How We Enjoyed A 10-day Family Vacation To Goa In Rs.18000

Vacation To Goa

Everyone loves going on vacations. Holidays and recreational breaks are a must to live an awesome life in today's hectic world. In this post, I share how we enjoyed a family vacation to Goa for 10 days in just Rs.18,000.

On this vacation, we stayed in a luxurious Portuguese villa for the entire duration of the holiday. We had a gala time on every single day.

We enjoyed the best of food for Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner. Further, we went on long walks along the sandy beaches every morning and evening, watched the Sunset every single day, and have our own dance parties in our large villa till 1am on most days.

But let's not jump right into how we had such a royal blast in Goa on such a measly budget. Let me give you an introduction about how me, my wife and 8-year-old son live our daily lives...

I love going on vacations. Two of the destinations that I love going on a holiday to are Goa and Thailand. In all, I've been to Goa 12 times in the last 15 years. And 5 times to Thailand in the same time period.

Before my marriage, I would frequently visit hill stations and beaches around Mumbai either on my own or along with a small group of friends.

After going on 50+ weekend breaks, I realized that I was spending (or wasting) a lot of money on each of these trips to nearby hill stations, picnic spots and beaches.

It was only after my marriage that I started becoming a lot more conscious about how much money I spent on vacations and weekend breaks during the year.

The recession in 2006-2007, my son's birth in 2008, and a cash crisis in our lives during the years 2010 and 2011 due to a high investment we made in our business led to us putting the brakes on our monthly expenses at home and finding new ways to save money without compromising on our comfortable lifestyle.

Being a 'die hard' vacationer, I wanted to continue going on weekday breaks and long vacations even though money was tight. It was during those years after my marriage that I realized how powerful my wife's money saving skills were.

Using her amazing ways, traditional methods, secret techniques, money hacks and 'tried and tested' tips during those tough times was a great blessing for our little family.

We managed to continue living a relaxing and comfortable life by regularly having house parties, social outings, short vacations breaks on weekdays, and long vacations around 3 to 5 times a year.

Our friends, family, and regular clients were amazed at how we were living such a splendid life on such a low budget. Every single one wanted us to reveal all our money saving secrets with them.

Around 2 years ago, on the insistence of key members in our family, we decided to collect in a single place all the tips that we used to save money in our lives. Thus, the audio book on '1000 Ways to Save Money' was born.

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Inside this audio book series, we shared all the tips, secrets and tricks that we used to live such a fabulous life without spending much money.

After all, we didn't have much of a choice. Being full-time parents, working part-time from home, we make very little money compared to what we both earned before our marriage.

Every single day, we would consciously find unique ways to continue living an awesome lifestyle without putting a dent into our savings.

Thanks to our efforts, we successfully managed to save quite a lot of money over the last 9 years. I will share more about how we did that in another post...

Anyway, back to our main topic, about how we enjoyed a 10-day luxurious vacation to Goa in just Rs.18,000 or $300.

My idea of a perfect vacation is one where I do not work at all. There is not much sightseeing on our family vacations. No touring either...

A family vacation is all about spending quality time with each other while taking a long break from our daily routine.

Both my wife and me dislike short trips and weekend breaks. We realized that the travel time took up too much of our unwinding time.

Weekend breaks had the added issue of being really expensive. Anyone who visits a popular hill station or beach resort will know that the rates on weekends are much higher than that on weekdays.

So, one of the first things we started doing after our marriage was to not go on a single weekend break. Secondly, we never went on a vacation during peak season.

We would only take holidays of 4 to 5 days on weekdays and longer vacations of 10 to 21 days in duration.

We soon realized that one 5-day weekday holiday would cost us the same as a 2-day weekend break to the same hill station or beach destination.

We also realized that taking longer vacations of 10 days or more helped save half our monthly expenses at home during that particular month.

So, on this particular vacation to Goa in 2012, we wanted to really unwind after a long stint of work in the 2 months leading up to our vacation.

