20 Guidelines To Make Life A Lot Better

20 Guidelines To Make Life A Lot Better
1. Be a gardener. Help save the planet. And if you don't have a garden, then keep a few plants inside your home to look after.

2. You cannot understand someone through arguments and fighting. Stop doing both. Both serve no purpose. Both are a waste of valuable time.

3. Keep your nose out of others' personal affairs. There's always something better to do with your time. Invest time in finding better things to do with your time.

4. Meditate in silence to usher in peace. Peace is the one thing you just cannot buy but can create on your own through silent meditation.

5. Nurture other people's talents. Especially if their talents can help you in any way. And even it doesn't, nurture their talents anyway.

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6. Enjoy the dawn hours whenever you can. There are few things as blissful and tranquil as meditating during the early morning hours. Truly.

7. Say thank you. Whenever you receive a gift from someone. Also, when you get a compliment. But don't say thank you when you don't mean it.

8. Learn flower arrangement online. Make your own arrangement of different colored flowers once in a while. It's a fun way to enhance your home decor.

9. Smile naturally. Smile like you mean it. And smile several times a day. Your cheek bones can do with the little exercise and your heart will thank you for it.

10. Pick up an activity you have always wanted to do. Learn something totally new for a change. There's thousands of hobbies and things to do that can make us happy.

11. Invest in learning about body language. It helps you understand others much better. There are few articles on this subject right here on Gobog.

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12. Respect the police, they work long hours, at nights and even on holidays so that you can sleep safe at night. Yes, some of them might not do their job as well as they should. But the rest of them do.

13. Keep a sharp pair of scissors at home. But don't let your kids use it. It comes in handy for cutting many things.

14. Don't say you can't when you very well can. But please say you can't when you don't have the time and don't want to do it.

15. Be open to new ideas. But accept them only if they are useful to you. Keep an idea book to store your best ones for easy reference.

16. Never start your journey without checking the three most important things in your vehicle. First, the air pressure, second, the brake, and third the rear view adjustment. No one forgets the fuel so I'm not even mentioning this here.

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17. Awaken each morning and watch the sunrise. Absorb the soothing rays of the morning sun. You can go back to sleep after doing this.

18. Each human being is creative. Trust your own creative potential. Come up with something new.

19. Increase your wisdom. Intelligence is remembering how much you know when the time comes to recite it, wisdom is knowing what to remember.

20. Some people can be rotten on the inside. Beware of creeps and psychos that lurk and live close to you.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
Mindfulness Trainer. Content Writer. Full Time Mom.
Home Chef. Nature Lover. Minimalist.

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