21 Ways To Make Life Awesome

21 Ways To Make Life Awesome
1. Meditate everyday. Just half an hour of meditation helps reduce stress, induces calm, and increases serenity in our lives.

2. Let go and move on. Holding onto past memories that cause you to be sad in the now is not good for our system.

3. Let down your defenses when you are with people you know. Let them see the real you. Do not be afraid to show them who you really are.

4. Build your mental fitness. The brain is our most important asset. Working on it through memory games and exercises is a good thing.

5. No your limits. Do not spend time on the phone while you are in the presence of loved ones at home.

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6. Wake up nice and early. Get the blood flowing and make good use of the energy in your blood during the morning hours.

7. When online or watching TV, spend most of your time on activities that help you grow or doing things you enjoy doing.

8. Learn to save money. It is too precious a commodity to spend anyhow. Think carefully before buying new things.

9. Avoid multitasking. Do a single thing at one time. Doing two or more things together reduces the performance on all of them.

10. Connect with nature. There are so many benefit of being in the presence of the trees, the water, the flowers etc.

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11. Let the fresh air in. Keep the windows open during the day during the summer and spring months.

12. Dream during the daytime. In my experience, I have found that daydreaming is a wonderful way to relax and calm the mind.

13. Embrace your negatives. Don't run away from them. Work on them instead. Make the negatives into positives.

14. Spend time by yourself. There are certain moments where being on your own gives you clarity of thought and makes you feel good.

15. Be kind to others. There is no harm in being polite. Our manners have been lost in these modern times. Time to bring the politeness back.

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16. Show that you love your loved ones. Be there when it matters. Spend quality time with them. Appreciate their presence in your life.

17. Slow life down. We live in a fast paced world. We are programmed to do things quickly. It's time we reverse our system to live life slowly once more.

18. Learn Time Management. The most effective system in this regard is Savio DSilva's 'Sweet Sixteen System' that is currently available on Gobog.

19. Learn to cook better. Spend enough time in preparing the meals of the day. You are what you eat so it makes sense to eat right.

20. Coach others. Share what you know and are good at. Mentoring is a wonderful thing. It makes me happy to share my knowledge with upcoming counselors and everyone else too.

21. Think positive everyday. No point thinking negative. What we think, we attract. You want to make this day awesome? Then just think that it's awesome and so it shall be.

Sapna Mehta
Sapna Mehta
Content Writer. Experienced Counselor. Seasoned Traveler.

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21 Ways To Make Life Awesome

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