We picked the long vacation that we took during the Monsoon of 2012 for this post since that is one of our most memorable holidays to the sunny state of Goa.

Goa Vacation

Now let's get down to business...

I am giving you a daily list of our expenses during this 10-day family vacation so that you can get a clear idea about how you can go on frugal yet awesome family vacations just like we do...

Day 1...

1. Arrival at Mapusa Bus Stand. The rickshaw to the luxurious Albenjoh Guest House was Rs.100.

2. The Volvo AC bus fare from Mumbai to Goa was Rs.1500 for all 3 tickets. Another Rs.1400 for the return tickets booked in advance.

3. The rickshaw fare till the pick up point in Mumbai was Rs.50.

4. As soon as we arrived at the guest house, we were served with a lavish breakfast. It included fried eggs, toast slices, banana pancakes, honey, jam, and butter. There was a complimentary pot of tea served too.

5. The cost of this breakfast was only Rs.250.

6. After breakfast, we each took a long shower, changed into fresh beach clothes, and went to sleep. It was 12pm by then.

7. Before going to sleep, my wife had already spoken to the owner and ordered a sumptuous lunch for us in advance.

8. When we woke up at 2pm, we just had to ring the bell near the door and lunch was brought up to the large balcony of our room.

9. The lunch consisted of Fish Curry, steamed rice, chicken cutlets, and rice pancakes. The cost = Rs.320.

10. After lunch, we went out for a little walk around the villa. We visited the beach in front of us. Then returned back to our room within 30 minutes.

11. On our return, we spent quality time listening to music and hanging out in the large balcony.

12. At 4.30pm, we ordered tea from the villa kitchen.

13. I went out and bought some Potato Chops and Sponge Cake from the popular Infantaria Bakery just opposite this guest house. How convenient.

Goa Vacation

14. The total cost of tea and snacks = Rs.420. By the way, I had purchased 3 slices of a freshly baked Chocolate Cake to have after Dinner in the same amount.

15. Before I forget, the room that we lived in for this vacation costed Rs.600 a day. Rs.5000 for the stay since we booked it straight away for 10 days.

The villa had cable TV, a fridge, air conditioning, a separate bathroom, a pantry area, a large double bed of course, two comfortable sofa chairs, and a coffee table with a couple of chairs in the large veranda outside.

16. After a long tea, we decided to go watch the Sunset at the nearby beach. We walked it down along the beautiful grassy roads lining the tiny roads all the way to the beach.

17. We walked on the sands, playing with each other, running around, glancing at the open seas off and on...

18. At around 6.15pm, it was time to stop everything, relax on the sands, and enjoy Goa's spectacular sunset. The skies turned orange, red, a bit of brown, a hint of purple, and fiery shades of yellow.

Goa Vacation

19. After enjoying our walk at the beach, we went back to our room, had a nice long wash into the clean and lovely smelling bathroom.

20. After that, we just relaxed inside the room and watched TV. We were already tired...

21. We decided to order a simple Chinese meal from downstairs. Since strategically located in the same guest house is a popular Chinese Food restaurant. How wonderful...

22. In less than 20 minutes, the dinner arrived. There was fried rice, Chicken Manchurian gravy, Cottage Cheese Crisps, and a bowl of free noodles.

23. The cost of this delicious meal on the first day was Rs.380.

24. After dinner, I went downstairs to the wine shop close to the resort and bought a bottle of rich Port Wine. The cost = Rs.150.

25. I sat down on the balcony sipping my red wine while my wife and son gave me company.

26. At around 12.30pm, after listening to music and just relaxing out here we went to sleep.

Total Cost Of Day 1 = Rs. 9570.

Day 2...

1. We woke up late. At 11am. We quickly ordered Breakfast from the villa kitchen below. The usual eggs, pancakes, bread, jam, butter, tea, and coffee. Cost = Rs.250.

