30 Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You

30 Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You
1. He doesn't seem to be doing anything together with you anymore. He spends most of his time alone and in places where you can't see him.

2. His phone will always be with him. And he never lets you keep it even for a single minute.

3. He is suddenly shy to change in front of you. He will not be interested in watching you change in front of him either.

4. You have trouble finding time to spend with him these days. Because he is never around.

5. He has been divorced already on grounds of cheating or something similar. A really big sign.

6. He travels a lot more. And he has increased gas purchases that are inconsistent with the number of miles on the car.

7. He gets his laundry done independently. He might even start washing his clothes himself.

8. He is increasingly drawn to pornography online. And you catch him viewing girls on webcam, not on an actual porn site.

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9. He eyes girls passing by and completely ignores looking at you in public. He is sending the wrong signals to you by doing this.

10. He is impossible to reach when he is on the road. His phone is always off and he does not respond to text messages.

11. If you interrupt him when he is online, he reacts with anger or defensiveness. As if he is hiding something from you.

12. He daydreams more than he previously did. And he has a naughty smile on his face while doing so.

13. He has started to treat you abusively or with disdain. This is not a good sign for any relationship.

14. He shuts down internet windows very quickly when you walk into the room. And he recently purchased a new tablet computer which is easier to carry in his pockets.

15. He seems to be lifeless and he gets upset when you ask him what's wrong. He is never in a mood for love.

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16. He suddenly cares who you're talking to over the phone. Yes, he might derail your thoughts by pushing things onto you.

17. He has started to have too many after work meetings. And he returns home on tip toes after midnight.

18. He is indifferent to your needs and wants. He just does not care about you anymore.

19. He has a separate residence nearby that you just learn about. Boy, this is a big sign about him cheating on you and not trusting you either.

20. The usual office background noise isn't there anymore when you call him at work these days.

21. He brings home extravagant gifts for no reason. And then those gifts vanish into thin air the next day.

22. He regularly stays out late for no good reason. He claims he has joined a late night gym or dance class.

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23. He is suddenly confident about everything and walks with a bounce in his stride.

24. He attends new functions outside of work alone. Excuses like conferences, meetings, seminars, and team building trips are common ones.

25. He finds fault with you. He nags about anything that you say. He just doesn't like you anymore and you can sense this about him.

26. He stops making time for you. He just is around when you are around. He's invisible.

27. He is suddenly more frigid by nature. He gets touchy too. He is suddenly overly sensitive about any thing you say about him.

28. He talks about places he went to with his friends that seem strange like a coffee shop when he does not drink coffee.

29. He suggests threesomes might be worth a shot. And he laughs all evening after saying that.

30. He falsely accuses you of snooping through his things. And he starts hiding his stuff in weird places.

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