12 Lessons We Learned From The Movie 'Secret Superstar'

Movie Secret Superstar
We went to watch the first show of 'Secret Superstar' on its first day. It's a wonderful movie that personifies the role of the mother in the life of a daughter and son.

The lead role in the movie is that of a young 15-year-old girl (the daughter) whose name is INSIYA (played by Zaira Wasim) and her dream is to be a playback singer.

However, due to a violent and short tempered father, she is unable to pursue her dreams with his permission.

I don't want to reveal too much of the plot as it will ruin the story for you when you go and watch this awesome movie.

It was a long movie, more than 2 hours, but we did not realize how time flew while watching it because the flow of the story is continuous, the emotional pangs inside the script made it a spellbinding one to watch.

Being Diwali this morning, we had a lot planned after the movie, so we were in a hurry to exit the theater.

To our surprise, outside the multiplex, there were over a dozen cameras from leading news and YouTube channels waiting for us.

After giving 10 interviews to 10 different networks, we were finally free to roam the mall and have our brunch at the food court.

While munching our treats, we started thinking about how many valuable lessons were there inside this beautiful movie.

My husband usually does not like watching new Hindi movies, he thinks it is a pure waste of time and money, but today, he was in tears while watching this movie.

He wasn't the only one, nearly everyone present for this first show early this morning, were wiping and hiding their tears as they left the theater.

'Secret Superstar' is undoubtedly a powerful family drama that highlights a young girl's pursuit of her dreams. Everyone fell in love with this girl.

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Without further delay, here are the 12 lessons we learned from the 'Secret Superstar'...

1. Follow Your Dreams.

The whole story revolves around a teen girl following her dreams of becoming a playback singer despite the harsh environment at home due to her violent father. She went after her dreams with the fabulous support of her mother.

2. Moms Are The Best.

If ever there was a great movie to watch on Mothers Day then that movie would be Secret Superstar. The mother plays such a crucial role in this movie. Without the constant love and support of her mother, the little girl could never have fulfilled her dreams.

3. Do Not Hit Your Wife.

Domestic violence is such a bad crime that is so rampant in India and so many other parts of the world. Yet, nothing much is done about it. In this movie, the father has a violent temper and bashes up his wife at every least mistake she makes. Luckily, at the end of the movie, things are made straight.

4. Everyone Has A Heart.

There is an important role played by Aamir Khan in this movie. He plays Shakti Kumar, an arrogant self-obsessed music director who is struggling in his career right now. But, he loves good music. The moment he hears how amazing this young singer is, he does everything he can to help her fulfill her dreams and solve her domestic problems.

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5. A True Friend Is So Important.

A smaller character in the movie is that of the singer's classmate, a boy who has a strong crush on her, and is willing to do anything for her just to see her smile. Without her boyfriend's support there is little chance of her fulfilling her dreams.

6. Keep Things Simple.

The reason everyone loves 'Secret Superstar' is because the entire story is simple. There are no item numbers, no senseless dialogues, no added scenes that do not gel well in the story. It's a simple and common story that is shot well and acted out beautifully.

7. Music Is Life.

Secret Superstar
The movie highlights the love for music that runs through the veins of every aspiring singer and award-winning musician too. The songs are merely 4 in this movie but each one pulls us right into the lyrics with the soulful tunes.

8. Everyone Gets Angry.

Anger is a natural emotion. It's how we manage it that varies from person to person. In this movie, everyone shows their anger in their own way. And that's the beauty of it. It's just a must-see movie to understand why I have mentioned this as one of the lessons in my article.

9. Dump The Violent Husband.

No woman deserves to be bashed up or hit. In this movie, the angry father thrashes his wife time and again, finally, towards the end, he is taught a lesson in a public place, where he cannot raise his hand on her for once. She also dumps him and leaves along with her daughter and son.

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10. The Girl Child Rocks The World.

In India, till today, parents in most parts still secretly long for a son instead of a daughter. It is such twisted thinking that girls are no good at all. For once, we have a strong female character in Insiya (Zaira Wasim) inside a Hindi movie, who shows us all how important a girl child can be in every single household.

11. Do Not Hog The Limelight.

Shakti Kumar is totally self-obsessed but once he sees and listens to the talents of the young girl, he steps out of her way and helps her shine on her own. It is amazing to see a lead actor of Aamir Khan's stature playing such a light role in an Indian movie. Most superstars want to hog the limelight, not Aamir.

12. Do Not Copy From Another Movie.

'Secret Superstar' appears to be an original movie when you see it on the big screen. The entire story revolves around the young girl fulfilling her dreams of becoming a playback singer and her mother's role in supporting her along the way.

The only copied scene seems to be the one which comes after the movie ends, during the credits, where Shakti Kumar shows himself dancing along with Russian dancers for a video he's recording to post online.

The moment you see this dance, you think of the dance during the credits by Tom Cruise's character in Tropic Thunder. Had they left this part out, I'm sure this movie would win many national and International awards in the near future.

It's fun to watch good movies, this one is definitely special in my heart, as a Mother and a Daughter both, it's a movie that touches us deeply and highlights so many issues in Indian families today.

I urge you to go watch this movie along with your kids, specially your daughters, and take along your Mom if she is still alive and well. It's a family movie, going deep into a major family issue today, but still keeping it light and entertaining for the audience.

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