32 Reasons Why I Eat Tomatoes Daily And You Should Too

I Eat Tomatoes
I have the habit of eating lots of Tomatoes every single week of my life. As a result, my blood sugar has gone down, I am more heart healthy, my bad cholesterol levels have reduced and my skin is healthier than what it was 10 years ago.

It is common for my friends to find that we include a lot of tomatoes in our daily cuisine.

In fact, I would not be wrong if I said that there hasn't been a single day in many years where we have not consumed tomatoes in our diet in some form or the other.

While the raw tomato is King. Even the juices, pulp and sauces made out of tomatoes are excellent for our health and energy.

The easiest and the healthiest ones are the fresh red varieties.

Which can be bought from the local vegetable market for less than $1 a Kilo. In India, we get a Kilo for Rs.27 at the supermarket.

A few days ago, a close friend visited my home for the first time after 12 years.

She was surprised to see how many tomatoes we all ate during the 6 hours that she spent with us at home.

I was eating one of my favorite snacks in the world (raw tomato slices) when she asked me what's with this habit we all have of eating this many tomatoes a day.

She even kidded with me by asking whether we got them for FREE from the vegetable vendor below our building.

I laughed...

Sliced Tomatoes
I promised her that I would prepare a well researched list of the many health benefits of eating tomatoes and share the post with her on her email as soon as I published it on Gobog.

Being a Food Technologist who has worked and trained in 5-Star Hotel kitchens for 3 years, I know how important a tomato can be on a healthy menu.

But, at the same time, being raised in a family which consumed more pulses and meats, I was kinda deprived of many healthy vegetables and fruits while growing up.

As a result, I was morbidly obese for most of my life. Around 10 years ago, I found out that I was on the verge of getting a massive heart attack and dying.

I had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, lots of bad cholesterol in my blood and my heart beat rate was way too high for someone my age.

I was just 32 at that time...

My wife entering my life around the same time was the miracle that happened for me.

She is the angel that God sent to change my life for the better.

Being from a farming background and spending her childhood years in a farming village, she was used to eating lots of veggies and fruits on a daily basis.

When she saw the kind of diet I was eating she was shell shocked...

She made big changes in our diet when we both realized how my bad diet was the root cause of my poor health.

One of the biggest items added to our daily diet was the Tomato.

Besides these juicy red beauties, there was an array of fruits and vegetables added to our diet.

My readers, friends, clients, listeners and others who know me have asked me to start sharing all our lifestyle secrets with them.

As a result, on Gobog, I have made it my Mission to share well researched articles on topics which have helped me dramatically improve my health during the last 10 years.

And on things that we do to live such an awesome lifestyle.

The tomato deserves its rightful place right at the top of my list of articles that I wish to share with You on Gobog.

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Here are the 32 incredible health and wellness benefits of a fresh red tomato which no one can deny....

1. Tomato helped me lose weight.
One large tomato has only 25 calories in it. With zero fat content. Which means that when I eat 5 large tomatoes in a day all that I have gained is 125 calories and no fat.

2. I get lots of fiber from it.
Just having one large tomato is equivalent to the fiber in two slices of whole wheat bread. And far healthier for my body.

3. Tomatoes make my skin glow.
When I eat my daily dose of 3 large tomatoes then I find that my skin automatically glows more on the days following that. And when I don't eat tomatoes for a few days then my skin appears dull and dry.

4. It helps protect my liver.
A tomato or two a day is medically proven to reduce the chances of getting cirrhosis, dissolving gallstones and preventing congestion inside the liver.

5. I cut down Prostrate Cancer risk by 45%.
Researchers at Harvard University have concluded that men who eat 10 or more servings of tomatoes in their weekly diet cut down their risk of getting Prostrate Cancer by as much as 45%.

6. A powerful antioxidant is inside it.
Tomatoes have a powerful antioxidant called Lycopene inside it. This element helps us fight against those free radicals inside our bodies which can cause many types of Cancers, premature aging and heart disease.

Red Tomatoes
7. Reduce the risk of 8 Cancers.
Tomato consumption on a daily basis has been directly linked to reducing the risk of not just Prostate Cancer but also Colon, Cervical, Stomach, Mouth, Pharynx, Rectal and Esophagus Cancer.

8. A slice of tomato soothes my eyes.
I have the regular habit of placing slices of tomatoes and cucumbers on my eyes since it helps me relax between periods of computer work.

