10 Lessons We Learned From A Diwali Photo That Went Viral

Happy Diwali Viral Photo

10 valuable content marketing lessons we learned from a Diwali post that got 79K likes in less than 5 days...

Less than a year ago, at Diwali time, in November, we promoted a post that we created ourselves on our Facebook page for Beautiful Mumbai.

The photo that we published at Midnight on Diwali was not an original photo. We created it completely on our own.

We took a photo of Marine Drive at night and added in the fireworks to make it look as genuine as possible.

Our intention was purely to create a wonderful post for Diwali. Little did we know that our photo would go viral within few hours.

Most people thought that the photo was real so we must have done a great job editing and merging it.

The photo spread to over 950,000 people in less than 5 days.

It received over 79,000 likes, 335 comments and over 2000 shares in the same time period.

The photo went viral not just on Facebook but also on Twitter and possibly other platforms as well.

The only sad part is that those who shared it on other social platforms did not have the courtesy to give us credit for it.

The joke was that a couple of other fan pages related to Mumbai also stole our photo and posted it on their page as if it was their own creation.

Anyway, let's not go off topic here, the objective of this post is to share the 10 important lessons we learned through this viral photo post during Diwali last year.

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Here are the 10 lessons we learned through this viral photo on social media...

1. Timing is Everything.

We published this post just before Midnight on the eve of Diwali. Most people would have published the post the next morning. But we knew that most people would be awake and sharing messages at 12am.

2. Safeguard your Work.

As you can see from the Diwali photo, we did not do anything to copyright our work. Not even a small logo to let everyone know who created the post. As a result, everyone was sharing it and pretending as if they took that photo themselves.

3. Location Matters.

We published 3 Diwali photos on our fan pages last Diwali and another 3 the previous year. None of them received the kind of coverage that this viral photo got. I believe it has everything to do with its location being Marine Drive. It's a place everyone loves.

4. Photos are more powerful than Words.

In the past, we would type things like Happy Diwali on our photos before publishing them online. However, we soon realized that people preferred photos that spread the message without saying a single thing.

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5. Keep up the Tempo.

After this photo went viral, we quickly published a series of photo posts on Beautiful Mumbai so as to maintain a good tempo with our new fans. We managed to get over 25,000 new fans thanks mainly to this post and the subsequent series of posts on the next few days.

6. Know What People Want.

The people of Mumbai wanted a fun picture that shows not just the beauty of Mumbai but also highlights the way the average resident lives their life. We gave them the perfect picture that focused on Mumbai, Diwali, and the way of life that we all follow in this city.

7. Make It Something People Want To Share.

Our Diwali photo got more than 2500 shares in 5 days. This was due to the fact that it was a simple and straightforward post which clearly showed what we wanted to say through the picture itself. This made it easy to share with friends and family.

8. Be Consistent.

In the months leading up to the Diwali post, we published original posts for every major festival and event in Mumbai. Our loyal fans knew what to expect from us. There were over 5000 fans who liked this picture within 2 hours of it being published on our Beautiful Mumbai page.

9. Create Something New.

We wanted to show the fireworks over Marine Drive in our photo but we found that there wasn't a single original photo online which looked good. We stuck to what we wanted to publish and created our own Diwali fireworks photo after working on the photo for more than 2 hours in our Image Editor.

10. Win The Crowd.

Similar to Lesson no.6 but a bit different. Read the post titled 'The Biggest Sales Secret In The World' to know more about we mean by winning the crowd.

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This is it. Ten valuable marketing and content creation lessons that every photographer, blogger, and content marketer on the internet can use to make their photos and written content spread to thousands and Millions of people very quickly.

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