20 Things To Do To Make Life A Little Better

20 Things To Do To Make Life A Little Better
1. Get things done on time. Be a deadline hacking specialist. There is magic in doing things well and within the time frame given.

2. Single tasking is faster. Do one thing at a time and get it done quickly. Practice Mindfulness while you work.

3. Take good care of your hair. Don't waste money on hair gel. Wash your hair well and style it with warm water.

4. Watch how you eat and where you eat. Do not eat while on the couch. And if you do then sit up straight and then eat.

5. Take great care of your teeth. Floss daily. It reduces tooth decay and gum disease. Use a good toothpaste.

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6. Corn is a healthy choice of food. Eat corn on the cob often. Be lost in eating, it's better then being lost while eating.

7. Indulge in joint activities with your kids. Learn to toss stones on the lake. Then teach the kids to do it too. It's so much fun.

8. Never quit. Success breeds success. Failures breed success. Either way, you're bound to be successful. So keep trying.

9. Be a minimalist. Make a list of the least amount of things you need to live a good life. Then slowly scale down to live a simple life.

10. Practice good personal hygiene. Washing hands and legs after getting home is a healthy habit. We must do it.

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11. Don't look away when someone speaks to you. It's a sign of disinterest and lack of empathy. Follow the 50 Ways To Listen Better.

12. Be fully responsible for your actions. Admit when you are wrong. Admit when the other person is right.

13. Feel the breeze. The feel of the cool breeze blowing through the windows on an otherwise ordinary day is a delightful experience.

14. Drink home boiled water. Stop buying bottled water. It's a pure waste of money. Carry along a bottle of boiled water with you when outside.

15. Don't try to be perfect. Nobody ever is. Reduce your stress. Do not let the Stress Bomb kill You.

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16. Master the art of deep and slow breathing. Focus on your breathing throughout the day. Follow the guidelines in the post 'Meditation Day'.

17. Enjoy your tea some more. Add in a piece of ginger while you brew the tea leaves. It tastes better and is healthier.

18. Do spend some time each day on listening to inspiring material such as the audio books on Gobog.com.

19. Words hurt. Words heal. Always choose your words wisely. Read the post 'The Power Of Simple Words'.

20. On weekdays, sleep early, wake up early. On weekends, sleep late, wake up late. Live a comfortable life. Read the post 'An Afternoon By The Window' to help you relax right now.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
Mindfulness Trainer. Content Writer. Full Time Mom.
Home Chef. Nature Lover. Minimalist.

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