The Power Of Clubbing Outings Together To Save Money

The Power Of Clubbing Outings Together To Save Money
This year, since April, we have discovered another unique way to save money. This technique is so simple that I'm wondering why we did not figure it out earlier.

The technique is all about clubbing activities together or doing more than one thing during a single outing.

The technique involves going to watch a movie early in the morning, the first show of the day, typically the 9.30am show at the Icon Cinema at Infinity Mall.

The cost of the movie ticket is less than Rs.120 each. Much lesser than the cost of the movies in the Afternoon and Evening at the same theater.

The cost of a single movie ticket is Rs.450 when purchased for the same movie but the evening shows. What a big difference.

Since we use our online wallets to pay for the tickets, we end up getting anything between 5% to 20% back on the 3 tickets we book.

Then, after enjoying the movie, we go to the Food Court inside the same mall and relish a tasty lunch at Burger King.

We choose Burger King because they are the only ones we know who use fresh and healthy ingredients for the preparation of their snacks.

Also, the cost is pretty low even with these new taxes being added since August this year.

We can easily have 6 burgers or similar snacks in less than Rs.400. No kidding.

We order only 2 small sized meals and keep the remaining 4 as just burgers to save on costs and keep the meal healthy still.

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After we enjoy our early lunch, we roam around the entire mall to burn off some of the calories we have just consumed.

Then, when we are a bit tired, we head to the Food Bazaar supermarket located inside the same mall. How convenient.

There, we purchase our fruits, veggies and few other groceries for the next week.

By buying all our fruits and veggies (apart from Bananas) for the next 7 days, we are able to save on needless trips to the market to buy smaller quantities of groceries.

During our last trip, for the Lego Ninjago movie, we bought so many different things in just Rs.545.

We got 5 corns (Rs.50), mushroom (Rs.40), green peppers (Rs.60), onions (Rs.60), potatoes (Rs.85), tomatoes (Rs.54), cabbage (Rs.20), muskmelons (Rs.80) and over a kilo of red apples (Rs.96).

Had we purchased similar quantities in the local market then we would surely have paid more than Rs.1000 for it.

Then after we are done with our grocery shopping at the supermarket, we simply walk out of the mall, catch a rickshaw and come back home.

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Once we are home, we relax for the rest of the day as we already had a nice long outing.

By doing 5 things in a single outing, we save more than Rs.1000 each week.

Since we match the matinee show at a huge discount, then eat at Burger King at super cheap rates, then do some window shopping without buying anything, then we shop at Food Bazaar which is ultra cheap and has the largest choices anywhere in India (that we know about), then we come home.

It's fun to plan outings since all of us look forward to it. We know that there is so much to do on a single day. Yet we are so relaxed while doing it.

Life is simple and good when we plan things properly and find the right ways to live an awesome lifestyle while saving some money at the same time.

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Tomorrow morning, at 9am, we are going on our next outing, it's an extra special one since it's Diwali.

We are going to watch 'Secret Superstar' on Diwali. Just Rs.120 for each ticket.

Then we will be taking many photos of the fancy Diwali decorations and lights at the mall.

Before we have our lunch at Burger King, followed by a long walk and some grocery shopping at Food Bazaar.

The money we save on each such outing is kept aside for investing in things that make our life more comfortable.

Hope this post helps you plan some of your shopping, social, movie, fitness and restaurant outings the same way as we do...in one outing itself.

Thereby saving more than Rs.1000 each time we club these 5 outings into one.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
Mindfulness Trainer. Content Writer. Full Time Mom.
Home Chef. Nature Lover. Minimalist.

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