41 Suggestions To Make Life Better

1) Make the internet your ally for valuable information.

2) Spend hours cuddling your partner on the couch.

3) Listen to soft music all day long.

4) Plan for the unexpected. Prepare for the best.

5) Taste the food of every culture you possibly can.

6) Face your fears to have no more fears.

7) Avoid controlling the remote while your family is watching.

8) Dont work from dawn to sunset, breathe a little.

9) Look at some water this weekend, whether it's a river, ocean or lake.

10) Those that wait too long, lose the opportunity.

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11) Visit a certified counselor when you need counseling.

12) Find a place where you can go to spend time alone.

13) There is only one kind of success - to be able to live your life in your own way.

14) Serve others less fortunate. Give up your materialistic lifestyle.

15) All great successes went through great failures.

16) Don't treat your loved ones indifferently.

17) Don't ever forget your marriage anniversary.

18) Stress is often caused due to overwork. Cut down on work hours.

19) Don't lose your manners when you get busy.

20) Buy less clothing but buy the most expensive clothing you can afford.

21) Success is something you already have, not something you must attain.

22) The voice telling you that you cannot do something is probably lying.

23) Have a good lawyer, doctor, accountant, therapist and best friend.

24) Make a choice - a bitter or a better life?

25) Live in the moment else you will be lost in life.

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26) Do not take up a job just because...

27) Listen to inspiring stories, watch uplifting movies and life will be good.

28) Work hard for what you need most.

29) Don't do drugs, don't smoke either.

30) Don't be the audience, be the player.

31) Make time for thinking and make more time for daydreaming every single day.

32) Have inspirational poems printed out and put up in your room.

33) If your children don't respect you, work on your parenting skills.

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34) People who share to care really care to share.

35) Think about the people you are meeting when choosing what clothes to wear. And make sure your shoes are polished.

36) Dress appropriately for recreational activities at work. And always move with confidence and ease.

37) Have a few close friends and maintain the friendship.

38) Don't discuss your goals with everyone you meet.

39) Sign your own checks.

40) Send emails to the ones you love. It's free.

41) Take digital photos of your mementos to get rid of clutter and free-up storage space.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
Mindfulness Trainer. Content Writer. Full Time Mom.
Home Chef. Nature Lover. Minimalist.

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41 Suggestions To Make Life Better

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