Why Self Help Books Just Don't Work

Why Self Help Books Just Don't Work
The self help books market in the USA is worth over 200 Million dollars a year. Add motivational seminars and allied services and you have a market that makes over 1 Billion dollars each year.

Australia, India, UK, Canada and several other countries follow in America's footsteps with gross sales of self help products and services running into hundreds of Millions of dollars each year.

It's kinda obvious that people seem to love self-help books and everything else that's associated with it.

The masses need help with living a better life, finding solutions to their problems, being more happy, and more.

And books, audio books, music CDs, DVDs, motivational speakers, spiritual retreats, etc. are there to help you get the "self-help" you need.

The problem with self help books is that by their very definition they are unhelpful to the readers.

Let's face it, how can someone else help you get "self" help?

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When we search the shelves of a bookstore for help with our lives we are actually losing control of our very being.

No self improvement book can help you when you are no longer in complete control of your own life.

There is another startling fact about self-help gurus that I wish to address right here, right now....

There have been over 150,000 self-help books published till date and yet the masses don't seem to have solved their problems.

Statistics reveal that a person who bought a "new" self help book usually bought one around 6 months ago.

Shocking. The experts and gurus who claim to have a solution to all your problems still haven't succeeded in making your life better!

Sadly, the so-called motivational speakers and life coaches themselves need motivation, inspiration and genuine help in their "own" lives.

Actually, the sales generated via their books and "bogus" seminars help solve most of their problems.

The spiritual gurus and motivational writers of this world live better lives at your expense!

They write a bunch of crap, publish it, market themselves like Gods, and sell a whole lot of books. And you end up paying for it out of your hard earned money.

The past 10 years have seen this market grow significantly and strongly. The experts and coaches are now celebrities.

Well timed appearances on TV shows, in Hollywood movies, in newspapers, on radio and even on major sites online have made hundreds of these helpers become famous people of our generation.

The secret of most of the writers of such books is that whatever they have to say is the final and ultimate solution for your problems.

They boldly state that you shall never need the "help" of another self-help book ever again.

Yet, those very authors end up writing another dozen odd books saying the very same thing with a different twist.

Testimonials of other celebrity self-help authors are important for the success of their books.

A close observation of the testimonials given inside these books will reveal that there is a direct connection between the author and the ones who have given their "genuine" testimonials.

Press and online media coverage is horribly manipulated so that it seems like their book is the next best thing...

The only self help tool that you will ever need (yet again), and that you cannot go wrong by investing in buying their books.

But take a look at your book shelf and you will soon realize how wrong you have been, and how cunningly marketed these geniuses are.

The biggest issue with self help books is that they mislead us from cover to cover. They don't come up with anything new.

Everything that they write about inside has already been written about before. Nothing different, just changed words and modified phrases with their own unique brand of writing!

You are the biggest fool on the planet if you ever buy another self help book ever again. Seriously!

The fact that you are here spending time on a "free" blog that truly awakens you to the realities of life (and things around you) is itself a blessing in disguise.

How you got here I don't know but I believe that you have finally taken a step in the right direction.

Don't believe everything you see and read (including this post). Focus instead on identifying and taking concrete "little" steps towards solving your own problems yourself.

All the self help books in the world cannot help someone who isn't seriously determined about helping themselves.

One final thing before I walk away.

I can almost guarantee that you haven't finished reading the last 10 self help books you bought...

How do I know this? Well, it's called research and now you know about the value of it too!

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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