How To Write A Diary Effectively

How To Write A Diary Effectively
Writing a diary is a simple way of keeping track of your daily routine. Most therapists and counselors focus on expressing yourself through a diary or journal of some kind. However, I am not referring to that aspect of diary writing here.

I am sharing a wonderfully effective way to analyze your day and plan the next one just before you go to bed at night.

There are actually two aspects to this amazing technique...

The first one revolves around jotting down the day's events as they happened from hour to hour.

Basically, all you need to do is fill in what you did during each hour of the day.

An example of the diary writing format I followed myself last night went something like this....

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1am to 10am - Sleeping

10am to 11am - Woke up, prayed for 5 minutes, meditated for 30 minutes, got ready.

11am to 12pm - Prepared and had breakfast, relaxed for half an hour.

12pm to 1pm - Checked emails, responded to some, wrote a blog post, read the news.

1pm to 2pm - Wrote a couple of posts and checked some forums.

2pm to 3pm - Had lunch, rested for 40 minutes.

3pm to 4pm - Continued resting.

4pm to 5pm - Music and meditation time.

5pm to 6pm - Prepared tea, spent time with family, took a walk.

6pm to 7pm - Relaxed, visited a few blogs, played with my son.

7pm to 8pm - Exercised for 10 minutes and spent time with my spouse and son.

8pm to 9pm - Checked emails, wrote a post, checked on the course forums.

9pm to 10pm - Wrote another post, had dinner, rested for half an hour.

10pm to 11pm - Listened to soft music, meditated, relaxed, chatted with my spouse.

11pm to 12am - Wrote a post, casual surfing of the web.

12am to 1am - Relaxed for a while, spent time on the forums, prepared to sleep.

1am to 8am - Sleeping.

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As you can see this is an easy and simple way to write down your diary and help keep track of whatever you did during the day.

The above example excludes some activities which do not need to be shared with others.

Make sure you include almost everything that you can remember in your personal diary file for the day.

On busy days, I normally update my diary twice a day. Once around 4pm and once just before I go to sleep.

I don't maintain my diary on paper anymore. I do it on my computer in a simple text file.

What I do is that I make 1 text file for each day of the month and have already prepared 12 folders for each month of the year.

This way I can easily fill in any day's activities without a glitch.

It's important that you fill in your day's text file every single night before you fall asleep.

If you are unable to do so then make sure you fill it in first thing when you wake up the next morning.

Now there is the second part of this wonderfully useful diary writing technique.

And this involves writing down your likely schedule for the day.

Once again, what I do is that I write my plan right at the top of each day's text file and then I fill in the day's activities or events before I go to sleep.

To make things easier, I usually fill up tomorrow's activities today itself.

That is, I fill up tomorrow's text file (right at the top) with what I am scheduled to do tomorrow.

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Once every weekend, I then go through the files for the last 7 days and quickly analyze if I have managed to incorporate all my planned and intended tasks, jobs and activities for the past week.

Diary writing in such a way as I have mentioned here helps me live a happier and much more relaxed life that's full of satisfaction.

I always use my own time management system called the 'Sweet Sixteen System' available on Gobog.

This unique system helps me live my life without missing out on anything that I want to do with my time.

All the 16 major areas of a human's life are incorporated into my time management system.

And it's broken down further into the exact number of hours one should ideally devote to each of the 16 major areas of my life.

My time management system works beautifully for me since I started using it over a decade ago. Thousands have benefited from my system and I am certain that you will too.

The entire system has been made available as a audio book for the first time this year.

Download and listen to it soon after you have finished reading this post well.

Also, please utilize this simple diary writing system to make you much more effective and enable you to live a much better life starting tomorrow itself.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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