20 Tips To Follow In Daily Life

20 Tips To Follow In Daily Life
1. Bathe daily. Take a long cold shower on hot and humid days. Just feeling the tingling sensation of the cold water falling on thy torso is heavenly.

2. Tell the ones that you love how much you love them by saying the three words "I love you" often. Don't ignore this tip.

3. Don't hurt your loved ones with the work that you do. Change jobs if you feel you are. Your work must make your loved ones feel proud of you, not the other way round.

4. Working too hard on your goals will result in burnout. Plan your schedule with many breaks inside it. Rest is important. So is recreation.

5. Don't compare a human being to another human being unless it's beneficial to both in doing so. Comparisons usually serve no purpose.

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6. Try new things once in a while. For example, next time you order food from a takeaway, try a new place.

7. Find an opportunity in everything. There is truly an opportunity lurking everywhere. And make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

8. Clutter stinks. Get rid of things that aren't being used in a long while. Keep your home clean, tidy, organized and without any clutter.

9. Journal therapy is powerful. It is soothing too. Write your worries and troubles away. Give this one a shot the next time you feel moody or sad.

10. Practice your trade. Get better at it everyday. There's no other way to master it. Keep on working on your work for things to work out well for you.

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11. Catching up with childhood friends is so much fun. Catch up at least once a year. And make time for all your other friends a lot more often.

12. Use free time better. Spend it on meditation. Feel relaxed. Daydream. Or try out a new hobby. But don't let your free time go to waste.

13. Buy some mangoes. Biting into an extra juicy and sweet Mango is one of life's sweetest pleasures. Mango has many health benefits too.

14. Listen to music daily. Sing along with the music playing on your stereo. Get the kids involved. It's a fun way to teach them vocabulary and grammar without them knowing it.

15. When the world is slowly passing you by, lay still and enjoy the stillness. Practice stillness and nothingness on a daily basis. Make life blissful.

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16. During the cold winter days, daydream about the sandy beaches and clear blues skies of the summer. Do the exact opposite on hot summer days.

17. Do your research before you go on vacation and as soon as you get there. For example, on a seaside holiday, find the quickest and easiest way to the beach.

18. Meet up with old friends at a coffee shop. But drink tea, not coffee. Tea is excellent for our health. Drink two cups a day.

19. Visit a counselor once a week and open up about everything. The job of a counselor also includes to allay issues that crop up during the session itself. You can try out online counseling too. It's just as effective.

20. Work towards your goals. But take enough breaks in-between. As mentioned earlier, rest and recreation are most important for a better and more fulfilling life.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
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