50 Reasons Why I Drink Muskmelon Juice Everyday

Muskmelon Juice

Recently, we got some great news. My cousin sister living in Cyprus got pregnant after many years of trying.

She got in touch with my wife and me to give us this news just a day ago. She also asked my wife to help her with her diet during her pregnancy period.

My wife immediately shot her a reply saying just four words "Drink Muskmelon Juice Everyday".

In our home, after I got married, this super fruit has been a regular part of our diet. My wife being the smart one, makes a pulp out of the fruit instead of making us eat the fruit whole.

The juice or pulped version has the same amount of nutrients inside it so there is no harm in drinking it if you don't like eating the fruit directly.

The beauty of the Muskmelon is that no part of it goes to waste. The seeds and the skin are ground into a paste to apply on our face, skin and legs. It's a free beauty treatment for us since we only need the pulp to drink.

Many of my students over the years have caught me drinking a glass of Muskmelon Juice during my breaks. It gives me a quick energy boost which also makes me feel relaxed in an instant.

I love Muskmelon Juice. It's probably the healthiest fruit on the planet along with grapes and bananas.

The price is a worrying factor at times. But usually you can get 1 large Muskmelon for Rs.40 in Mumbai. One Muskmelon makes 3 big glasses of juice. So it's good enough for my wife, my son and me everyday.

Also, with online grocery stores delivering them to our doorstep throughout the year, there is really no reason not to add them to our daily diet.

Here is the largest collection of health benefits of Muskmelons. Most of them are for the pulpy juice version of the fruit. Since we prefer it a lot more than eating the whole fruit.

I love sitting here near the large open window in the late Morning hours while sipping on a chilled glass of Muskmelon Juice.

On most days, I add in a spoonful of honey to my glass of juice to reap the benefits of both these wonder foods.

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Here then are the 50 health benefits of Muskmelons....

1. Just half a glass of Muskmelon juice has been proven to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain thereby relieving stress and making us feel more relaxed.

2. Applying the paste of this fruit onto our face and hands makes the skin on these two areas glow and also reduces pimples.

3. The vitamins and minerals inside this wonder fruit helps in boosting the brain power. I have personally observed that my 8-year-old son solves Maths problems a bit more quickly on days he has drunk the juice of this fruit at Breakfast time.

4. It keeps the blood clean by helping in its purification.

5. Muskmelons regulate our blood pressure due to its potassium content and thus is a must for those suffering from Hypertension.

6. The high Vitamin A and Beta Carotene content is excellent for our eyes. It is good for middle-aged people to have daily in order to delay and perhaps prevent cataracts.

7. The low fat content, high water content, and number of vital nutrients present inside this super fruit makes it a must-have on the daily menu of those looking to lose weight and gain muscle.

8. Eating the seeds of this fruit helps in removing the excess phlegm from the body and so is a good treatment for those suffering from cough and cold.

9. The high vitamin content makes the hair, nails, muscles, and skin more potent and much stronger. A glass of freshly made Muskmelon pulp drunk early in the morning can make our skin glow and hair shine. Such is its power.

10. Muskmelons are good for our Bowels. It regulates bowel movement, making it smooth, and thus helps in proper digestion.

11. The presence of collagen inside Muskmelons helps in healing skin wounds faster. It keeps the skin firm and maintains its natural structure.

12. The folates, vitamins, phytonutrients, potassium and other minerals present inside this powerful fruit makes it a necessity in the diet of those looking to keep their skin in the best condition possible.

13. For diabetics, there is great news, the pulp when drunk fresh helps in reducing the blood sugar levels. Though drinking too much of this is not a good thing as it contains sugar.

14. Muskmelons are awesome for the human heart due to its zero bad cholesterol content.

15. A glass of freshly made Muskmelon Juice helps in strengthening the immune system due to its high Vitamin C content.

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16. Eating this fruit on a daily basis helps prevent the premature aging of body cells. It aids in increasing the white blood cells which helps in destroying viruses and bacteria.

17. This super fruit adds bulk to our diet due to the rich amounts of dietary fiber hence is good for those suffering from constipation.

18. Kidney Stones can be cured due to the substance called oxykine which is present inside the Muskmelon fruit.

19. The high folate content removes excess sodium from the human body and so is recommended for pregnant women to eat or drink everyday.

20. Insomniacs and those finding it difficult to get good sleep can drink a full glass of the pulp of this wonder fruit before bedtime as it relaxes the nerves and muscles while also cooling down the entire body.

