20 Habits That Enhance The Quality Of Our Daily Lives

20 Habits That Enhance The Quality Of Our Daily Lives
Good habits are everything. They enhance the quality of life quickly. Here are 20 things that you can do everyday that makes your life a whole lot better.

1. Keep your home clean like a 5-star hotel. Life becomes much more comfortable when you're home is spic and span.

2. Be gentle with your words, gentler with your actions. Think pure thoughts. People always love being with someone who is gentle in thought and action while being pure by mind.

3. Do not have problematic body language. Things like playing with your hair, drumming your fingers, biting your nails, picking your teeth, clicking pens and adjusting your glasses too much.

4. Take a long walk everyday. It is an excellent workout that gives you quiet time with yourself while helping you clear your mind at the same time.

5. Keep learning new skills. Don't stop just because you feel you don't need them. There's always use for a good skill. It helps a lot on those rainy days.

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6. Be kind to people everyday. Open doors for others, help seniors cross the street, be polite whenever you talk to someone, and give up your place in the line.

7. Spend quality time alone with your partner. It's most important that a couple does things that a couple should. Always keep the romance alive and the love growing.

8. Keep your eyes open. Wide open. Never let a glorious opportunity pass you by because you weren't paying attention. Be mindful at all times. Stay alert.

9. Let out your emotions. Whenever you feel like crying, cry. Whenever you want to laugh, laugh. Life's too short to hold it in. Let it out.

10. Plan your day well. Every single activity that you do can have an impact on your overall effectiveness during the day. Make sure you fill your days with activities that help you be happier.

11. Save. Water, money, electricity. Spread. Love, joy, peace. The world needs less of the former and much more of the latter.

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12. Always keep the end in mind before you start off your journey. Especially new things. Plan every step of the way well. Break each leg of the journey down to days, hours and minutes to make it easier to enjoy the journey of life to the fullest.

13. Good habits are priceless. Bad habits can kill. Instill good habits into your life. And work hard to remove any bad habits you may have. Addictions are a definite no-no.

14. Drink more water during the day. This single habit will make life a lot easier for you everyday. Water is needed for the body. And gives you energy too.

15. Do not cry over spilled milk. It's already spilled, so there's no point of crying over it.

16. Never close the door until you have given the other person an opportunity to explain themselves. Sometimes, we might jump to rash decisions in a split second, this may ruin things for us in the near future.

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17. Touch therapy works wonders. Hold hands, hug, cuddle, snuggle, kiss or just run your fingers through the hair of your loved ones. Touching shows love and reduces stress. A good tight hug can ease away sadness in a jiffy.

18. Listen to good audio books. Don't buy books anymore. Help save the planet. Audio books are interesting, fun and easy to listen to while you work, play, exercise, dance, do household chores, etc.

19. Walk your talk. Do not be the kind of person who says something and does something else.

20. Practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Always focus on one thing at a time. Be totally present in the present.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
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