Happy Meditation Day To You

Spending an hour in the community park was like being thrown a few diamonds for free. What a spectacular way to pass by the Morning. Came home feeling wonderful and then to make things even better I sat down and meditated for an hour. Was in absolutely no mood to work until just an hour earlier.

Life is a wonderful blessing and to live past a few decades is a bigger gift from God than one can ever imagine. Just being able to see the beautiful sights around while taking in the smells, sounds, and the angelic moments that happen for those who firmly believe in living in the present moment. The "now" is priceless!!

It's just another beautiful day for you and me. I am certain that you must be feeling just as good as me right now else the chances of you spending time on this page would be slightly slimmer.

The energy of blissful moments in Mother Nature in the Spring time cannot be discounted. One must strive to spend as much time in the outdoors as one can during the next few months.

Not letting a single beautiful moment pass you by is a good strategy in the coming weeks. The entire money in the world cannot bring back the past moments. Yes, pictures, videos and memories might refresh those wonderful times but it's always best to live every moment as it's supposed to be lived - in the present moment!

Life is wonderful. There is great wisdom in spending plenty of time in solitude and silence. Perhaps there are very few other things in the Universe that can be made time for more easily than for these two things.

Choosing to spend an hour or more in pin drop silence and utter solitude is definitely the way to go. We can easily feel serene and calm once we are spending time on our own in silence.

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Meditation does not require a warning bell to ring for you to take it up in your everyday life. Simply choosing to have an appetite for it will help you remember to while away an hour or more on this vital function.

People often think that meditation is something that can be done only under the able guidance of a learned Yogi or spiritual Guru. Not so at all. In fact, it is always best to meditate on your own and in any way you deem fit.

Yes, there are a few guidelines which you might want to keep in mind....

- Be in solitude.

- Be silent.

- Be as relaxed as you can.

- Be comfortable.

- Focus on nothing.

The first 4 guidelines are usually simple to follow but the last one is something that takes a few minutes of deep breathing to enter into a phase of nothingness.

Sitting down in a particular position is not important nor necessary and it is sad that there are so many meditation teachers out there who tell us that we must be sitting down on the ground with our legs folded in some sort of Yogi position. Simply rubbish!

One can meditate while being seated or while lying down. You can close your eyes to feel even more serenity and calmness inside of you. But even leaving one's eyes open is not wrong.

Among the finest meditation techniques that I've learned is to simply relax myself and focus on a candle light in front of me. There are few techniques of meditation as powerful as this one and it's common to find many spiritual leaders using this technique in the privacy of their own homes or ashrams.

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Meditation is the easiest thing to do on the planet. You can do it at home or anywhere else you want to. You can even do it while your driving but make sure that the technique you are using keeps you focused on the road ahead rather than anything else.

Having read several thousand pages on this subject, I can comfortably tell you that the exercise of spending time in silence, solitude and meditation is the easiest and wisest thing you can ever do in your lifetime.

My life is truly a blessing since I love every single moment of my day just because I seem to have mastered the ability to meditate almost anytime and anywhere that I want to.

Don't take my word for it though. Give meditation a shot sometime soon. Simply spending time on your own in silence is good enough to start with. You will find that these moments will become blissful times in your daily routine.

Consider daydreaming as another wonderful way to meditate. Once again, start off by being on your own in silence and then progress towards a beautiful scenery in your mind's eye. You can fly off to the top of a mountain or venture out into the Ocean by riding on a Dolphin's back.

Focused meditation such as the one mentioned earlier (about staring at a candle light while you are relaxed and comfortable) is another nice way to improve your concentration and focus in daily life.

There are hundreds of benefits of meditation and I am certain that I will never be able to share all of them with you here or anytime in the future since I too am still learning the ropes of this pivotal and interesting subject.

We all want to be happy every single day of our lives. Our life's ultimate purpose is to live a satisfied, relaxed, comfortable and happy life. And if you closely examine these 4 words for a few more minutes then you will clearly see that there is no other activity (for free) that can give you relaxation, comfort, satisfaction and happiness as much as silent meditation can.

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I am happy that I finally shared this post with you today. Perhaps you will take my word for it and give meditation a serious shot in your everyday life. I am certain (that if you do) you will thank me a Million times for sharing this page with you.

You can have the best life possible anytime and anywhere you want. All it takes is spending some time in silence and solitude anytime during the day (or night).

My appetite for meditation has never stopped since I started devoting a few leisurely hours each day towards this wonderful subject. Actually it's more than just a subject, it's truly a way of my life and I'm pretty certain that you will know why once you give it a shot for a few days of your life.

Unfortunately, I didn't start off this post all that well. A clear path ahead wasn't constructed by me so I may have lost your focus a little during the first few paragraphs. However, please don't judge my writing on this page based on the way I have merged and selected the words since that's not the purpose of this particular post.

Rather simply follow the message that's clearly mentioned during this content piece on Gobog. I will feel blessed if you understand what I am saying and if you don't then perhaps the messages were lost by focusing on something else during the first few lines.

My appetite has suddenly cropped up again. They say you can laugh and grow fat. But I say that you can meditate and live a truly blissful life. Heaven is present right here on Earth. It's just a question of basking in silence and solitude for a few minutes and the gates of paradise will open up for you now and forever. Happy Meditation Day!

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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