2. We decided to go to the beach again. This time, we went to the nearby Baga Beach and stayed there for lunch.

3. For lunch, we found a lovely beach shack where there was a fish tank with live fish to choose from and have cooked for you.

4. We had French fries, fried Mackerel, a spicy fish curry, steamed rice, and a cool Banana Milkshake for Max (our son). The cost = Rs.450. Our highest food bill so far!

5. After lunch, we relaxed at the shack for an hour, just staring at the open sea, listening to the sounds of the waves, enjoying the cool breeze...

6. An hour and a half later, we were back relaxing in our rooms after a nice wash. We fell off to sleep in each other's arms. Cost = Priceless.

7. When we woke up, it was already 6pm. It was getting dark and raining a bit too. So we decided not to venture out.

8. I went down quickly and purchased a few snacks and a slice of cake from the bakery, ordered a pot of tea from the villa kitchen, then came back up.

9. We sat inside our room that evening. Watched TV, something we didn't do much of back home, and drank our tea while relishing the hot snacks and cake.

10. Cost of tea and snacks = Rs.280.

11. After tea, we just relaxed in the balcony. It was raining heavily and was dark. Luckily we had carried lots of Mosquito Repellent Cream so we were safe from the hungry insects that night.

12. It stopped raining around 9pm so we decided to go out to the restaurant close to our resort.

13. We ordered a couple of sizzlers and a Chicken Starter. We also had two bottles of Mineral Water. The cost = Rs.420.

14. We enjoyed the live music playing at the restaurant. A band playing a mix of Hindi and English songs. Cost = Rs.0.

15. To our surprise, when we asked for the bill, we were given 2 caramel custards from the adjoining Bakery for free. Obviously, my two trips to them had worked in our favor.

16. Totally full, our stomachs literally bursting, we went back to our room, slowly, we relaxed in the balcony for a while, enjoying the sounds of the waves in the distance, feeling the strong sea breeze caress us whole...

17. At midnight, we went inside to sleep.

Total Cost Of Day 2 = Rs. 1400.

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Day 3...

1. We woke up at 10.30am, ordered the usual breakfast, this time we asked for scrambled eggs instead of fried ones, the rest remained the same. Cost = Rs.260.

2. After breakfast, we went walking along the inner lanes, enjoying the shade and the breeze, spend some time playing in the sands, then returned back in time for lunch.

Goa Vacation

3. We had already placed our order for lunch before we left so it was waiting for us when we returned.

4. For lunch, we had a spicy Chicken curry, some fried chicken, steamed rice, a few chappatis, poppadoms and homemade prawn pickle (last two for free). Cost = Rs.260.

5. On the way back from the beach, we enjoyed cool Coconut Water and picked up a dozen Bananas before we came back to the hotel. Cost of fruit = Rs.140.

6. After lunch, we took a long nap. We ordered tea when we woke up. As usual, I bought some snacks and cake from the bakery. Cost of both = Rs.240.

7. We enjoyed our tea on the balcony since it was a beautiful quiet evening. We decided to head to the beach to see the sunset right in front of our eyes.

8. At the beach, we walked on the sands, enjoying the beautiful surroundings, the fishermen were working there so we decided to click a few snaps of them and then found a nice spot to watch the sunset.

Sunset Goa

9. After enjoying the majestic sunset, we ventured back to the villa. We decided to try out an Indian restaurant down the road for dinner that night.

10. We switched on the music on our laptop speakers, then just danced and had a good time till it was time to go down for dinner.

11. We changed into fresh clothes, went to the Indian restaurant. We ordered and enjoyed a Dum Biryani, Butter Chicken, 8 Nans, and finished off the meal with Gulab Jamuns (a traditional Indian sweet).

12. Cost of dinner that night = Rs.520.

13. After dinner, we as usual relaxed in the balcony, I was sipping on the last glass of wine, after an hour, we went into the room to sleep.

Total Cost Of Day 3 = Rs. 1420.

