21 Tips To Make Life A Tad Easier

21 Tips To Make Life A Tad Easier
1) Know what you are supposed to do before you start doing it. You'll be a lot more effective this way.

2) Commuting usually sucks. Do not spend more than an hour getting to work. And, if possible, work from your own home. What could be better than that?

3) Our house is our palace. Do all the things you need to do to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home. Make it one of your topmost priorities.

4) Play this creative word game once a day. Form as many sentences as you can using the same word. It's a cool way to enhance your brain fitness while improving your language skills at the same time.

5) Don't blame a child for being naughty. It's the fault of the parents for not training them properly. Besides, every child is naughty once in a while.

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6) Speak your mind. But try not to hurt other people's feelings in the process. And if you do hurt someone with your words, apologize.

7) Success breeds success. So don't be daunted by someone else's success. The more successful your friends and peers are, the better the chances you will be successful too.

8) Support local musicians. Especially the tambourine man playing songs for you on the street. They are the real talented people. They deserve our love and respect.

9) Live your life your own way. The road ahead is yours alone. Walk it your way.

10) Positive affirmations work. So do negative ones. Be careful which affirmations you repeat each day. Repeating the wrong things will make your life messy.

11) If the weather is good, go on a long walk with the kids, connect with them, hold hands while strolling and have a great time. Kids are what parents live for, prove your love by spending quality time with them.

12) Expecting in return is not the right way to think. Give without expecting. That's when you have really given!

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13) Add garlic to your diet. It is an excellent source of Vitamin B6 & the enzyme Allicin. It helps you lose weight as well. The French eat garlic in almost everything.

14) Help your friends out when they really need you. Nothing else matters. Friends must be friends when in need, else what use is the friendship.

15) Wake up and get out of bed in a jiffy. Get moving on your day. Don't waste time just laying there. Live each minute of the morning and make the most of it.

16) Review your week at the end of each week. Find out where you can use your time more effectively. Sunday evenings are the best time to do so.

17) Off and on, spend time in visiting a foreign land while you close your eyes and daydream. This little exercise soothes the soul and relaxes our nerves.

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18) If you want to lose weight, use the Kyoto Bamboo Principle to do so. Download 'Kyoto Bamboo Story' from the homepage of Gobog.com. It's a great little story with awesome morals.

19) Honesty in a relationship is the basis of trust. Always be honest with your spouse. In fact, be honest with everyone.

20) Go shopping after breakfast or lunch as that's when you are not hungry and least tempted to make impulse purchases. Just a little tip that I find the most useful out of all of these I've written.

21) Know when to stop. I've reached my limit for this part of my day. See you later.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
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