The Biggest Sales Secret In The World

The Biggest Sales Secret In The World
Something I have observed many times in the past is the power of a crowd.

Perhaps the greatest dialogue I have ever heard spoken in a Hollywood movie is "Win the crowd and you shall win your freedom".

The movie was 'The Gladiator' and it was said by the Master to his slave just before they were about to head off to Rome for the Gladiator games being organized by the new emperor.

Little did I know that this was the biggest marketing and sales secret I would learn from a movie.

It's a simple secret to understand in the field of Sports or marketing or any other field but yet it is still a secret that very few people know about or discuss in a classroom or office.

In a public speaking class, the most important factor to be aware about is the audience in front of who you will be speaking.

Audience analysis is important to ensure the success of any delivered speech or presentation.

For example, let's assume that you have to deliver a speech on your 5 favorite foods to an audience consisting of 25 odd members.

This speech must be delivered by you tomorrow.

You do everything right from the word go. You write some killer material and rehearse your material a few times before the next day.

You wake up bright and early, get dressed in your best, and then head to your speaking area to make your speech on the topic of your 5 favorite foods.

Others are going to be speaking on the same topic too. But since your name begins with an "A" you must speak first.

You walk up confidently to the podium and start your speech with great poise and vocal power.

But you start noticing that the speech isn't going down well with the audience.

The Biggest Sales Secret
Most of them are starting to make faces and are looking at you with disgust and even hints of anger. What are you doing or saying that's wrong?

Well, you goofed up majorly on the audience analysis.

You prepared a speech on your 5 favorite foods which are Roast Beef, Beef Kebabs, Pork Vindaloo, Bacon Crispies, and Beef Steak with Mushroom Sauce.

Hmmm...tasty choices indeed but unfortunately for you most of the audience you were speaking to that Morning were not permitted to eat red meats as per their religious faith.

Most of them were Hindus from India who considered the Cow to be a highly sacred animal.

They didn't like your 5 favorite food items one bit. Some were even on the verge of puking!

Had you taken the trouble to analyze your audience a bit better then you would have quickly realized that the only way to win the crowd would be to know what their favorite foods were and then prepare your speech content accordingly.

McDonalds does a lot of market research before it enters any foreign markets with their Burgers and Fries.

India is the only country in the world where the Hamburgers sold at this fast food giant's outlets are made of Chicken and not Beef.

No red meats are served in Indian outlets because they were sensible enough to realize that their business would be drastically affected had they served those two meats here.

Hindus do not eat beef while Muslims do not eat pork. McDonalds studies their worldwide audience pretty well.

Don't you think?

Let's say I gave you another chance to make the same speech and you did almost everything the same way.

But this time you prepared a list of 5 favorite foods keeping your audience's beliefs and food habits in mind.

Then you would have come up with 5 dishes that you were sure that your audience would love too.

And they would applaud your speech no matter how poorly you delivered it.

I find it amusing how so many marketing experts tell us that you need to look good or be highly presentable (dress-wise) whenever you promote or try to sell your company's products or services to potential customers or consumers.

However, your looks and your clothes have very little to do with the number of sales you end up making after your pitch or presentation.

Yes, you don't need to go in to that room naked (unless you are auditioning for a role in an adult movie).

You definitely need to wear some decent attire but the fact is you could be dressed as smartly as the best dressed salesmen in the world.

But your chances of getting the sale are slim when you haven't prepared a sales pitch that matches the needs, patterns, choices and habits of the audience you are about to pitch it to.

You want to sell well then you should probably gel well.

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Mirroring is a popular sales technique used by some of the greatest salesmen that have worked the Earth.

It basically means copying, duplicating, imitating certain behavior, dress, or other patters that your potential consumers have or carry.

Coming back to winning the crowd.....

You can win almost any crowd anywhere in this world if you can connect with their needs and wants better.

A good understanding of various elements of their lifestyle, their likes & dislikes, their family background, their financial status, their age, their gender, their hobbies & leisure time activities.

And anything else you can find out about them will certainly go a long, long way towards helping you score more sales with them.

Let's say you listed the following 5 food items to the crowd of (mostly) vegans that Morning...

Baked Potatoes with Cheese, Chocolate Cake, Cottage Cheese Mutter Curry, Plain Cheese Pizza, and a Lemony Apple Pie.

Chances are that almost all of them would like whatever you are saying about these 5 foods because they probably have eaten them and like 'em too.

Also adding in short tantalizing descriptions about these 5 favorite foods would certainly help you create a bigger impact on the minds of your audience.

Sales Secret
You could describe the Lemony Apple Pie as follows...

"I order it at my favorite bakery around the corner and it comes out hot from the oven and served on a plate with the freshness of the pie being seen by the steam that comes out of it and the rich aroma of apples that fills the room as it comes closer to my table.

