The Definition Of Love You Won't Find In The Dictionary

The Definition Of Love You Won't Find In The Dictionary
The Dictionary chooses to define 'Love' in rather amusing and complicated ways...

"A person or thing that one loves".

- The above definition makes no sense really. I am asking for the meaning of love and it tells me that what one "loves" is love. Hello!

"An intense feeling of deep affection".

- Affection was deep enough! But now we know that anything intense in this realm is called love.

"Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone)".

- Kindly make special note of the words "romantic" and "sexual" in the above definition. Then please note the word "attachment" as well.

If love is indeed what the Dictionary leads us to believe then I must say people around the world use the word "love" rather weirdly.

For example, if love is a romantic or sexual attachment to someone then saying that you love your Sister or Mother might sound yucky!

Also, saying that you love your friends and certain celebrities makes you sound like a prostitute.

The first definition is the weirdest yet. Anything that you love is love.

Yeah, right, thanks for opening my eyes. Now I truly know what love is!

Over the years, I have been asked several times what I think love is.

Hundreds of clients and thousands of readers wanted me to tell them what love is defined as in Savio DSilva's Dictionary.

Yes, there is one but it hasn't found a publisher yet.

Well, for me, love is.....

"Choosing to spend time with someone or something".

In other words, anything or anyone that you spend time with is something or someone that you love just as long as it was (or is) your choice to spend that time with them.

My definition has its shortcomings and drawbacks too.

Basically, every person who spends time in the office loves their office. And anyone who spends time watching TV loves watching TV.

On first analysis, it might seem like I am putting a whole lot of things and people into the elements that we love.

However, it's really, really, important that you pay closer attention to the words once more....

"Choosing to spend time with someone or something".

There. Hope you read the "choosing" part of the definition right at the start.

It's only when we choose to spend time with anything or somebody then we can proceed safely and call it "Love".

By my definition, if you spend 2 hours a day (out of your choice) on Facebook then you love Facebook!

If you end up spending 7 hours inside your office cabin working on weekdays and absolutely don't like being there then you most definitely do not love your work. Then it's time to switch jobs or change careers.

If you say that you love your family but spend just half an hour a day with your kids then how on earth can you say that you love them?

If I claim that I love my wife then the only way I can really show it is by actually choosing to spend time with her every single day.

The movie "He's Not That Into You" showed us the real meaning of love by clearly saying that any guy who wasn't head over heels in love with you simply did not love you enough.

Girls keep asking me how can they tell if their boyfriends really love them and I always tell them the same thing...

"If he chooses to spend time with you every single day then he certainly does love you".

It's easy to know what you really love from my definition. Analyze what and who you spend your wakeful time with and you will most certainly know who and what you actually love.

Our dreams tend to reveal who we love as well. Dreaming about a particular person every night is a genuine sign that you "possibly" love that person.

However, whether or not that other person actually spends time with you matters as well.

The best relationships are those where the people concerned choose to spend their time with each other on a regular basis.

Analysis of over 500 divorces till date has clearly shown me that either one or both the people involved did not like spending time with the other person.

In fact, a survey conducted by me on divorces just few months after the marriage showed that the couple spent too much time with each other (and 1 or both of them pretty much got fed of each other by the end of it). It's true!

Now that you know what love really is you can safely take a good hard look at how you spend your time each day and each week to understand what are the things and who are the people you really love.

Forcing someone to spend time with you will probably never work out in your favor. Also, forcing yourself to spend time with someone or something is not going to work out either.

Bottom line, if I spend 2 hours a day on Gobog then it is quite clear to you and me that I truly love this place.

And, if you also spend an hour or more on Gobog then you clearly love this space as well.

It's no wonder that movie stars are such big hits all over the world since people spend hundreds of hours watching their movies.

Similarly, some of us spend a lot of time listening to music each day and that means we genuinely love music. Of course, we love the specific musicians that we listen to, not just all music played on the radio.

This post might not go down well with you until you really understand what is being said in each paragraph.

I am not saying that mine is the best definition ever (even though it is).

All I am doing here is sharing my definition of love with the thousands of readers that will end up spending 3 precious minutes on this particular post.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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