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Blogging during our free time has paved the way for a comfortable lifestyle for part-time Bloggers like me. My posts have received over 650 Million views while making thousands of dollars in earnings every single year.

The beauty of being a highly successful blogger is that I write posts during my free time and still consider Blogging to be a Hobby, not a job.

I spend less than 15 hours a week on Blogging. But those fifteen hours are enough to help me live an awesome life.

In this post, you will learn how wonderful a freelance blogging career can be. You will also get the guidelines and pointers to keep in mind before starting off your journey as a freelance Blogger on Gobog.

Blogging is definitely our cup of tea. But it is an endless cup of tea that we are more than happy to share with others.

Blogging can easily be your cup of tea. Just give it a shot just like we have...

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to relax and unwind while making money online during one's free time.

All that it takes is some discipline to publish posts on your blog on a regular basis.

There is great power in the Freshness Factor. People love things fresh and current.

Here are 31 awesome reasons to become a Blogger during your free time....

1. Blogging helps you become an expert on a particular topic.

2. Blogging helps you become an expert article writer.

3. Blogging helps you become famous on the internet.

4. Blogging helps you share your knowledge with the world.

5. Blogging helps increase your knowledge on a vast array of topics.

6. Blogging helps educate tons of people with your knowledge.

7. Blogging helps you get published online for free (and make lots of money too).

8. Blogging on Gobog helps you get published online without your own website or blog.

9. Blogging helps you build an excellent portfolio about your writing talents.

10. Blogging helps writers find an emotional release on 'feeling blue' days.

11. Blogging helps share a passion you have with tons of people.

12. Blogging helps promote your favorite things, topics, movies, places, books, etc.

13. Blogging helps create awareness for causes you support.

14. Blogging helps you engage and entertain your readers.

15. Blogging helps inform people about exciting fields of knowledge.

16. Blogging helps you get published on a major portal like Gobog in less than 24 hours.

17. Blogging helps you gain more fluency of thought and speech.

18. Blogging helps enhance your credibility as an online writer.

19. Blogging helps get your post listed on major search portals.

20. Blogging helps everyone with the information you share.

21. Blogging helps increase your creativity, drive and skills.

22. Blogging helps increase your name recognition on the web.

23. Blogging helps you get free exposure in front of thousands of people.

24. Blogging helps you earn an income without spending a single Rupee.

25. Blogging helps increase your knowledge on 1000s of different topics.

26. Blogging helps you share ideas with others who have similar interests.

27. Blogging helps further your career as a freelance content writer during your spare time.

28. Blogging helps you report news and events happening around the world.

29. Blogging helps you get remembered for an article you wrote years ago.

30. Blogging helps you become a Guru in your niche subject area.

31. Blogging helps you make money online just like I do.

How do you make money?

You make money through commissions you earn on every sale generated through the ad clicks inside your posts on Gobog.

You get between Rs.10 and Rs.20 for every visitor who joins our Free Blogging Program through an exclusive ad inside your posts.

Signing up to be a Blogger on Gobog is totally FREE. So you will make money online without even selling anything to anyone.

You don't need to work hard to make money online. All you need to do is write high quality posts every single week.

Then share your posts with everyone you know on social media. The more readers that read your posts, the more money you earn.

Read the detailed post on the Gobog Affiliate Program after reading this post.

Before I continue, let me share with you a brief background into my life as a Blogger...

Years ago, in 2005, this blog was to be a major portal on the internet. Two of my closest friends and me were to turn it into a Million Dollar business.

However, things don't go as per plan and this priceless domain name lay in a corner being unused.

I took most of the responsibility for the failure of that idea onto my shoulders and thought it wise that we took a break for a while so as to give me some time to figure things out.

Unfortunately, freelance writers (who wrote articles for us way back in 2005) didn't realize how much money, time and effort goes into running a full-fledged portal such as Gobog.

For them, it was difficult to understand why we were taking a break from such a promising venture.

A couple of our best writers decided to discontinue their association with us and it was sad to see them leave but it was also important to get rid off those who weren't sharing the same vision that we did.