21. Muskmelons have anti-coagulant properties thus it dissolves clots and eases muscle cramps. Girls can have a glass or two during their periods to avoid menstrual cramps.

22. Due to the high mineral and vitamin content, this fruit is terrific in decreasing the chances of getting cancer. It helps eliminate free radicals which cause cell damage.

23. It is good for the lungs and thus those wanting to quit smoking can drink a couple of glasses of this fruit juice to get off the nicotine habit faster.

Drink Muskmelon Juice Everyday
24. There is a substance called adenosine which is present inside Muskmelons which helps in the natural thinning of the blood thus preventing heart attacks especially those that occur at night.

25. A paste made out of Muskmelon seeds can relieve stress when applied upon the forehead and left for 20 minutes.

26. A chilled glass of Muskmelon Juice cools down the entire body and reduces the risk of Dehydration during hot days.

27. You can easily get rid of worms inside the stomach by eating the seeds of this amazing fruit. It helps in proper digestion as well.

28. The fresh juice of Muskmelon also helps in curing diarrhea and various other intestinal disorders.

29. Men are recommended to drink 3 glasses of Muskmelon juice every single day in order to cure erectile dysfunction and increase their sexual libido.

30. Muskmelon juice is a natural aphrodisiac and is often served along with drinks at cocktail clubs, inside cruises and at couples resorts around the world.

31. It is excellent to treat lack of appetite, constipation, etc.

32. Recently when I had an ulcer in my stomach, I was told to drink 2 glasses of Muskmelon Pulp to help cure it quickly. And I'm happy to say it worked beautifully.

33. Regular consumption of the pulp helps in keeping the liver healthy by regulating its functioning and reducing the chances of having any liver problems.

34. During summer months, drinking a few glasses of the fresh juice helps in preventing sun stroke and stops the body from getting dehydrated.

35. Those suffering from toothache can gargle their mouth once a day with the water in which the skins of this fruit are boiled and cooled down.

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36. Those suffering from Acid Reflux can drink the pulp of Muskmelons to benefit from its neutral pH.

37. Due to its varied benefits for our skin, bones, heart, brain, intestine, liver and other major body parts and organs, it naturally increases our life span when consumed on a daily basis.

38. It can treat black spots, acne, blemishes, open wounds, cuts, dry skin and scars. Therefore it is a natural food to be had in the daily life of athletes, sportsmen and others looking to avoid injuries.

39. It can help the skin regenerate faster by causing the formation of collagen. It is therefore a natural addition to beauty creams, lotions and similar products as it helps in delaying the aging process and making us look younger than we are.

40. Women who have just given birth can drink muskmelon juice daily to increase the production of breast milk.

41. It can make a cool snack instead of high calorie fried and hot snacks. Thus it is a common addition to the menu of health clubs and tropical beach resorts.

42. The high folic acid, potassium, iron and vitamin content makes it an excellent food for pregnant women as it gives both the woman and her unborn baby the nutrients it needs to survive and grow properly.

43. Morning Sickness in pregnant women can be solved quickly by eating the fruit or drinking its juice.

44. The list of benefits goes on and on. This fruit is excellent for patients with a weak heart as it prevents hardening of the arteries and keeps the blood thin. The maximum benefits can be reaped by drinking a glass of Muskmelon juice after dinner.

45. It nourishes the scalp and promotes the healthy growth of strong hair on our heads. Thus this fruit must be added to the diet of every human being who wants great looking hair without treating it with chemical shampoos.

46. Muskmelons provide relief from heartburn due to its high water content and natural cooling properties.

47. It gives us plenty of energy due to its high nutrient content. Those looking to get more work done during the day must consider drinking a glass of this juice for breakfast.

48. It helps maintain the electrolyte balance in the human body and keeps the nervous system functioning properly.

49. The defense mechanism of our body is made much stronger thereby reducing the chances of contracting viral illnesses and disease.

50. The best part about drinking Muskmelon Juice is that drinking a glass of it has so many health benefits but no side effects. It is truly a Miracle Fruit. What's more, an added benefit is that my wife makes tasty fruit bars from the seeds of the Muskmelon.

All this talk about Muskmelons has made me run to the kitchen to juice myself an extra large glass of my favorite fruit juice before I publish this post. If you could see my face right now and the big relaxing smile I'm wearing then you'd know just how amazingly powerful this fruit is.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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