My Fine Darjeeling, Assam And Green Tea Diary

Darjeeling Tea Diary
A cup of tea every morning to wake me up. A cup of tea after a meal to freshen me up. And a cup of tea with a soul mate to cheer me up.

Friends who know me really well, call me "Fat Tea Man". I don't mind this one bit since that is exactly what I am.

Welcome to my post on fine Darjeeling, Assam and Green Tea...

I love tea. I have tried almost every blend on the planet since my teenage years. I drink 5 ore more cups of tea a day, every single day of the year.

Being a diabetic, I have devised a carefully crafted method to enjoy my many cups of tea without increasing my blood sugar levels by too much.

In fact, drinking tea has saved me. I was morbidly obese before I got married, I was unhealthy, unfit, suffering from high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol and stress too.

Tea Diet For Obese People
After I got married, I spent over 100 hours researching ways to make me live longer, become healthier, lose weight, reduce stress, control my diabetes, lower high blood pressure and reduce my bad cholesterol.

My research work changed my life completely. I devised a diet and plan for the remainder of my life with the consistent help of my beloved wife.

Had it not been for her efforts and persistence, I would not be alive to share this post with you today.

She has been instrumental in changing my life for the better. Without her, I am incomplete...

Thanks to following a healthy diet and a disciplined schedule, where I focus on doing things that I love and enjoying a leisurely lifestyle, my health and my life has turned around completely...

Today, in late 2017, I weigh 102 kilos, I used to be 124 kilos ten years ago, I have reduced my blood sugar levels by more than 100 points.

I reduced my bad cholesterol and raised my good cholesterol. I am no longer suffering from hypertension. In fact, I am totally relaxed these days...

I am a lot healthier than I was 10 years ago, I can climb stairs, and walk 10 miles without panting, these are things I just could not do just a decade ago.

Tea Menu Weight Loss
Yes, I still have a long way to go. I am not totally fit still. But I am way, way better off than what I was in the years 2004 to 2007.

I ardently believe that my daily habit of drinking 5 or more cups of fine blends of Tea is what has played a key role in this incredible turnaround that I've had.

Certainly there are a dozen other factors that have helped too. That's what I talk about inside so many of these posts on Gobog.

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The First Cup

The start to my day is incomplete without a hot, refreshing cup of tea. It is a friend I want to meet early in the morning without any excuses.

I drink my first cup of tea at the strike of dawn. It's all dark and silent at this time. No one (but me) seems to be awake. My wife and son are sleeping peacefully in the bedroom.

I wake up, open the windows in the living room, then go straight to the kitchen, and make myself a stiff cup of black tea.

I use 1 1/2 spoons of tea leaves for this first cup as I need a strong start to the day.

While I boil the tea leaves in the copper vessel, I stand there fully focused, practicing Mindfulness, and breathing in deeply.

Darjeeling Tea
The strong aromas of the Assam Tea awakens my senses as I stand there waiting patiently to have my first sip of heaven in a cup.

I don't add more than half a teaspoon of sugar to my early morning tea. I like tasting the tea itself, not the sugar.

Once the tea is ready, I pour it in my cup, and head out to the living room where I sit right next to the large open window.

But now, I am not alone, my dawn mate, the cock is already up, crowing loudly from his home in the large bungalow in the neighboring society below.

The darkness of the night is fast disappearing as I take my first sip of my early morning cup of tea.

The strong taste of the stiff Assam tea leaves sends a quick "wake up" signal to my brain. I am fully awake now and enjoying every sip of heaven in a cup.

I stare at the leaves on the trees in front of my window as I look straight at them while relaxing in the tranquility of this moment.

After I finish my first cup, I head into the other bedroom, to meditate in silence till the sun rises...

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My Second Cup Of Tea

Usually I drink my 2nd cup of tea after an hour's work at the computer. This time, I don't prepare it, my wife does...

She makes me my favorite blend, infusing the fine Darjeeling tea leaves in boiling water, then adding in half a cup of boiled milk, then taking it off the fire after leaving it on a slow flame for few minutes.

She then serves it in my favorite cup, the large sized one, placing it ready to drink, on the coaster, right within easy reach of my right hand.

Darjeeling Tea
I take a break from my work to enjoy my cup of tea. I stand near the window staring at the trees, admiring nature while sipping on my 2nd cup of tea for the day.

After I finish my large cup of tea, it's back to work, I'm feeling refreshed and full of energy right now...

On certain days, my wife joins me for my second cup of tea, sometimes I invite a friend over at roundabout the same time so that I can savor my tea with a good mate for company.

The longest phase of the day for me is between the 2nd and the 3rd cup of tea. The wait for the refreshing cup of tea really feels long because I keep longing for it.

Darjeeling Tea
My Third Cup Of Tea

The 3rd cup of tea is normally the one that I have at tea time in the evenings. It's typically around 5pm when we have a long break for tea. During the Monsoon and Winter, when it gets dark quickly, we have our tea a bit earlier, around 4.30pm.

Tea time in our home is special, we have a snack or two prepared, we have 2 to 4 varieties of biscuits to choose from, and sometimes we bake a cake or a pie as well.

Of course, the most important element is the tea itself...

This time, since it's the whole family drinking it, we usually have a commercial blend, the finest ones available in the market, we keep trying out new brands so that we have tasted the entire range.

We make our evening tea the ordinary way, boiling the tea leaves in water, then adding in a cinnamon stick, some chopped ginger, a cardamon or two, a clove, and the desired amount of sugar.

After the mixture comes to a boil, we lower the flame and let it boil for another 2 minutes. This makes the tea leaves spread evenly through the pot. And it helps give our tea the best taste possible.