Them leaving was a little setback but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us.

During the brief holiday, we talked and talked, until we finally came up with a suitable solution for our pressing dilemma.

We decided to use a content development technique we had used many years ago.

We decided to write content for several blogs each month rather than just a single one.

This way, we could cover a great deal of ground topic-wise and build multiple streams of readers on dozens of websites at the same time.

Another terrific thing about this solution was that we could get far more page views and unique visitors on all our sites as compared to when we wrote content on just one website.

Basically, visitors to sites get counted as unique if they are visiting another site for the first time.

By the end of the decade, in 2010, we had over 250,000 unique visitors coming to read our posts on various blogs that we owned.

In certain months, we received over 1 Million visitors on these new blogs we created.

We were getting over 5 Million page views each month during those years.

Though strictly speaking the same visitors might be going to read our posts on these 30 odd blogs we were posting content on in those years.

The number of unique page views has been over 150,000 per day till late 2012.

This was an incredible spurt in growth because of using this new content development technique.

However, the main reason for creating several sites was to help us make enough money to pay the bills and generate a Million Dollars in profit.

To do this, we decided to sell off some of our blogs and hundreds of micro sites each month starting from September 2012.

This way, we give our clients (and interested buyers) ready-made websites for them to market their products and services on while we continue adding content to our blogs as well.

A win-win situation for everyone concerned. More posts to read for our growing base of loyal visitors.

Awesome content written by our writers available permanently on several different blogs rather than just one.

And, most importantly, money gets generated for us to sustain our business and put good food on our dining tables.

From September 2012 to September 2017, we sold over 2000 domain names, micro sites, blogs and websites using our unique content creation and marketing strategies.

Thanks to our smart work during the past decade, from 2007 to 2017, we've made enough money to live a comfortable, relaxed and peaceful lifestyle without ever having to worry about where the money to pay the bills will come from.

I am sure that you can do the same as well.

Keep aside 2 hours a week and write an original post about an interesting topic like the ones you find on Gobog.

Then send in your post to us using the 'Contact Us' at the bottom of each page on Gobog.

We will go through your post and publish it right here on Gobog if it meets the 5 guidelines below...

1. Gobog is essentially a life enrichment Blog. Posts must be written on one of the topics listed on the Index page of Gobog.

2. Posts must be written in your own words and not copied from other sources.

3. Posts must be over 500 words in length. Usually posts between 1500 to 2000 words get the most reads.

4. Posts must be written in English and should not contain racism, slang, barbaric, or similar content.

5. NO HTML tags, email, links or URLs are allowed inside a post. Your post must not be published anywhere else. It is purely written for our readers on Gobog.

After your post is published on Gobog, share it (using the social media buttons below the post) with your friends and family.

Let them come in to read what you've shared with them.

If their feedback is good then consider blogging as a part-time career on your own.

Or continue sharing your experiences, musings and knowledge with our readers as a hobby.

After we have published 10 posts written by you then you will become part of the Gobog Affiliate Program.

Once part of our Affiliate Team, you will between Rs.10 and Rs.20 for each person who signs up to be a Blogger on Gobog just like you are doing right now.

You will also make money (usually Rs.100 per sale) each time an audio book is sold through an ad exclusively inside your posts.

You also make money (usually Rs.1500 per registration) when a reader joins our online courses through an ad displayed inside your posts.

Every blogger on Gobog has exclusive access to our secure Affiliate System so all sales and commissions are transparent.

It's a Win-Win situation for everyone.

Our readers get unique posts to read. We get more posts published on Gobog. And you build a profitable career for yourself if you keep on writing top notch posts, help us recruit more Bloggers and make more sales.

Blogging is easy. Marketing is easy. All it takes is the passion for sharing knowledge with others. And a bit of discipline will do too.

Content writing and marketing are what I truly love doing during my free time.

We have opened the doors for YOU to become a passionate blogger just like I am by providing you with the golden opportunity to publish your posts on Gobog for Free.

The future seems bright for all of us.

Our readers shall have awesome content to read on our blogs forever while our little writing team shall keep moving forward in our journey towards reaching Millions of readers all over the world.

