Social Media Manipulation Practices

Social Media Manipulation Practices
The numbers matter most when it comes to Facebook users. This immensely popular social site claims to have over 2 Billion active users each month.

Wonder where they got that figure from? Since Facebook seems like an awfully boring place to go when you have absolutely nothing better to do.

The losers, wannabes and wasted folk spend the most time on Facebook.

I know for a fact that most people who are highly educated and doing well in their lives choose not to spend much time on this site.

But yet, there are over 2 Billion "active" users there.

Not to mention the Millions of fake user accounts and fan pages that Mr. Zuckerberg chooses to do nothing about.

In many ways, he must be actually happy that spammers and scammers use his site for their devious purposes.

There are estimated to be over 250 Million fake users and fan pages created on their servers.

It is quite clear that Facebook Corporation will do almost anything to show the rest of the world that they have half the internet using their social service.

It's a different thing that practically no socializing actually happens through there. It's more like a photo album where users post pictures of themselves and expect "likes" for it.

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Quantity matters most on social networking sites such as Facebook. Everyone wants to have more "likes" for their status updates and uploaded pictures.

Friends compete with their own friends to prove that they have more "active" friends online. Also, the total number of friends that one has matters most of all.

Celebrity musicians go to extremes to post selfies (photos taken by themselves since they are so lonely in real life) when it isn't remotely connected to their actual work.

How I wish they would post links to download their songs for free instead of their ridiculous self photos.

Teenagers and young adults will do almost anything to attract more friends and "likes" on their accounts.

Revealing pics, scandalous videos, and sensual quotes are some of the ways that they use to get more people coming to their pages on Facebook.

Don't misunderstand what I am saying in this post. Facebook.com is indeed a popular social networking website.

There are definitely Millions of wannabes and losers spending hours and hours of their daily time sitting tight on their pages there.

In some ways, Facebook actually helps cut down crime since it keeps the "potential" criminals busy online doing absolutely nothing.

Quantity matters so much these days that just stating that Millions of people visit a specific site will help that particular website actually get thousands of visitors coming in after reading about those "published" numbers in a press release somewhere.

Usually (if not always) the press release was released by the website owners themselves.

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It's not just the web where numbers matter, even movie producers, big brands, and almost everyone else (in business) is using this cunningly clever way of marketing themselves.

It's amusing to see a new movie stating that they already made over 100 Million dollars at the box office within few days.

YouTube is another social media site where numbers and stats matter a lot. Music videos and commercials are the most watched there.

Over 40000 videos have over a Million views on YouTube. Those are a lot of views.

The most watched music video online till a couple of years ago was 'Gangnam Style'. There have been over 2 Billion views for this video so far.

But what's funny is that only 30 Million people watched this video on YouTube, but they may have watched it several times over a period of few months. Thus the 2 Billion views for this music video.

Millions of people went to YouTube just to see what was so great about this particular music video that it received over a Billion views.

Clever marketing or actual truth? No one but YouTube will know.

Numbers matter so much these days that companies and celebrities are paying lots of money in order to buy themselves Millions of fans and "likes".

It's common to find that some celebrities have over 30 Million fans on Facebook.

What's amusing (once again) is that out of these 30 Million fans less than 200,000 choose to "like" or comment on their timeline posts and status updates.

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TV Shows are also part of the numbers game. They too will go to all lengths to ensure that their fan pages have Millions of fans on them.

Once again, you need to simply visit one of these fan pages to know the little activity that goes on over there.

You can safely assume that social media such as Facebook and YouTube encourage users and businesses to fake things more and spill out the truth less.

Social media is a game of lies and the people who can lie the most (and not get caught) are the ones that are considered to be the most popular.

It's a great human need to be immensely popular and today you can buy yourself that popularity by purchasing fans, likes, views and followers for yourself or your business. Sad but true!

The reason I am writing this post is simply because there are many readers who fall for such cunning tactics employed by celebrities, companies and common people.

We often get swayed by the numbers since we think them to be true.

It's about time you ask yourself a few questions when you see a fan page of a common celebrity having Millions of fans and followers on it.

Ask yourself is that celebrity that popular in order to have so many fans. Also check the amount of activity and overall media buzz that is happening online with their name attached to it.

Always dig deeper. People have forgotten how important it is to be curious in the modern world.

Never assume things just because someone who has a Million followers has said it.

Don't just buy a song or music album or movie tickets just because the video views for the music videos or movie trailers are in the Millions.

Everything can be manipulated in the online world.

Trust no one and spend time on things that directly entertain, inspire and connect with your daily life. Don't waste your money on things that you don't need.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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