The Power Of Little Pauses

The Power Of Little Pauses
Take little pauses and breaks while you engage in any activity during the day. Highly effective individuals are always those that follow the principle of focused work and plenty of breaks between those stints of labor.

It becomes much easier to complete a task when you know that all you need to do is spend just a few minutes at a time on completing that task.

For example, a professional tennis match isn't played non-stop from start to end, rather it is played in a series of 2 games at a time with a pause (or break) between them.

This way, the tennis players as well as the match referee, ball boys (and ball girls), others involved in the game at the court, as well as everyone else watching at home can take a break for a few minutes as well.

Had the tennis matches been played non-stop over a span of an hour or more then the players would be exhausted a lot, also the scope of injuries and breakdowns would increase, human beings are not designed to work non-stop like crazy animals.

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Taking breaks while working is essential for artists and professional writers like me. If I keep on writing these posts non-stop without taking a break for 2 hours then I would be physically tired, my fingers would hurt, and I would be mentally exhausted by the end of it all.

Most importantly, my performance and writing quality would deteriorate more and more as the minutes pass by.

Breaks and little pauses during the day give us the much needed time to relax, unwind, recuperate and rejuvenate our bodies, minds and souls.

Taking breaks is vital not just during work hours but also while engaging in any other activity as well.

The happiest people on Earth are those that live well balanced lives, by focusing on one thing at a time, and taking ample breaks in between those activities.

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I have conducted an experiment wherein I made two groups of students sit in two different classrooms and write an Essay of 1000 words or more which focuses on their daily lives and themselves.

The first group of students were asked to write down the essay within 10 minutes without taking a break.

The second group were told to write down the essay in stints of 2 minutes each with a break of 1 minute between each 2 minutes of writing.

I observed that the first group found it difficult to write an essay of 1000 words (or more) within 10 minutes whereas the second group managed to write over 1000 words within a span of 9 (not 10) minutes with effortless ease. That too, with those 3 breaks of a minute each thrown in between.

I've analyzed the same thing happening on several occasions. Taking breaks makes us perform much better when we are actually working.

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Also our brains are more active and alert when we resume working after taking a break.

It's 'indeed' surprising how breaks and pauses can help us be much more effective than when we don't take any.

Give my writing experiment a shot yourself and then you will know exactly why it's vital to take breaks during the day and engage in only focused work with little pauses sprinkled in between.

Even a long distance plane takes a break at some airport during the journey so that the airplane can rest, undergo maintenance and be refueled at the stopover point.

Imagine what would happen if planes kept flying (even if they were refueled in mid-air) without taking breaks of an hour or more between flights.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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