21 Ways To Live A Better Life

21 Ways To Live A Better Life
1. Master the art of power napping. Take brief little naps many times in the day. You feel fresh all through the day this way.

2. Make a plan for your future. Keep aside an hour this weekend to do this to think about what you wish to do in the future.

3. Pamper yourself. No one else will. Make life as relaxing as you can make it. Start with activities that help you relax your body and mind.

4. Talk more often. These days, with modern technology, we have started talking less to our loved ones.

5. Organize a spiritual retreat inside your home. Cleanse your mind, heart and soul at a low cost. Read this post on a 'Sesshin Retreat' to help you in this regard.

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6. Meet your friends face-to-face more often. As mentioned two points ago, these days, we don't meet our friends and family as often as we did few years ago.

7. Do not say yes all the time. Say no whenever you feel like doing so. Be in total control of things you say yes to and things you say no to.

8. Do not overeat. Eat within limits. And eat healthy food. There are so many rich benefits of eating healthy.

9. Live a simple life with less and less. Being a minimalist isn't a difficult thing. You will be much happier when you do this.

10. Trust your neighbor but not beyond a point. Never be so close to them that you will regret it later. And don't leave your kids alone with them ever.

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11. Spend time with your younger siblings and kids so as to teach them good things in life. It will be time well spent.

12. Build your reserves. But don't compromise on the present to do so. Build reserves of money to live a better life when things aren't going as smooth as you would have wanted.

13. Keep a time to dream during the day. I've recently started spending 2 hours a day on daydreaming. It has helped me feel happier.

14. Maintain a list of things to do every week. Don't just include the basis things but also all the things that you can do to make life more comfortable and awesome.

15. Be clean. In body and mind. Take a bath two times a day. And think good thoughts during the day.

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16. Get out of the rat race. Do not be part of things just because of the norms of society. Live on your own terms. Not that of others.

17. Do not install apps on your phone that gain access to your personal contacts, photos etc. You don't know how they use those things.

18. Exercise everyday. At least 15 minutes. Exercise must be an activity that does not exert too much pressure on the heart while still burning a good amount of calories.

19. Don't pretend that you know things which you don't understand. Be honest in whatever you do.

20. Control anger well. There are times when we get angry and are prone to doing things that we would not normally do.

21. Wash your hands and face a minimum of 10 times a day. Your face will glow naturally. And following good hygiene always makes you feel good.

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