Then I proceed to put a small piece of the pie onto my spoon and insert it into my waiting mouth.

The delicious taste of the apples mixed with the tangy lemon juice is felt almost instantly as the pie melts in my mouth.

The crust offers a wonderful background taste to the sweet and juicy apples in the filling inside.

I love Apple Pie!"

I am certain that you get the point by now. The biggest marketing secret on the planet is "Win the crowd and you shall win the sale".

Winning the crowd is easier when you can show the number of people already supporting your product or service.

Testimonials, positive reviews, praises for your product, and everything similar will definitely help you increase your sales figures.

Companies go through great lengths to show their consumers that they are extremely popular in the market already.

You will find that on the web the number of fans or followers you or your company have can certainly make a big impact on your ultimate sales figures.

Book writers, restaurants, gadget giants, etc. all depend on positive reviews to break into and sell their products to larger markets.

It is not uncommon to find that most reviews on restaurant rating sites are not completely honest about their views on the food served there or their overall dining out experience.

It is common to find testimonials for self-help books being provided by authors who are published by the same book publisher. How convenient and smart.

Celebrities are used in ads or marketing campaigns because they already have won the crowds over thus making it much, much easier for the company or brand they are promoting to actually sell tons of products.

The power of the crowd can be seen on a site such as Gobog or any other popular blog or website online.

If you had a choice of reading 1 out of 3 articles on a popular blog, which one of the following 3 articles would you choose to read first....

1. An article about a major celebrity getting engaged.

2. An article about a major celebrity getting engaged which has 300 comments already posted on it.

3. An article about a major celebrity getting engaged which has 1500 comments and over 250,000 views already.

Take your pick of any 1 out of the 3 articles you would read....

Chances are pretty high that the article you would choose to read is the 3rd one. Why?

Because you already know that this article has been read by a huge crowd (over 250,000 people) and also has over 1500 comments posted on it.

Basically, it is human nature to follow the crowd.

Peer pressure is a major issue throughout the lives of most people.

We tend to want to be one of the gang or a part of the crowd at most times.

Addictions to drugs, liquor, etc. are often caused mainly due to peer pressure.

The Biggest Sales Secret
Let's say you are walking down a crowded street and you turn around the corner to see a group of 50 people looking up to the terrace of a nearby building.

Chances are you will look straight up at that terrace too. It is human nature to do what most others seem to be doing.

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This tactic or technique has been misused or abused by many reality shows, music concerts, celebrity fan pages online, and more.

It is a fact that most of the followers and fans of so-called "major" celebs on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are fake.

In fact, it was found out that a quarter of the followers & fans of most celebrities on Twitter are fake.

No one seems to care about all this and so the practice of creating fake accounts on the web still goes on rampantly.

It is rumored and mostly true that more than a quarter of the fans of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihanna etc. are fake.

Possibly created by their recording companies, die hard fans or PR agencies.

It is done to show that they already have Millions of fans dying to listen to the music of these musicians.

I have written a story titled "Kim and Bobby" which talks a bit about these manipulative practices in the media today.

Download the story when you have the time or possibly read it soon after you finish reading this article.

Maybe you have something else to do later so you might read my story another time.

But perhaps if I told you that 'Kim and Bobby' has been read by over 2 Million people then maybe you would immediately click the link and download the story right now.

The "Win the Crowd" technique has taken a gruesome turn in recent years with marketing agencies, manipulative salesmen and PR companies trying to milk this tactic dry (or use it for as long as it's not illegal).

It's sad that most talent reality shows also misuse this tactic and use it to their advantage.

For example, there are music reality shows on TV which lie about the number of votes that been cast after a particular show.

The Biggest Sales Secret
They say things like "Last night we had over 25 Million people casting votes for these top 5 singers on stage".

The reality of this "reality show" is that just 250,000 people voted the previous night.

Not 25 Million, just 250,000.

But in lying about the number of votes they get, they might actually end up getting many more votes the next time round.

I heard that a particular TV network misuses this "crowd" technique in a big way.

They make Millions of dollars using mainly this technique.

What they do is that they have these donation drives (LIVE on TV) every month and they ask their viewers to donate money for some "good" cause or the other.

You know, things like floods, poverty, cancer research, autism awareness, etc..

So they ask their viewers to donate money to help feed the poor or research cancer or something like that.

Then they announce and display the phone number to call to donate money for that particular cause.

Then within a minute, they start receiving calls from all over the place with donations being pledged and sent in instantly.

Within 40 minutes, they claim to have over 5000 people who have donated upwards of 1000 dollars each!

But the reality is quite different. Less than 200 people called in and donated money during the first 40 minutes.

But, the network managed to get another 1850 people donating money in the next 40 minutes thereafter purely by using this horrid strategy.

