How We Get Over 100,000 Clicks A Year On An Ad Using The Opposite Thinking Principle

The Opposite Thinking Principle
Human beings love to do what others tell them not to do. It takes a stubborn person to resist doing something that everyone else tells them not to do. In this post, I share a classic example of how I've used a powerful principle to receive over 100,000 clicks a year on a free Ad.

Being a student of marketing for life, I've experimented with many kinds of ads and content on my websites, blogs and pages over the years.

Along the way, I've received my fair share of success, generating thousands of dollars in sales without spending a single cent on advertising.

I have this strange notion about Advertising. I think it just doesn't work when it's done in the conventional way.

Part of my feelings stem from the fact that I spent over Rs.200,000 of my hard earned savings to promote my new soft skills training business way back in 1999.

Out of that money, nearly Rs.175,000 was spent purely on advertising my soft skills classes that were to start in a few weeks time.

The results of pumping in more than 80% of my savings into Advertising literally broke my heart....

I had just 1 student who registered for my 1st batch in Public Speaking which was scheduled to start on 22nd October of 1999. Just one.

After losing all my savings on setting up and promoting the business, I decided to take a long break. So I packed my bags and went to Goa.

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It was my first trip to the sunny state of Goa. The beaches were clean, the seafood was fresh, the days were full of fun and relaxation, and my vacation was coming to an end very quickly.

It was in Goa that I met someone who changed my life completely. She was from the UK, there in Goa on a long vacation of 3 months that was nearly over, we happened to meet at the beach shack we both frequented and just hit it off instantly.

Opposite Thinking Principle
She helped me with my business woes by sharing a formula to resurrect my bankrupt venture and start registering tons of students for my courses without spending a single rupee on advertising.

It sounded too good to be true but since I had started to trust my new friend, I decided to give her ideas a shot once I got back to Mumbai.

Putting her ideas into action turned things around for me and my little soft skills business. In the next 12 months, I had registered over 250 students for my courses without spending a single rupee on advertising.

Her formula helped me create the Opposite Thinking Principle which I have used with great success in my businesses and other areas of my life since December 1999.

Yesterday, I shared a post on 'How I Got 32 Million Views In 1 Month Using The Opposite Thinking Principle'...

Today, I am sharing another instance of using the same principle with great success on the internet.

But first, what is this Opposite Thinking Principle that I am so gaga about...

Do Not Click This Know Your Life Span

The Opposite Thinking Principle states that you must do the opposite of what you would usually do to help solve your problems.

It is essentially an excellent principle to use in solving problems and creating new ways of doing something.

Using this powerful principle, I am getting over 100,000 clicks a year on an Ad without paying a cent for it.

I don't have to spend anything for this Ad because it's on my own website network and thus it's Free.

Opposite Thinking Principle
This Ad is one you may have already clicked on by now. Yes, it's the same banner ad you are seeing inside this post of Gobog. It reads "DO NOT CLICK THIS".

I have been using a scaled down version of this ad with the same lettering "Do Not Click This" for the past 4 years on most of my major websites and blogs.

And even though the ad copy clearly states not to click on the Ad, what do many of our visitors do....you guessed it....they click on it.

In fact, they just can't resist clicking on it for some reason. In certain months of the year, 1 of every 6 visitors to my websites clicks the "Do Not Click This" ad.

It is a risky ad campaign though. There have been people who have blacklisted a few of our blogs for running the ad thinking that it might be some kind of a scam or spam.

However, the ad itself leads to a micro site that we own with the same lettering (Do Not Click This .com). Cool huh!

Be A Goboger Make Money Online

As a result of using this ad campaign, our free personality test which is offered on the landing page on Do Not Click This .com has been taken by over 2 Million people in the past 4 years.

Thanks to the free test, some of the people who loved the test sign up for my online counseling service that I discreetly promote inside the test report that they get after completing the free personality test.

It's a highly successful ad campaign and I don't pay a single cent for it since the ad runs on my own websites.

This is what the Opposite Thinking Principle is all about. Getting fantastic results for ad campaigns, resurrecting dead businesses, and changing lives.

Savio DSilva Opposite Thinking Principle
People click on the Ad because it's human tendency to do something what we are told NOT to do. It's reverse psychology at play and we just go along with it.

In the coming days and weeks, I will share a few more ways that I have used the Opposite Thinking Principle with great success in my business and personal life.

Bookmark Gobog to read my posts published on almost a daily basis. It's just NOT marketing that I write about...

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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