Day 4...

1. Woke up late. At 11.15am. The usual royal breakfast. This time we ordered a couple of cheese sandwiches for Max. The cost for breakfast was a bit more. Rs.310.

2. We stayed in our room, listened to music, relaxed on the bed, switched on the Air Conditioning since it was quite hot that Afternoon.

3. We ordered Prawn Curry (Rs.90), Fried Fish (Rs.60), Chicken Cutlets (Rs.60), Bread Slices (Rs.20) and Steamed Rice (Rs.60) for lunch from the villa kitchen. Cost = Rs.290.

4. During our entire stay, we were fortunate to get boiled water for Max for free at the villa. My wife and me were given filtered water in our rooms for free.

5. Thanks to getting safe drinking water, we did not have to spend on bottled water like we would need to do on our trips to most other holiday destinations.

6. After lunch, it started raining heavily much to our surprise. It was a hot morning and Afternoon, now suddenly it had cooled down altogether...

7. We stayed in our rooms that Afternoon and Evening, watched TV, listened to music, got wet in the garden below and on the balcony, had hot cups of tea and potato cutlets with bread in the evening. Cost = Rs.150 only.

8. That night, the villa owner was having a dinner party it seemed so he asked us if we wanted to order dinner from his kitchen. Wanting to continue our delightful Goa cooking journey, we said "Yes".

9. For dinner, there was lots of food that night. Chicken, Fish, Potato, rice, plain pancakes, bread rolls, and even complimentary Carrot Cake to finish off the meal. Cost of dinner party = Rs.300 only.

10. We got a big discount that night since the dishes were prepared for the owner's dinner party anyway.

11. After dinner, we went out for our first late night walk. The streets were all lit up with lights. The live music playing at numerous places made our leisurely stroll a lot more fun.

12. We came back around 45 minutes later. Watched some late night TV. Then fell off to sleep.

Total Cost Of Day 4 = Rs. 1050.

Day 5...

1. We woke up a bit earlier than usual. We wanted to visit the closest Church.

2. We had a nice breakfast before we left. The usual eggs, sandwiches, tea, coffee. Cost = Rs.280.

3. We caught a rickshaw to visit the Church. The fare was Rs.40.

4. We spent a little time at the church. By the way, this church is in the middle of the road. It's a very popular tourist attraction.

5. The rickshaw fare back was Rs.50.

6. We had an early lunch that day too. There was Pork Vindaloo made in the villa kitchen so I decided to sample it myself. For my wife and son, the usual, fish curry and rice. Cost = Rs.240.

7. After lunch, we took a long nap as we wanted to wake up by 4pm and go to the beach for the evening.

8. On schedule, we woke up, went to the beach, walked around for a long while, then sat down at a shack for tea. We ordered a Banana Shake for Max, his new favorite drink.

9. We had 2 cups of tea each. Ordered a plate of fries, a club sandwich, and bread pudding. Cost of tea and snacks = Rs.280.

Goa Vacation

10. After tea, we relaxed till the sunset happened. The skies were orange, red, pink, purple, brown and yellow as on the first day we were at the beach. It was just beautiful...

11. We walked back to our villa room. Decided to take a nap since we were a bit tired after the whole day's activities.

12. For dinner, we decided to go with Tandoori and Chinese from the Chinese Restaurant downstairs.

13. We ate Chicken Kebabs, Cottage Cheese Kebabs, Fried Rice, Manchurian Gravy, and a free serving of Hakka Noodles like we got the first time we ordered from there. These guys in Goa obviously loved us.

14. The dinner was simply fabulous. We walked across the street to Infantaria Bakery to get ourselves a slice of Walnut Chocolate Cake each. Total cost of dinner and cake = Rs.420 + Rs.120 = Rs.540.

15. After dinner, we relaxed in the balcony, listened to some loud music, just chilled...

16. An hour later, we were in the room, sleeping.

Total Cost Of Day 5 = Rs. 1430.

