21 Simple Life Instructions

21 Simple Life Instructions
1. Everyone has problems. Often we think others are far luckier than we are. But the reverse could also be true. Be happy with every aspect of your life.

2. Learn Counseling. There are friends and family who could use your counseling skills. There are several online courses you can do. Like the one on Enoma.in.

3. Spend an hour a day on working on your Brain Fitness. Doing so will help you become more focused. It will enhance your brain health as well.

4. Keep a typed out list of the names of all the people you know along with their mobile phone number. It's useful if your phone gets lost.

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5. Stop yourself from thinking a negative thought the very moment when you find that you are starting to do so. Switch to a positive thought instead.

6. You can't help those that don't accept it. There is nothing much that you can do to help someone who does not wish to be helped. Find someone else to help or help yourself.

7. Fires can kill. Always turn off the gas knob before going to sleep at night or when leaving the home for the day. And check for forest fire warnings before visiting a state or national park for a vacation.

8. Don't get to the top by pulling others down. Get there on your own merit. In fact, get to the top by helping others along the way.

9. Sleep earlier than 12am. Wake up before 8am. Ignore this rule on weekends. You can sleep for more than 10 hours once or twice a week.

10. Don't be serious all the time. Lighten up, laugh a lot more, enjoy life more. An adult laughs much lesser than a kid does.

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11. Wasting food, water, gas, etc. are not a status symbol. It is not cool to waste precious resources which are strictly meant for the survival for all, on this planet.

12. Don't be nosy. And avoid people that are. Focus only on your life. Live and let live. This should be your guideline in this matter.

13. Listen to their answer after you ask them a question. Also, let them finish before you butt in. Most people don't follow these basic rules of conversation.

14. Stimulate yourself daily. Have long chats with friends and loved ones each day. Also, read personal development and life enrichment blogs such as Gobog for an hour or two a day.

15. Meet up with an old pal. Spending quality time with an old friend is one of the best experiences in life. Make an appointment to meet them soon.

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16. Age must not be a factor when selecting a mate. As long as you get along well with each other. Nothing else matters. The quality of your relationship matters above all.

17. True love is unconditional. Do not expect anything in return when you love someone. It's not love when you expect things back.

18. Make some time today to listen and enjoy the sounds of trickling water. It helps soothe the soul. But don't waste water while doing so.

19. Join a nature club. Or a group that spends time consciously in Mother Nature. And make at least 2 trips a month where you are in the midst of nature all day long.

20. Don't keep thinking or worrying about the past. Think about nothing. Clear your mind. Delete negative thoughts. Life can be awesome if we want it to. It's all in our control.

21. Manage stress well. Do things that relax your mind and body. Make a list of things that make you happy. Then do those things often.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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