Live A Better Life In 20 Simple Ways

Live A Better Life In 20 Simple Ways
1. Develop your personality everyday. Work on those aspects which you feel will improve the quality of life.

2. Do not do harm onto other human beings. Be nice at all times. If someone harms you then forgive them for doing so.

3. Care for the betterment of society on the whole. In these times, we only care about our own comfort due to which there are issues like pollution, global warming, etc.

4. Use your home time wisely. The time you are at home must be equally balanced between spending time with loved ones as well as doing things which you enjoy doing.

5. Spend the time you are with friends well. These days we only hang out with our friends while on the phone or immersed in other activities. It's important to spend time in actually talking and listening to each other.

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6. Appreciate the work of others. Do not put someone's efforts down. Give people credit for a job well done.

7. Never buy cheap clothes or electronic items. Always buy the best quality products from reliable brands.

8. Choose your words properly when texting over the phone. People tend to misunderstand the words we write easily. That is why it is always preferred to meet face-to-face with friends and family if you can.

9. Learn more about things everyday. What things? The work, the household chores, your hobbies, your talents, your skills.

10. Invest in yourself. Join good online courses to improve your skills and talents from your home itself.

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11. Let others know when you are going to be busy. In today's world we forget to inform our loved ones when we have lots to do. So when they disturb us by mistake then we lose our cool.

12. Do not hesitate to ask your elders for advice. Life can be tricky at times, ask your loved ones who have more life experience to help you at such times.

13. Watch less TV. In my home, we do not have a cable connection. This is due to the fact that the influence of media on us is highly negative in today's world. We want to be happy, not sad all the time.

14. Do not spend all your time in one room of the home. Move out of the kitchen if you find yourself stuck inside there all day long. Step out of the bedroom and walk around the whole home if you find yourself always in there.

15. Do good all the time. It has been said that the work of one good human being can influence the lives of many others in a positive way.

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16. Plan your time each week wisely. After downloading a copy of Savio DSilva's "Sweet Sixteen System" for time management from Gobog, I have noticed a great change in the way I manage my time.

17. Remain alert while you are awake. There has been a lot of talk about how Mindfulness can help us live better lives. I've been practicing the tips I found inside this post and they are proving to be very effective.

18. Be the first to greet your friends and family. Don't wait for them to wish you Good Day. You can easily do it first. It shows you truly care about them. Never forget and ignore a loved one.

19. First things first. Always do the most important things first thing in the morning. I have found it to be a great way to do a lot more everyday.

20. Listen to inspiring music everyday. Leave the stereo system on all day long. Music can have a positive influence on your life when you listen to it everyday.

Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh
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