Darjeeling Tea Pot
After this is done, we take off the pot from the fire, pour in the required amount of milk, add in some cream in each cup, then quickly take it out in the living room to drink...

We spend quality time with each other at tea time, a habit we have had for generations in our family, we chat, we eat, and we drink our yummy cups of tea.

Unlike some friends and clients, I dislike drinking my evening tea at a Tea House or a coffee shop, I prefer having it at home with my family. I usually invite friends over for tea if it's a weekend or some other special occasion.

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My Fourth Cup Of Tea

It's usually the late evening hours when I have my last two to three cups of tea for the day.

On most days of the year, my 4th and 5th cups of tea are served to me while I am doing some light work at the computer or listening to music and meditating in the bedroom.

The usual time for the 4th cup is somewhere between 9pm to 10pm. We have already eaten our dinner by this time.

On weekends, we have dinner a bit later, around 9pm, on those days, I drink my 4th cup before dinner at around 8pm.

Either way, the tea tastes like heaven. Whether I drink it at 8pm, 9pm or 10pm in those relaxing late evening hours every day of the year.

Assam Tea
Life is meant to be easy, not difficult, neither busy, and certainly not complicated and lived in a hurry.

In our home, we live life in the slow lane, we move through each day of the year in a leisurely and relaxed manner, comfort is of great importance in our family.

My 4th cup of tea is one of the finest blends of Darjeeling Tea that I can afford.

It's mild in taste compared to the Assam blends but the fragrant taste of the tea and the tons of health benefits more than compensates for the strong taste of the Assam blends.

Only a bit of honey is added to my 4th cup of tea. And, freshly boiled milk, the creamy milk makes up half the cup of my tea, the black tea makes up the bottom half.

Both, when stirred together, with the honey, makes for one intoxicating combination during my late evening hours.

I always stop whatever I am doing when I drink my last 2 to 3 cups of tea for the day.

It's so much better to be Mindful while doing something. Tea must always be drunk mindfully...

My Fifth Cup Of Tea

It's night time by now. My wife is busy in her own little world. My son is listening to music or playing on his own in the living room. Sometimes we all lay down together in the bedroom and watch a good movie.

Usually my wife makes my 5th cup of tea as well. However, if she is busy with something then I go to the kitchen and make one for myself and for her too.

It's the usual mild blend of fine Darjeeling Tea leaves boiled in water, with a bit of honey and half a cup of milk added at the last moment.

Darjeeling Tea Leaves
I take a break while sipping my tea as always, I listen to some soft music or stand near the window looking up at the night sky.

I prefer drinking my cups of late evening tea in silence so I don't talk to anyone at this time. I'm just enjoying the taste of the tea while thanking God for the wonderful life he has blessed us all with.

On work days, I reflect on what I did during the morning and evening hours. It gives me a tiny opportunity to pat myself on the back for a job well done.

I treat work as something that is a part of me. So I don't like pushing myself to work for more than a few hours each day.

Both tea and work are slow moments of life. They are to be enjoyed, not done in a hurry without even realizing what one is doing.

My Sixth Cup Of Tea

I love tea. So on working days of the month, I often ask my wife to make me another cup of tea just before I go to sleep.

Best Darjeeling Tea
It's a mild black tea, no honey added, no milk either, it's just like the early morning tea that I have but made with a lighter blend of Darjeeling Tea.

This 6th cup helps me have a good night's sleep as well. Besides, it's packed with antioxidants and has hardly any calories.

It's just like drinking warm water infused with half a teaspoon of Darjeeling tea leaves. Nothing more.

My Seventh Cup Of Tea

On certain nights, hours after dinner, when everyone is in the bed, I secretly spend some quality time with my late night partner.

Green tea is my best buddy to relax and share some thoughts with at the end of the day.

Over the years, I've been given loads of Green Tea as a gift from some friend, student, relative or client.

Green Tea
I don't usually drink Green Tea, it's just a habit I never got into.

But late at night, when I want to meditate in the dark, after midnight, all alone, then I make myself a cup of Green Tea.

This 7th cup happens only few times a month. It's only on certain nights when I want to brainstorm or put things in perspective.

This final cup does its job well every single time.

Conclusion To My Tea Diary

I hate drinking tea in a hurry. It's a bit irritating to see working people sipping their cups of tea in such a big hurry, literally gulping it down, insulting the tea that they are drinking so quickly.

Life has become so fast-paced and busy for most people. Tea is what makes my life slow, relaxed and easy. It's my favorite medicine that I can drink anytime that I want to feel refreshed, relaxed and good!

Students and readers are stunned when they hear that I drink 5 cups of tea in a single day, every day of the year.

But tea is a healthy drink. It's far better than drinking coffee or other such beverages.

Besides, I usually drink only 2 cups in large sized cups, the remaining ones are served in smaller tea cups, the ones which are just half the size of my regular cups of tea.

So, it's a good option for everyone to follow in their daily life. Though, it's best to add honey instead of sugar to 3 out of the 5 cups to avoid getting diabetes.

We add a bit of honey, lesser than a teaspoon to our cups of tea.

We buy honey in larger quantities when it's on sale online so we manage to get it at a very reasonable price for the whole year.

In the near future, I will share with you a detailed article on the benefits of drinking Milky Tea, plain Black Tea and even Green Tea.

The objective of sharing this post is not to entice you to drink tea. Even though I'm sure you will be enticed.

The purpose of sharing this post with you is to enlighten all my readers about why I keep mentioning the word 'Tea' in so many of my posts.

I am a Tea Addict. As simple as that. Maybe, if you drink the fine Darjeeling and Assam blends like I do then you will know why I love Tea so much.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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