These 1850 (innocent) people donated a total of over $150,000 after hearing (and seeing) that 5000 people had already donated over 1000 dollars each.

Music concert and music festival organizers play similar tricks on people too.

They (often) say that tickets to their concerts are sold out days before the show.

But somehow everyone seems to be able to buy tickets even on the actual day of the show.

Often music festival organizers advertise that tickets to their festival have almost sold out.

I mean, it's funny that they need to spend thousands of dollars just to inform us that tickets to their festival have almost sold out.

Only 200 passes remaining or "15,000 out of 15,500 tickets sold already" they say.

Once again, you can usually buy a pass to their festival even a day before it kicks off.

Online shopping sites use the same trick to mislead buyers. Many of the deals are shown as gone or sold out within an hour of them being listed for sale.

However, surprisingly, the next day, the same product is on sale again with the same gimmick of it being sold out within an hour or so.

Then, once again, the following day, the product resurfaces again and once again gets sold out within a hour or thereabouts.

What happens is that a demand is created for all these products even though there is no actual demand for it.

This is direct manipulation by these online retailers and they fool it to cheat people into thinking that everyone out there wants that product.

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In India, it is common for a particular online retailed to hold Flash Sales of newly launched smartphones every month.

Then, after just an hour or two, they show that the phone is out of stock and sold out.

Magically, the same phone is once again in stock in a week's time.

Or, it's back in stock the next day itself but with hundreds of positive reviews written about it already.

It's amazing how quickly the positive reviews and ratings pile up for certain smartphones.

Redmi Reviews

A particular smartphone model from a Chinese company has more than 1.37 Million reviews and ratings on this online retailer's site.

Surprisingly, the phone went on sale just a month ago.

So within 30 days, there were 1.4 Million people who bought the phone and wrote a review, mostly positive reviews too.

How wonderful!

These manipulative practices are carried out on many platforms and across the board, infact it's so common that we take it for granted.

Similarly, hotels in most parts of the world use this marketing secret to their advantage too.

If you visit a popular website for booking hotel rooms online and try booking a room for 2 days in Fiji you will find that there are just 2 rooms remaining at a discounted price.

Hotel Room

Hang around for a couple of minutes on that page, and then a pop-up window will tell you that 1 of those 2 rooms has just been booked and now only 1 of them remains.

All these "scare" tactics are quite powerful indeed and chances are that such tricksters do fool a lot of travelers into booking hotel rooms on their very first visit to that booking site.

Then (of course) movie producers use the "win the crowd" technique too.

Not all of them abuse or misuse it to cheat, manipulate or fool people but there is enough reason to believe that it does happen for almost every 3rd movie that is released each Friday at a theater near you.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to scare you or tell you about the misuse of this wonderful technique.

The main reason I am sharing this information with you is because I want you to use the pure version of this technique in your own business, career or life.

This "crowd" winning and pulling tactics definitely work 8 out of 10 times.

Do your research on this topic and attempt to understand this amazing concept better and work towards understanding your customers, consumers or audience.

And you will have greatly improved your chances of winning them over once you know what it is that they really want and need.

I wanted you to read till the very last line of this long post and I think I have done pretty well at meeting this little objective of mine.

I am almost certain that this page is interesting and useful to you.

You will probably end up saving this page onto your computer (for future reference) or might even take a printout of it soon after reading it one more time.

To show you the real power of this technique (in action) I have been counting the number of views this post has received.

It started off with 2 views (after being published) but it received over 3000 views within just 15 days.

I guarantee that this page will be one of the most read posts on Gobog (over the next 2 years).

Different people want different things. They need different things as well.

But it becomes easier to enter their hearts and minds when you show them that you really care about them and what you are giving them is something they badly need (even though they might not badly need it).

For me, my motto for Gobog reads something like this...

Win my readers and make Gobog insanely popular by 2020.

But to win my readers over I must be able to give them things to read that directly connect to their lives.

I must know their likes and dislikes while keeping a close eye on their reading habits online.

If I can understand my crowd then chances are that they will keep coming back to Gobog month after month, week after week and day after day.

Facebook changed the online world by putting a "like" button on their pages.

Now, Millions of people who visit Facebook are kinda desperate to get more likes for their posts or pages.

If you have hundreds of likes then you feel like a God.

And if you have over 3000 friends on your profile then you probably think you are God.

It is shocking that people will go to almost any extent to show that they have more friends, followers, fans and likes online.

Social media has truly changed the online world by 'practically' forcing people to follow the crowd no matter what.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. It was kind of long. Really long.

But hopefully the message sent home (to your heart) is loud and clear.

Now it is purely your choice how you plan to use the biggest marketing secret of all time (and learnt from a movie).

Win the crowd and you shall win the sale.

Win the crowd and you shall get what you asked them for.

Thanks for reading.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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