Day 6...

1. We woke up around 10.45am. Had breakfast in the villa. Cost Rs.210. My wife wanted us to roam around the place on a rented scooter. So that is what we did for most of that day.

2. The cost of a Honda Activa scooter for the day was Rs.200. Cost of petrol = Rs.200.

3. We decided to go to the neighboring Anjuna Beach for the popular flea market which would be held mainly on Wednesdays.

4. Bought many bracelets, a couple of T-Shirts for Max, a couple of purses, a cloth bag, and a pair of earrings. Cost of shopping = Rs.1100.

5. After we shopped, we rode to the nearby Vagator Beach and had lunch at a cozy little shack there.

6. We had a spicy fish curry, prawn fry, boiled rice, french fries and a burger for Max, and finished the meal off with bread pudding. Cost = Rs.450.

7. We rode back to our resort. Stopping along the way to see the secluded beaches from the hills, clicking lots of photos, and then continuing on our journey.

Goa Vacation

The highlight of our vacation for Max was the occasional Dolphins we saw jumping in and out of the water. We would see them mostly in the evenings. They would be quite difficult to see at times since they were in the deep waters, not near the shore.

8. By 5.30pm, we were back in our room. We just ordered a cup of milk for Max and 2 cups of tea for both of us. Cost = Rs.60.

9. After tea, we wanted to go see the sunset but were exhausted from the day's outing. This is why we dislike touring while on a vacation. It just drains out all our energy!

10. We relaxed in the balcony and our room that evening. Ordered dinner from the villa kitchen. It was just Chicken Curry, Potato Chops and Rice. Cost = Rs.180.

11. After dinner, we took a little walk around the resort. Came back in 15 minutes flat. Went to sleep.

Total Cost Of Day 6 = Rs. 2400.

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Day 7...

1. Woke up at 11am. Decided to try out a bakery on Baga Beach before it was time to return the scooter we had rented for 1 day.

2. Went to the bakery overlooking the famous beach at the far end of Baga. The colorful boats were resting in the water, the palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, the sounds of the waves, the pulsating music playing inside this bakery restaurant.

Goa Vacation

3. We were having such a great time at this place that we overstayed there. After enjoying a long and costly breakfast (Rs.430) we rode back to the resort to return the scooter.

4. To our dismay, we were asked to pay Rs.50 more for keeping the scooter for 3 hours longer. We had no choice but to pay it.

5. For lunch, we wanted to try out an Italian place we noticed down the road. We walked down there on foot.

6. We had a rich and tasty Pasta lunch that day. Ordered Fettuccini Marinara, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Macaroni and Cheese for Max, and finished off the meal with a slice of Apple Pie each. Cost Rs.450.

7. By the way, I know some parts of this long post might not prove to be as interesting due to the repeated entries of certain things.

8. But we wanted to give you as accurate a picture as possible. So you can plan your vacation along the same lines and save loads of money while having tons of fun.

9. After lunch, we walked back slowly to the guest house. We decided to sleep it off till sunset. So that's exactly what we did.

10. We woke up around 5.45pm. Ordered out a pot of tea, milk for Max, I went down to the Bakery, bought cakes and potato chops. Tea and Snacks = Rs.270.

11. The reason we prefer ordering out food from the villa kitchen and buying snacks from the Bakery is because we save lots of money on tips and there are no taxes added to the bill. Besides the safety of eating home-cooked hygienic food and sampling the authentic food of Goa.

12. Had we to leave a tip after every meal and cough up the taxes then the tips and taxes for 10 days (or 30 meals) would be Rs.3000 alone.

13. By enjoying breakfast, lunch, tea and even a few dinners at the hotel, all we needed to tip the waiter was Rs.200 at the end of our stay. A lot of money it may seem. But nowhere near Rs.3000.

14. Also, by buying things from the bakery almost every evening, we would get a couple of things for free or a discounted rate every single time.

