Adam Lanza - Dead But Never Forgotten

Adam Lanza - Dead But Never Forgotten
Adam could be spotted easily in high school although he would do his very best to avoid any attention.

He would be spotted as the only kid in high school who carried a black leather briefcase to his English classes.

He would sit as close to the classroom door as possible in order to go in and out of the classes he attended as soon as possible.

People in his school state that he became very nervous whenever he had to speak up and was seen spitting his words out of his mouth.

Speaking was a painful ordeal for Adam Lanza. He showed so many signs to warn us all but no one did anything to dig deeper into his mind before that horrible day in Newtown.

Adam Lanza was an honors student living in a pretty wealthy neighborhood with his mom who was killed by Adam before he went on to the Sandy Hook Elementary School to shoot down 26 others before taking his own life.

His mother was a school teacher at the very same school, and she liked playing dice games at home with her friends.

She would decorate her house lavishly for the holidays as well.

Adam Lanza was 20 years old when he took his own life.

People who knew him say that he was possibly suffering from a personality disorder.

I wonder why they didn't bother reporting this earlier.

Adam walked into the school, and fired bullets without saying a word.

He was just as quiet during those mass killings as people said he was.

He was extremely thin, always liked being a loner, liked being distant from his peers, and was like a goth.

He lived with his mother, Nancy Lanza, in a wealthy part of Newtown, which is a prosperous community of 27 thousand people, located just over an hour's drive from New York City.

His brother Ryan (who was mistakenly assumed to be the shooter earlier) is alive, and has not even been in touch with Adam since 2010.

Brett Wilshe, who is Ryan's buddy, sent him a Facebook message asking him what was going on and if he was OK.

Ryan replied "It was my brother. I think my mother is dead. Oh my God."

Adam Lanza had attended Newtown High School itself, and he was mentioned as an honors student in the local newspapers.

Sandeep Kapur, his neighbor in Newtown, stated that he did not know Adam or his mother personally, and added that he had not heard any disturbances from their home over the last 3 years he had moved there with his family.

The locality in which Adam lived was a township consisting of large 1 acre homes which were around 15 to 17 years old.

People who live there work for big companies such as GE, Pepsi and others. There are a few doctors living there as well.

This was a rich neighborhood which gave a warm feeling to people who drove past.

He appeared pale and scrawny as he walked down the corridors of his school.

He would have his hands firmly glued to his sides as he walked....

He would have his pens inside the pocket of his short sleeved, button-down shirts...

But there was a totally different look to him when he carried out the mass shooting in Sandy Hook School.

He wore black military gear, a bullet proof vest, and went about carrying out the deadliest elementary school shooting in North American history without even saying a word.

Adam did not like the social media.

No Facebook pages, no tweets.

He was said to be quite uncomfortable in situations that required him to speak, or interact with other people.

He does not even feature in his high school yearbook, staying away from the photo shoot, and his spot on the page reads "Camera Shy".

People who knew him personally stated that he had some kind of developmental or personality disorder but they weren't really sure.

So, they just let him be, and did not interfere with him at all.

Perhaps that was their biggest mistake.

Ignoring someone is not the solution to their problems.

A former classmate stated that he did not reveal any emotions at all when you looked at him directly.

Some students would giggle at him whenever he passed...

Maybe, deep down inside, he felt bullied and torn because of those giggles.

Olivia DeVivo, who was from his school (now works at the University of Connecticut) says that maybe he wasn't given the right kind of attention or help that he needed.

He felt uncomfortable when put on the spot. He came and went unnoticed so nobody questioned if something was mentally wrong with him.

She added that he would talk about doing horrible things like blowing stuff up when he was just in 6th grade.

Residents who knew him said that they weren't surprised. They added that he didn't really connect with their school nor with their town.

He was never ever seen walking or talking to another person for more than a minute.

Wonder why these friends of his and fellow residents did not bother reporting all this earlier.

Perhaps then the deadliest serial murders of so many innocent children could have been stopped.

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