9. It helps prevent Diarrhea.
Eating a tomato for lunch and dinner has known to be useful in preventing Diarrhea.

10. It is good for pregnant females.
A tomato eaten in the morning can help treat Morning Sickness in pregnant girls.

11. Keeps our urinary tract disinfected.
We can decrease the chances and occurrence of urinary tract infections by including tomatoes in our daily diet.

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12. Aids in improving our vision.
The habit of eating tomatoes on a daily basis helps improve our vision and reduces the chances of suffering from Night Blindness due to the high Vitamin A content inside them.

13. It's a wound healer.
Applying raw tomato on our wounds and open sores can help cure them faster.

14. It cures Sunburn.
Applying tomato skins or fresh puree on our sunburned skin can cause it to recover faster from it.

15. Tomato Juice flushes out toxins.
A glass of tomato juice drunk every morning helps in flushing out the toxic compounds inside our body. It's a great choice to include on our breakfast table.

16. Reduce Lung Cancer risk too.
Certain medics believe that adding tomatoes to our diet can help prevent Lung Cancer by blocking the effects of Nitrosamines.

Fresh Tomatoes
17. Prevent macular degeneration.
There are some studies that show that eating tomatoes may prevent serum lipid oxidation and reduce the risk of macular degenerative disease.

18. It purifies our blood.
The redness of our cheeks after eating tomatoes is a surefire sign that tomatoes help in purifying our blood through natural means.

19. Tomatoes are good for our bones.
The high Vitamin A, C and K content inside each tomato helps in the growth of our bones and quicker recovery from bone breakage.

20. Tomatoes are great for Diabetics.
Being a person suffering from Diabetes, I have observed that my blood sugar levels have gone down by more than 100 points in the last 10 years thanks to including ripe red tomatoes in my daily diet.

21. Tomatoes lower our cholesterol.
Since a tomato has no fat and is loaded with vitamins, water and fiber, we can easily lower our bad cholesterol by eating a couple of tomatoes every single day. What's more, a single large tomato has less than 30 calories and no fat whatsoever.

22. Tomato is a natural Antiseptic.
Applying tomatoes on open cuts and wounds helps prevent the spreading of germs and harmful bacteria as it is a natural antiseptic element.

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23. It combines well with most foods.
Being a Food Technologist, I have observed that Tomato is among the top 10 foods in the daily diet of the world's healthiest people. Why? Simply because it combines well with almost all the basic and common foods available on the market.

24. It's good for our stomach.
Italian researchers have found that daily tomato consumption reduces the risk of Stomach Cancer and other intestinal diseases by over 60%. This should also explain why Italians have a low incidence of stomach diseases. They eat lots of tomatoes.

25. Tomatoes are good for the Brain.
I have noticed that whenever I eat more tomatoes I am more alert during the period of work thereafter.

26. It cures Bloodshot Eyes.
On an empty stomach, early in the morning, have a raw tomato and you can heal Bloodshot Eyes a lot faster.

27. It prevents hardening of our Arteries.
The magical quality of a tomato is that it dissolves the animal fats present in many fatty foods such as oil, butter, cream, milk, cheese, eggs, red meats, chicken fat and even in fried foods. Thereby preventing the arteries from hardening and reducing the risk of a heart attack.

28. The Nicotinic Acid is good for us.
The Nicotinic Acid content inside tomatoes helps in reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering the bad cholesterol. I can personally vouch for this since my bad cholesterol has gone down a lot after including tomatoes in my daily diet 10 years ago.

Sliced Tomatoes
29. Treats Jaundice and Indigestion too.
The list of incredible health benefits of the humble tomato goes on and on. It has been proven to help in curing those affected by Jaundice, indigestion, and other intestinal disorders.

30. Great for our feet.
Placing our feet inside a pail full of tomato pulp mixed with warm water is known to be a traditional low cost relaxing agent for tired feet. Ideal to do after a long day outside or standing on one's feet.

31. An easily available fruit.
Raw tomatoes are easily available in every single part of the world. And at very low prices normally. The red ones which are rich in Betacarotene and Lycopene are said to be available fresh in more than 150 countries today.

32. Tomatoes are Energy Boosters.
Despite being low in calories and possessing no fats, a tomato is a quick and effective natural medicine to boost our energy and build our strength. It is common for doctors to prescribe a tomato-rich diet for those patient suffering from fatigue and low blood sugar.

That's it. I am doubly certain that you will include Tomatoes in your daily diet after reading this piece. Unless you are allergic to them of course. This piece took me over 2 hours to create. If you liked the information inside it, please share this with your friends and family so that they too can reap the benefits of this magical fruit.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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