15. After tea that day, we were in a fun mood. We played around in the garden below, then in the balcony, we listened to music in our room, danced, sung along, had a great time.

16. We decided to keep the party going that night. I went and bought myself another bottle of Port Wine. Rs.150 more.

17. We ordered out Tandoori food that night for dinner. Kebabs, Kebabs and more Kebabs. Along with plain Roti. Cost = Rs.500.

18. For desert, we had two slices of cake which were left over from tea that evening.

19. We had a blast that night. A newly married couple who had just arrived in the room next to ours joined us for an hour or so.

20. After chatting with them, enjoying the music and sipping on some red wine, we decided to head back inside for the night.

Total Cost Of Day 7 = Rs. 1850.

Day 8...

1. Since we were nearing the end of our holiday, we decided to spend the last 3 days enjoying the beach and each other's company.

2. For breakfast, for the first time, we went to the shack on the beach where we had gone for tea a few days ago.

Beach Shacks in Goa

3. We had cheese sandwiches, banana pancakes, tea, coffee, milk, and the usual butter, honey and jam which would be given for free along with the meal.

4. The cost for breakfast at the shack = Rs.350.

5. After breakfast, we relaxed at the shack for an hour or more, then walked back to the guest house.

6. For lunch, we returned to the beach. This time, we went to the other shack we had lunch at earlier.

7. We had fried rice, prawn curry, chicken wings, and a spicy and thick fish curry. Cost of lunch = Rs.460.

8. After lunch, we went back to our room, took a nap, woke up, had tea (just Rs.60) in the balcony, then went to the beach to see the sunset.

9. We enjoyed our 2nd last beach sunset on that vacation. We had a long leisurely stroll up and down the beach as well.

10. We returned to our room tired. Decided to go our for dinner as well. This time, back to the Indian restaurant where we had gone before.

11. Ordered more or less the same meal. Biryana, Butter Chicken, Nan. Except that we had Carrot Halwa for desert instead of Gulab Jamun. Cost of meal = Rs.470.

12. Walked back to the guest house after dinner. It had started to rain.

13. I drank the last glass of the Port Wine bottle while my wife and son gave me company. Thereafter we went inside and off to sleep.

Total Cost Of Day 8 = Rs. 1340.

Day 9...

1. We decided to have breakfast from the villa kitchen, then we rented out the scooter for the day.

2. Cost of breakfast, scooter and fuel = Rs.650.

3. Rode down the opposite road this time. That is, the southern side of Goa. Stopped here and there to enjoy the beach before we continued on our journey.

4. At lunch, we found ourselves at the Dona Paula Pier. Since it was quite sunny we found ourselves a nice little restaurant to eat our afternoon meal.

Goa Vacation

5. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that they had a South Indian menu. So we ordered a complete vegetarian meal for the first time on this vacation.

6. We had a large Masala Dosa, then Paneer Makhani, Veg Biryani, Puri Bhaji for Max, and finished the meal off with a slice of cake each. Lunch cost = Rs.400.

7. In Goa, bakeries and baked goods are quite popular. It is common to find cakes, puddings, baked snacks, and other baked goods all over the place.

8. After lunch, we rode a little further before we stopped at the pier once again before turning back towards our guest house.

9. By tea time, we were in our room, watching TV, listening to music and relaxing.

10. For tea, I went to the bakery and bought a few extra things since it was probably the last time I was visiting them.

11. I also gave them an order for a Chocolate Walnut Cake to take back home with us before we boarded our bus.

12. Total cost of tea, snacks and the 1 kilo cake = Rs.530.

13. After tea, we lazed around for a while then decided to go out for a round on the scooter. This time, we decided to return it to the owner the same night.

14. So after we came back, we decided to go to the Italian place for dinner. I called up the scooter guy and told him that he could come to collect the scooter an hour or two later.

