How I Got 32 Million Views In 1 Month Using The Opposite Thinking Principle

32 Million Views In 1 Month

This is a powerful post that will inspire every reader to use the Opposite Thinking Principle in their own careers and lives.

It is a brief account of how I received over 32 Million page views on my website network in a single month (October 2004) using the Opposite Thinking Principle.

5th October was one of the biggest days in the lives and careers of 3 people....

Two of them were major celebrities and one of them was a young 28-year-old guy running a website network from a tiny bedroom in Mumbai.

Tiger Woods got married to Elin Nordegren on the 5th day of October in the year 2004.

Being a huge fan of Tiger Woods, I would frequently follow the results of all the major golfing tournaments that he played in.

It was a year earlier that Tiger had announced that he was getting married to his longtime girlfriend 'Elin Nordegren' in October 2004.

During those years (1999 to 2007), I (Savio DSilva) was managing a small group of websites on which there were photo galleries, poems, self development articles, public speaking tips, recipes, ghost stories and many other things.

My tiny website network was receiving over 250,000 unique visitors a month in the years 2002 to 2004.

I had over 40,000 photos on my servers. Everything from photos of animals to celebrities, places to reptiles, were on my massive photo gallery on Saviodsilva.com.

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When I first started building content on the internet in the year 1998, it was on free websites given to me by Free Servers.

About a year and a half later, I realized the massive potential of the internet for me and on the advice from a close friend I invested in my own website on 20th August of the year 2000.

What started as a tiny website for sharing public speaking and personality development tips, quickly grew into a massive portal full of photo galleries, greeting cards, poems, ghost stories, relationships tips, dating advice, recipes, personality tests and more.

I was earning a decent living in those years, working from my tiny 10x10 bedroom in Mumbai, reaching over quarter of a Million people living in 200 countries, all working part-time on a very low budget.

Being one of the most popular photo gallery sites on the internet, my eyes lit up when I heard that Tiger Woods would be getting married in October 2004.

I knew that if I built a photo gallery with lots of pictures of Tiger Woods then I would get over a Million visitors coming to see those photos on my site.

But I do business a bit different. For that matter, I live my life a bit uniquely too...

I have used the Opposite Thinking Principle in my life quite a few times. It is a powerful principle that I created after spending many days with a friend that I made in Goa during the year 1999.

The Opposite Thinking Principle or OTP helped me resurrect my soft skills training business from bankruptcy. The OTP also helped in my personal life and relationships as well.

The OTP is a highly useful and powerful technique to solve one's problems both in business and in life itself.

The Opposite Thinking Principle states that "You must do the opposite of what you would normally do to solve the problem you are facing".

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When I heard about Tiger Woods getting married to Elin, I knew that if my photo gallery of Tiger Woods was good then I could easily get over a Million people coming to see the pics on my site during those years that he was such a great golfer.

But I also knew that there are thousands and thousands of other websites that have photos of Tiger Woods on them too.

So my chances of coming to Number 1 on Yahoo and Google for the keywords "Tiger Woods Photos" and "Tiger Woods Pictures" was quite low.

I wanted a piece of the action anyway. So I decided to turn to my Opposite Thinking Principle to help me get over a Million visitors a month during the month that Tiger Woods and Elin got married.

I knew that no one had heard much about Tiger Wood's fiancee at that time. In fact, when I searched for her pictures online, I found that there were less than 20 websites which had a photo gallery with her pics on the entire internet. No kidding!

So since the Opposite Thinking Principle specifically states to do the opposite of what we would normally do, I decided to put up as many pictures of Elin Nordgren that I could find on my website.

After a hectic search online, I managed to get 25 decent quality pictures of her which I then worked on in Photoshop and made a lot better.

A day later, a complete photo gallery on Elin Nordegren was born on my personal portal Saviodsilva.com.

I had the most pictures of Tiger Wood's fiancee in those years. So I automatically shot up to Number 1 on both Yahoo and Google in 2003, 2004, and 2005.

On the day of their marriage, the 5th of October 2004, Elin Nordegren's gallery on Saviodsilva.com received over 1.3 Million page views in less than 24 hours.

Opposite Thinking Principle

In those days, receiving that kind of traffic was not as common as it is today. My website catapulted into the Top 500 websites in the world on Alexa in November 2004.

Though it was knocked out of that elite list only a month later.

Thanks to going the opposite way, and building a unique gallery for Elin Nordegren instead of Tiger Woods, my website received Millions and Millions of visitors in the years to follow.

I earned a decent sum of money in the month of October 2004 through Affiliate Sales thanks to all the views my photo galleries received.

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Since late 1999, I have been using the Opposite Thinking Principle in many areas of my life, not just in business, and with great success at most times.

It's a risky principle to use in business since money and time is involved but in this case of Tiger Woods and his wife, I knew that if 2 Million people searched for Tiger Woods each month then there would be at least half that number who wanted to see pictures of his wife too.

Half that number, over 1 Million, is the exact number of visitors I received during each of the months of October, November and December 2004.

Had I not used the OTP for this purpose then I would probably not have received anywhere close to the number of page views and visitors my photo galleries received during those months.

The Opposite Thinking Principle

In the near future, I will share a few more examples of how I have used this powerful principle in my business and other areas of my life with tremendous success for me.

Getting over 32 Million page views on the internet in less than 30 days is not easy. Whether in today's internet savvy times or way back in the year 2004.

But thanks to the careful and calculated use of the Opposite Thinking Principle I have been very successful in receiving over 650 Million page views for my content pages since being online in 1999.

I would like to dedicate this post and the future ones on this principle to the friend who helped me create it. I will not name her here as I don't have her permission to do so.

I have never met her after that vacation that I had in Goa but I hope that if she reads this then she will be happy to know that her advice helped me so much in my business (and life).

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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