The Difference Between Needs, Wants And Desires

The Difference Between Needs, Wants And Desires
This is a lesson that will help you understand something that is often misunderstood by most people.

It becomes difficult for human beings to differentiate between their wants and needs.

I can almost guarantee you that following most of the wisdom shared here will improve the overall quality of your life and make you an immensely satisfied person.

This is a lesson that most large companies don't want you to read.

I just read an article on Gobog a while earlier which made me realize that there are still many, many people out there who still don't understand the essential differences between wants and needs.

You can really mess up your life (along with that of your family's) when you simply don't understand (and stick to) your "real" or "actual" wants and needs.

This is why I am here writing a lesson on it and inserting it as an important aspect of my online course since knowing more about our needs and wants will help us all live much better and more satisfied lives.

Before I move on with this particular lesson, I must tell you that this is definitely not my first time writing or speaking about our wants and needs.

It amazes me that most of us might understand what are our wants and needs are but simply don't follow through with sticking to only our needs and then moving on to our wants if the resources are available to fulfill them at that point in time.

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Alright, let's get a few definitions out of the way first...

Needs - Something that we simply must have.

For example, we need water, food, basics health / hygiene, a house or roof over us, basic clothing, clean surroundings, good governance, etc.

Wants - Something that we would like to have.

For example, we might want a bigger house, a finer car model, luxury clothing, foreign vacations, more friends, a better social life, the latest gadgets and gizmos, etc.

Desires - Something that we wish to have.

For example, we might wish to own a palace, a boat of our own, the most expensive car, mingle with celebrities, etc.

Further more, we can segregate our needs, wants and desires into 4 or 5 levels based on their deemed priority or importance in our lives.

Once we have carefully prepared a list of all our needs, wants and desires then the rest becomes much easier.

It is most important for us to understand right here that the first and foremost thing we need to live are those elements that you mentioned on the 1st and 2nd level of your "needs" list.

To live a simple life all that we must do is to fulfill our basic and most urgent needs (usually Level 1 of our needs list).

The Level 1 needs usually include 3 square meals a day, enough clean water to drink, and some shelter over our heads.

Level 2 might include basic health and sanitation, another meal during the day, a decent job, a fixed roof over our heads, etc.

Level 3 and Level 4 usually are more difficult to pen down right here as it varies from person to person but it includes everything else that is on your needs list that does not come into Level 1 or 2.

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Then we come to our wants....

Level 1 might include things like a nice house, some form of self owned transport such as a bike or car, a good job, better food on the table, etc..

Level 2 might include a good house in a nice locality, a better car, some of the latest gadgets and gizmos, social outings, vacations during the year, etc..

Once again Level 3 and 4 might differ from male to female, age to age, and person to person but will usually include all those wants that do not fit into the first 2 levels.

Remember, that you must write down or figure out these levels well enough or else there is absolutely no way that you will know what your exact wants and needs are.

Keep aside at least a few hours over a few weeks to figure out your list (and levels) of needs and wants.

Don't hurry things here since doing so defeats the purpose of this entire exercise.

I assure you that this time spent on figuring out your needs and wants will greatly help you chalk out a concrete plan for the days ahead.

To make things simpler, always list your needs and wants just for a month to start with.

Don't plan for anything more than a month since this is a regular exercise which you need to do every single month anyway.

Also, fulfilling all your needs and getting all your wants for the month ensures that you are the happiest person alive.

Be careful though.

We often forget to include prayers in our needs. We also include wants in our needs list many a time.

It is vital that you understand that pushing your wants into your needs or cunningly diverting your needs to the list of wants is not going to help you live a better quality life.

Don't fool yourself.

Getting an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy Tab is not a NEED!

Buying a luxury car is not a 3rd level need.

It is a 3rd or 4th level want. Having expensive food at fancy restaurants is not a need. Social outings, parties, red wine, cinema tickets, cable TV, cell phones, etc. are not needs and never will be.

Swallow your pride and deflate your ego.

Be realistic. Don't fool yourself time and again.

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Life's biggest problems can be dealt with easily if we can be honest enough to list our needs, wants and desires accurately.

Spend a few more hours in revising and modifying your list after you have prepared your first draft containing all your needs and wants.

Remember this list preparation takes time.

Over the years, I have refined, revised and modified my own list of needs and wants several times but I understand well that it usually doesn't take more than half an hour a week to complete this entire activity.

We usually spend more hours on watching TV every day or chatting up our online friends who don't even figure in our list of wants until the 3rd level.

We go out to watch that crappy 'new' Bollywood movie ensuring that the film makers get even their desires fulfilled but we find it so damn difficult to keep aside an hour or two for the effective planning of our own lives.

This is not a lecture. These are facts.

Most human beings live in a dream world and live their lives focusing most on getting their wants and desires fulfilled thereby making happiness a never ending journey. How can you be happy when what you seek is not what you 'actually' need.

Read this post a few times more if you have the time. I know how busy you are.

You can watch re-runs of Sholay, Hera Pheri and 3 Idiots around 25 times or more but you can't spend 2 hours each week in producing a good enough script for the documentary movie of your own life.

Nothing is going to change in the movie 'Sholay'. Not even when you watch it for the 97th time.

Gabbar Singh is still going to die and he is still going to say the same old boring dialogues over and over again.

He will always say "Tera kya hoga Kaaliya".

Trust me, he is not going to say "Tera kya hoga Gora".

Thakur is not going to suddenly or magically grow back his two hands during the 98th time you watch Sholay.

Get real. Don't live your life in such a way that it seems like you are living in a furnace when you could have very well have lived in a comfortable home.

I know. I know. This has probably become a lecture and you (as usual) don't like hearing it.

You can leave right now then. Or read another post on Gobog as I've reached the end of this one.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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