Goa Vacation

15. After another amazing Italian pasta treat, we returned back to our room. Cost of pasta and apple pie = Rs.450.

16. We returned the scooter. Luckily no extra charge this time. We relaxed in the balcony, enjoying the sea breeze for a long time, before we turned in for our last night in Goa.

Total Cost Of Day 9 = Rs. 2030.

Day 10...

1. We ordered a large breakfast from the villa kitchen since it was our last day with them. We also ordered lunch in advance.

2. We decided to do some last minute shopping from the nearby market. This time, for cashew nuts, guava cheese and few bottles of Port Wine.

3. The total cost of the breakfast and shopping was Rs.1250.

4. We came back in time for lunch. Enjoyed our last meal of fried fish, prawn curry, chicken cutlets, rice, and bread slices. We were served some Mango Puree as desert for free.

5. Cost of our final lunch = Rs.360.

6. We decided to take a long nap that afternoon since the bus ride back at night would not allow us to sleep peacefully.

7. So we slept till 6pm. Woke up, ordered out tea from the kitchen below, then we placed an order of potato cutlets and chicken wings for the journey back home. Cost of snacks = Rs.220.

8. At around 7.45pm, we signed out of the guest house, took a cab back to the Mapusa Bus Stand. Cost of Cab = Rs.150.

9. As mentioned earlier, we tipped the waiter a total of Rs.200. Not a rupee more. This was more than most guests gave them we were told.

10. We boarded the bus at around 9pm. Reached Mumbai the next morning at 11am. Took the rickshaw back home for Rs.65.

11. We arrived at our home in Mumbai after 10 fantastic days. We entered the door, put our bags down, and just fell asleep on the sofa.

Total Cost Of Day 10 = Rs. 2245.

Daily Costs...

Day 1 = Rs.9570

Day 2 = Rs.1400

Day 3 = Rs.1420

Day 4 = Rs.1050

Day 5 = Rs.1430

Day 6 = Rs.2400

Day 7 = Rs.1850

Day 8 = Rs.1340

Day 9 = Rs.2030

Day 10 = Rs.2245

Total Cost Of Family Vacation = Rs.24,735.

Goa Vacation

The final cost of our family vacation was Rs.18,000 since we saved Rs.7000 on our home expenses that month.

In those 10 days away from home, we saved Rs.7000. The list includes savings of Rs.950 on vegetables, Rs.700 on fruits, Rs.550 on milk, Rs.200 on tea & coffee, Rs.1500 on outings, Rs.450 on electricity, Rs.850 on other groceries, Rs.150 on eggs, Rs.250 on cheese, Rs.500 on fuel, Rs.150 on gas, and Rs.750 on other daily expenses.

I'm sure there are some who can manage to have a long vacation to Goa in the same amount. But the important thing to keep in mind about our vacation is that we did not compromise on anything.

We had a terrific room to stay. With cable TV, a fridge, hot-cold water shower and air conditioning.

We ate well at every single meal. Most people starve while on vacation. We don't prefer to live that way. We want to live an awesome life even while on holiday.

Most importantly, we spent loads of quality time together as a family. We had lots of fun every single day.

Kindly note that we always carry enough clothes to wear, our own toothbrushes, toothpaste, bathing soap, towels, shaving cream, razors, pain killers, common medicine, mosquito repellent, skin cream, sun screen lotion, speakers, and a laptop to play music and for Max to watch movies or play games whenever we go on a vacation. We prefer not to use the towels and other such things provided at the hotel.

Calangute Beach Vacation

This brings us to the end of this long post on how we enjoyed a luxurious and fun 10-day long family holiday to Goa for just Rs.18,000.

This post took my wife and me 4 hours to write. We wanted to give a detailed view of how we spent our money and time during each of those 10 awesome days.

Our efforts will go in vain if you don't use the tips and tricks we used to enjoy a long luxurious family vacation in Goa (or any other place in India) for such a low price.

Also, it will do you no harm to share this post with your friends, family and peers using the buttons provided below my profile picture.

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