A Story Of My Daughter, Some Broken Eggs And The Car Keys

A Story Of My Daughter, Some Broken Eggs And The Car Keys
On October 3, at 4pm, my daughter and me left our home to get the weekly needs from a departmental store which was 10 minutes away by car.

As always, my advise to her was, 'please do not buy your wants, you are allowed only to get your needs. Do not waste money on unnecessary things'.

The little teen, of course, my dear daughter was listening silently to music at a high volume, while I was reducing the volume every now and then.

Already the moment between both of us was not so smooth, however, it is the usual way whenever we go out for shopping.....

Because she will be tempted to buy more and I restrict her from dumping more.....

Ha ha ha.

We had reached the shop, luckily we parked the car at the allotted space.

Again before entering the shop, I told her, do not buy unnecessary things.

She just nodded and went inside the shop, as usual, she went with a basket hunting for her things.

And I was busy doing my shopping as well.

In the middle of all this, my daughter would come to show me her basket and quietly convince me to get ready to pay the bill.

Ha ha ha..... Clever girl.

But I couldn't give up the strict mom's position, again advised her to please choose only the most needed things.

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And after an hour of shopping, we both were together at the billing counter.

The usual gesture of mine to pick the unwanted things out from her basket.

And her usual gesture to convince me or go for the next size or something below what was already chosen by her.

However the mom gets convinced by the dear one and settled the bill.

There were two large bags and one small bag with a dozen eggs in it, 6 country hen eggs for the little teen and 6 for us(me and her dad).

She is habituated to carry heavy things because she is always conscious about her stamina.

Also her Inter School Volley Ball Tournament would be around the month's end, and hence she uses every moment to enhance her muscle power, indeed her arm power.

So to the energetic little teen, I said "please carry only the big bags, I shall take the small bags of eggs myself".

Hmmmm...... NO! was her answer, in spite of several requests, she carried all the bags to the car.

The Dicky was open, she wanted to rest all the bags in the Dicky in one go.

Suddenly I heard a breaking sound..."you are right"...eggs were no more eggs except yellow and plain liquids oozing out.

Luckily her 6 country hen eggs, which was of a smaller size was safe in spite of the hard hit.

My temper shot up, I just yelled at her telling, "In spite of telling you so many times, you didn't listen to me. And you are applying the same strength to all the bags".

Sometimes there are things to be handled gently, and you gave your full strength to the bag filled with eggs, and it destroyed in no time.

I lost my cool, anyway, we just had to reach home safe. But still I continued pointing her mistakes and her careless attitude.

She just heard all what I was muttering quietly.

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On the way back home, we had stopped at a tailor shop which was on the first floor of the building, to just check if our clothes were ready.

Already I had lost my cool, and it was the peak hours of the evening, about 6pm, crowded, I had put my car key in the outer opening of the handbag....

Then, both of us went up and asked for ours and it was not ready. I had the habit of keeping the vehicle keys inside my hand.....

When I was searching for the key in my handbag, I found it was missing.

I was shocked and confused. Seeing my state, a woman who had just entered the shop said I saw a key lying on the ground, it might be yours.

In seconds, me and the little one rushed to look for the keys, alas, it wasn't where the lady said it would be.

Again ran back to the shop upstairs and asked the woman 'Can you please point out the exact location of the keys'......

The woman came out of the shop and pointed out.

Luckily a man downstairs who was watching all the action, looked up and asked 'Is this what you are searching for?'

It was my car keys. Thank God. We thanked the woman and we both went downstairs and received the keys, thanking the man wholeheartedly.

Really the situation would have been tough if the keys were not found. However God saved me from such a bad situation.

The climax of this story is that me and my daughter sat in the car and were about to start the drive back home.

The little teen started yelling at me on top of her voice, of course it was her turn to point out my mistakes and my turn to be quiet. Ha ha ha....

She asked me, 'Mom, when you make a mistake, no one scolds you and you get away with it always'.

'But when I make a similar mistake, you yell at me for nothing. Your justification varies. You are so mean to me mom. And your mistake will not be forgiven'.

I said to her, "See, I am agreeing that I have made a mistake, I regret it, and promise not to do it again'.......

But nothing could calm the little teen down.....

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I got Tit for Tat. She continued yelling at a high pitch, 'I shall tell Dad your mistake, you will get a good scolding'....

Ha ha ha...... I said, 'Please do, I have made a mistake and I deserve the punishment, I accept it whole heartedly'.

The fire inside the little teen was not cooling down, she wanted her mom to get stiff punishment for the mistake that she had made. Ha ha ha......

It is always 'What goes around, comes around'. Ha ha ha.....

However I made every attempt to teach her good lessons of life through her mistake...

'Do not apply the same strength to all'..... and through my mistake...

'Yes, I have made a mistake, I regret, promise I shall not do it again, And I am ready to accept the punishment'.

With all these arguments, we reached back home safe. No talking between the both of us for some time.

I then freshened up at home and sat down to thank God and the genuine guy who found my car keys and gave it back to me.

I have realized that there are many good people around. Thank God for saving me from a bad situation.

To conclude, after this incident, I am more aware about how to handle such a situation when my daughter does a mistake.

Her thoughts are totally right that parents usually overlook their own mistakes. Hmmmm..... Very true.

Gomathi Senthilkumar
Gomathi Senthilkumar
Counselor. Life Coach. Full Time Mom.

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