating in the past. You would be really happy at most times.

You enjoyed being around people and especially your friends. Movies, songs, and other similar activities made you happy. But now things are quite different.

You find yourself sitting there on your couch with nothing remotely interesting to do. You flip through the channels on TV for the umpteenth time. Nothing that's on right now seems to be changing your current mood.

Life is boring. And it seems like every passing day makes it even more so.

You venture out to a different place for a vacation hoping that the change of scene will force in some excitement into your dull life.

You lay there at the beach or relax at the swimming pool of your hotel. You sit there for a couple of hours and you start feeling a bit better.

Perhaps the change of environment and surroundings has banished away your boredom. Then a few days of doing the same thing brings it back all over again. You get bored even on your vacation.

Conversation might stimulate you so you try your utter best to break the ice and create a lively conversation with other people around you.

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You read the news online and browse through the local newspaper over breakfast so that you have a lot of things to talk about with other tourists you bump into during the day that lies ahead.

You run a few dummy talks inside your head and are fully prepared to strike up a terrific conversation with just about anyone who catches your eye.

The stage is set and you are full of energy now. Your boredom does not seem to exist and you are now fully focused on the exciting path ahead.

Fate favors you on this day. You start talking to someone who is sitting over at the next table in the restaurant and she responds well. Soon you find that you and she are talking about the books you guys have been reading and the places you both have traveled to.

Life seems interesting all over again. The conversation goes on for an hour and you ask to meet her an hour later to chat some more. She agrees.

You have finally discovered one of the best ways to eradicate your boredom. And that way is pure conversation.

These days though we converse (or talk) a lot lesser than we did a few years ago. People spend less time on actual conversation with their friends, family and peers.

We spend hours on a social media website but we don't have a single conversation. The longest chat we have lasts just a few lines or happens between the comments of a few friends.

Coffee shops do exceedingly good business in the modern world. Starbucks and other similar coffee houses are full for most hours of the day. People seem to be sitting there chatting for hours about different things. But when you actually take a closer look you realize that just a couple of them seem to be carrying out a lively conversation among each other.

The rest of the crowd just sit there looking around or staring blankly at their cell phone screens. Even couples seem to be just sitting there doing nothing. It's like you have entered a place where you are allowed to do anything but talk.

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Shopping is another leisurely activity that many of us indulge in. The end of the year ushers in a time when most human beings go outside to shop around for big bargains and discounts. Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of them all. Then comes Cyber Monday.

Millions of people walk around malls and large shopping complexes during the winter months. Family outings to the neighborhood mall is a common thing to notice during the months of November, December and January.

People get all dressed up and drive down to the closest (or the largest) mall. Then they spend a few hours down there window shopping and 'actual' shopping.

We take a few breaks between our shopping sprees and spend time at a fast food place or a coffee shop inside the mall. we sit there with our large shopping bags and simply watch the world go by.

Life seems so beautiful now as we watch the minutes pass by so blissfully at a mall's coffee shop. Then the time comes to leave and head back home.

You are happy and full of energy over the next few hours. You take your time going through all the shopping bags. You try out the new clothes that you bought and check to see that the gadgets or gizmos you purchased are working fine.

You seem exhausted but you are really happy. Today was a great day for you. The trip to the mall did you a world of good. You understand well that shopping can be one of the world's best medicines for boredom.

Somehow after a while the family dinners and shopping sprees start to get boring. You don't feel like heading out to the mall anymore and you prefer just spending time at home playing a few games on your computer or you would rather just spend time on Facebook instead of venturing out into the cold outside.

You are bored once again. It just happened. You don't understand how it did but it did!

You get so bored that even taking the trouble to read through an article like this one becomes an ordeal. Your boredom is playing tricks with your mind right now and you must be wondering if things are going to get better or not.

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Once again, you find yourself laying on your bed staring at the ceiling above. And you often find yourself sitting in front of your desktop computer or flipping through the channels on your TV again and again and again.

To be bored is a part of life but sometimes we get so bored that we want to escape these recurring bouts of boredom anyhow.

Daydreaming is a fabulous way to get rid of our boredom. We lay there on our beds or lie down on our sofas and close our eyes to step into another world.

We imagine ourselves flying around like birds flapping their wings as they pass through mountains, streams and beautiful lakes.

We dream about spending time on a yacht with our closest friends and being treated like kings and queens by the butler who serves us exotic foods and pours us endless glasses of the finest champagne.

You imagine that you are standing beneath a waterfall on a hot summer's day. You feel the cool water falling on your head and over your warm shoulders. Soon your entire body feels refreshed, cleansed and wonderful.

Then you rest for a while at the side of the lake with your feet dipped in the water. You get that tingling feeling when the little fishes swim by and brush against the soles of your feet. The sun is out and life feels great.

Dreaming is an amazing and majestic way to reduce boredom by escaping into another world. Just the act of moving our thoughts to another land helps us feel better.

This site and me are here to help you feel less bored online. I am bored too. In fact, I am bored right now. But just the fact that you have read every single word on this page and the knowledge that you spent the last 8 minutes with me makes me so happy.

Human beings long for happiness and our eternal quest is to be as happy as we can be. We study, we play, we work, we party, and we do many other things just to be happy. Happiness is the ultimate human need and it is also one of the most difficult to attain consistently.

However, you can be happy just by spending time with the positive forces of nature. I have created an audio book that talks about these Positive Forces Of Nature (available on Osovo) in some detail. Knowing about these forces will surely make you happy for a while but applying them to your daily life makes you happy forever.

Eternal happiness can be yours. Boredom can be killed forever. Life can be your TV set and you can be the remote control. No one but you can help you live the life of your dreams. Make it happen today. Don't delay joy and don't prolong boredom.

On this blog of mine, I promise to show you things that will make you happy and help you understand life from different angles and varied perspectives. You promise me that you will spend some time with me here every day and I will return the favor by being your lifelong friend.

I will be there whenever you need me. You can visit me when your sick, sad, depressed or plain bored. My blog is your servant and I am here to serve you with stories, experiences and shades of life that you might already know about but still need to spend more time reading up on.

Thanks for your time today. You may read through other posts on Gobog now or spend some time inside our virtual Tea House. See you soon.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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