20 Simple Ways To Make Life Better

20 Simple Ways To Make Life Better
1. Daydream when you have nothing else to do. Fill your mind with thoughts and images of beautiful places and things.

2. Forgive. Experiences in life teaches us many things but if it doesn't teach us to forgive and forget then we are still immature.

3. If good at sports, join the team. If good at writing, start blogging. Do what you are good at. And don't waste your time on things that you aren't good at.

4. Speak with others in a positive and cheerful way. Everyday. Unless someone's dead there's no reason to be sad or negative.

5. Have a space inside your home where you can look up and see the stars. It's well worth doing so. Often.

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6. Go through the biographies of great people. Most are easily found on online sites for free. Learn from the lives of the great ones.

7. Visit a flower garden once in a while. It is an experience that can't be explained in a line here. Experience it yourself. And if you can't then try out an Aroma Oil Burner inside your own home.

8. Do well in whatever you do. Always be happy to go the extra mile to do it. But know when you need to stop and take a break.

9. Live in a part of the world where it rains. Or go there during the Monsoon. It's such a pleasure to feel the moistness in the air during the rains.

10. Maintain a healthy distance in personal relationships. Let your family members visit a relative or close friend for a few days.

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11. Meditate. Daily. Meditation is the best medicine whenever you feel lonely, sad or depressed. Meditation is the best medicine, period.

12. The most beautiful sounds in nature are present in the hills at by the lakes. Visit these two places every year. No making any excuses for not doing so.

13. Step out of your comfort zone. The biggest hurdle in being successful is our comfort zone. It's only when we step out of it that we realize we should have stepped out a long time ago.

14. Visit the nearby lake. Feed the birds and the swans. Go to the closest park and stare at the trees. Or take a walk at the beach or in the hills. Be one with nature when you do so.

15. Resist the temptation to give your opinion on everything. Hold back often. People are prone to misunderstanding what you say about things as per their own tastes.

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16. We all have a dark side lurking within. Be unafraid of facing your dark side. It is your subconscious mind that can help you maximize your potential to the fullest.

17. Drink your own soup. It's human tendency to want the hot soup served in the neighbor's bowl rather than relish the soup served in their own bowl.

18. Good posture is good for your spine. Always sit up straight while sitting in a chair. And walk with even footsteps and at a leisurely pace.

19. Teach your kids their school subjects for an hour every alternate evening. Don't depend entirely on their teachers to do so.

20. Climb a tree. If you can, it's good. If you can't, you need to work a bit more on your fitness. A walk of 20 minutes a day is good enough.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
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