The Power Of The Geese Principle

The Power Of The Geese Principle
The Geese Principle is a powerful principle to use in a working environment with 6 team members or more. It's all about playing a specific role in each step of the process. I will explain this principle through the real use of it by the Geese.

Bird lovers spend hours this time of year (late October to early March) gazing at the skies above Leh and Ladakh during the winter months.

They are essentially looking for the bar-headed geese who look spectacularly beautiful as they fly together over, around and through the mountains and valleys of certain regions in Northern and North-Eastern India.

The bar-headed geese are truly inspirational birds at this time of the year.

They fly thousands of kilometers during the winter months to reach their breeding grounds in India.

The trip starts (for them) from Mongolia, Tibet or China and ends in the mountains and fields of Northern India before they once again fly back towards their summer breeding grounds in Central Asia.

These geese are the highest flying birds in India and reach heights of 25,000 feet during these migratory flights.

What is even more unique about them is that they fly over and through the Himalayas where the oxygen available is at its lowest.

Recorded cameras have shown us that these geese make these long trips effortlessly because of an amazing flying technique that they use.

Their flying skills are what the 'Geese Principle' and this post of mine is all about.

They tend to fly in groups using a distinct V formation and this seems to help them utilize around 70 percent less energy than if they were to migrate on their own.

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It is a fact that they can travel right from dusk to dawn without stopping over anywhere.

They are probably the best examples of extreme migrants during the winter time.

The geese always fly in groups ranging from just a few birds (between 4 to 8 geese) to a much larger flying team (between 9 to 99).

They tend to break up into smaller groups when they have lesser air space around them and rejoin to form a larger group when there are open skies before them.

The study of these amazing birds is what many scientists, researchers, bird watchers, and nature lovers have taken up.

What is interesting is that their is always 1 particular bird leading this V formation.

The other birds span out behind this leading bird on either side to fully utilize the wing strength of each bird in this particular formation to the fullest.

You will find some videos of them migrating on YouTube.

Spend some time viewing these videos as you will get a much better idea about what I talk about here.

The main reason these wonderful creatures fly in such a unique formation is to minimize or nullify the wind resistance thereby boosting their flying speeds by a large percentage.

Human beings can learn a lot from the bar-headed geese. We too can achieve a lot more ground or get loads more work done if we work together as a team.

Companies all over the globe use the 'Geese Principle' to help explain to their employees the value of team work.

It is quite simple to understand that a lot can be done when there is just 1 able leader leading the group and all the others below this leader are doing their specific 'little' duties.

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Another interesting thing about these birds is that the leaders switch and trade roles whenever they are tired.

What happens is that they gently fall back and let another bird take over as the head of the V. This leader is usually referred to as the pilot of the group.

Similarly, human leaders can fall back and do the jobs or tasks of others in their team thus allowing someone else below them to take over.

Better still, they can just take a break while someone else takes over the reins.

It has been successfully proven that those who work taking hourly breaks are able to achieve much more than those who don't.

This is because human beings get physically and mentally tired after just 45 minutes.

This is the reason why college lectures and work schedule are usually designed to ensure that we get regular breaks during the day.

Together much more can be achieved. And sticking together at all times makes it much easier to achieve the maximum.

Closely knit teams working together on projects in a company usually (if not always) complete tasks much faster than an equal number of employees working on their own.

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One last fascinating fact about these geese is that they never leave another goose to fly alone.

They will delegate a couple of birds or more for those geese that are sick, exhausted or plain worn out so that they can form another smaller V flying formation on their own.

Researchers have called this Synergy but I believe that there is much more to all this than just synergy.

I am used the flying ways of these migratory birds a lot in my career on the web.

For most months of the year, my small team manages dozens of websites at the same time. We do this using the same technique explained here.

What I do is that I assign the "pilot" role to each team member every 2 months and the rest of us then take up smaller roles below them.

On Gobog, for example, Sapna is playing the lead role for now whereas for most of last month we had Kirti playing the lead role for us.

We have found that switching roles gives us the added benefit of learning new things will keeping our jobs as interesting as possible.

Also, one of us is quick to take over when another team member is sick or on leave for whatever reason.

This way, the momentum is maintained for most months of the year.

This isn't rocket science but it works for us.

I am certain that if you give the Geese Principle a shot then it will certainly work for you too.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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