For me, it's mainly about the genuine appreciation that comes along with doing what I love to do.

Reading the fabulous feedback that readers keep sending in makes me want to work harder and harder on writing more and more content on our blogs.

If you would like to become a Freelance Blogger on Gobog and get read by thousands of readers simply contact us with an original post that you have written recently so that we can help you enter the minds and hearts of our loyal readers as often as we do.

Before you send in your first post on Gobog, please read these 5 simple blogging tips...

1. Keep aside some time to research topics and write original posts every single week.

2. Write on almost any topic under the Sun. But, first, write on topics you know a lot about.

You become a better writer when you share what you know and learn from others who have something awesome to share. Which brings us to our next point...

3. Visit article websites, forums, blogs, etc. every day to learn more and more about Blogging.

4. Have fun along the way. Blogging is super fun!

The best way to ensure that you write great content each and every single time is to ensure that you write from your heart.

Writing from your heart simply means that you write content with the genuine intention of being read by thousands of people in the years to come.

Write for the sake of others and not for yourself. Writing with the readers firmly in mind.

Ensure that you are focused on their needs and wants rather than on your own.

Bloggers that write from their heart reap the benefits of the same for years to come.

They get read more, their content gets shared more, and overall they are content writers that have struck a chord inside the heart of the reader.

Far too many bloggers and writers write solely for themselves and in the process they fail at striking a chord with their readers.

They just cannot seem to connect with others who drop by to read their content.

Writing from your heart has a lot to do with having a pure heart and true determination to share knowledge on interesting, unique and all other things and topics.

Right now, bloggers need to take a good hard look at their writings in the past few weeks and examine whether they actually wrote from the heart or wrote without a heart.

A new day in Freelance Blogging has come and most of us are still not aware.

There are over 3 Billion people using the internet to get information every single day.

Make sure that you don't miss out on this gigantic money making opportunity during your free time.

Improve your writing skills, learn how to market & sell your content, and get ready for a better career where you work your own hours.

A new day has come...

Is Blogging a suitable freelance career for you?

Here are few points you can go through to check whether you have what it takes to succeed or do reasonably well in this field.

1. Are you reasonably fluent in written English?

2. Are you able to write your thoughts onto paper within a few minutes?

3. Are you comfortable doing research online?

4. Are you disciplined enough to write at least one post a week?

5. Are you willing to spend time in reading blogging tips, internet marketing, etc?

6. Are you aware of the daily news?

7. Do you love to write?

IF you answered 'Yes' to one or more questions then you are ready to start off a wonderful career in Blogging on Gobog.

Blogging is not that easy when you are writing about something that you don't know much about.

But when you start writing about things you know then Blogging becomes a whole lot easier.

There are times when you don't know much about the topic you are writing about.

Then in such cases you must try to first research or learn more about what you wish to write about and then you will find that writing about it becomes much easier.

It is fun to write when you know what you are writing about. Interesting words and lines flow from your pen. Rather your keyboard.

Blogging suddenly becomes an exciting task when you realize that it can be so much fun once you know a bit about what the topic you are writing about.

This post was written in pretty much the same way. I wrote about what I know so it was pretty interesting and exciting writing this post for you.

Blogging is easy. But making money while Blogging is not so easy.

Millions of people have started their blogs during the past 15 years. Most of those blogs have failed.

The reason that most Bloggers fail is that they do not educate themselves more and more each day.

They just focus on their work and forget that they need to be abreast with the latest insights from the world around them.

Most bloggers do not visit sacred spaces like these. They think that they already know enough about Blogging.

So they just take educational forums like these for granted.

But, on the other hand, there are few bloggers who just love to educate themselves more and more each day.

So you will find most of these Bloggers right here on Gobog, reading posts, browsing topics that interest them, and more.

In my mind, the biggest reason for Bloggers failing is their lack of education about Blogging itself.

They don't spend time in learning about Blogging and neither do they take the advice of successful bloggers around.

Want to be a successful Blogger?

Then educate yourself more and the rest will follow....

Thanks for reading. It's time to blog and make money online...

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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