A True Story About An Angry Young Man That Lost It All

A True Story About An Angry Young Man That Lost It All
This is a true story of a guy who came to me for counseling. He needed help in managing his Anger.

This story is about my client named Raj, who lived in a posh area of Queens along with his parents.

He had just graduated, was 21 years old, and had recently joined his father's import-export business.

Raj traveled a lot during the first few months of him joining his father's company.

He traveled most to his company office in Sydney, Australia. And it was there that he fell in love with Julie.

Julie was working as his secretary at their office in Sydney. They just hit it off, and it was quite a romance that they had during those days that followed.

Finally, they decided that it was time to take their relationship to the next level.

So, within 2 months they got married, and they went on a Honeymoon to Switzerland.

Raj decided to move to Sydney permanently, and buy a home there. Within days of looking around, he bought himself a cosy nook in the heart of Sydney. He and his wife had an awesome time during the next few months.

However, there was one little problem, and that little problem turned out to be a major problem.

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Raj loved a particular Indian dish called Khichdi, which is a recipe made from rice and lentils.

Khichdi is quite a house favorite in millions of homes of Indians and Indian Americans so Raj was no different.

Above all, Raj loved the way his mother's made Khichdi. Just mentioning 'Momma's Khichdi' would make his mouth water.

When he was in Queens, he would eat his momma's Khichdi for lunch almost every single day.

It would be brought to his office in a Tiffin and he would open his lunch box and eat his favorite food piping hot.

Khichdi goes best along with 'cold' curd or Dahi. It is a magical combination that must be tasted to be believed.

Raj would get a whole bowl of cold Dahi to have along with his steaming Khichdi every day.

He loved his Momma's Khichdi so much, that when he got married, they even had Khichdi served at the wedding reception.

Once he was in Australia, he started missing his momma's Khichdi more than anything else in the world.

Seeing this, his wife's mother decided to call his mom in Queens and get her Khichdi recipe.

His mother-in-law got the recipe from Raj's mom and she tried out the recipe the same evening.

She invited Raj over for dinner and and told him that his favorite dish was about to be served.

Raj was thrilled to see the huge bowl of piping hot Khichdi being brought to the dining table.

He was so happy to see it that he ran over to his mother-in-law and gave her a tight hug.

But his joy was short lived. He hated the taste of his mother-in-law's Khichdi.

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He doesn't know what it was really, but he just hated the taste of it as soon as he put the first spoonful in his mouth.

It tasted weird and the mixture of rice and lentils sat there sitting like a huge lump inside his mouth.

However, he said something that day which turned out to be a huge mistake. When his mother-in-law asked if he liked her Khichdi, he answered "Yes, I do".

His mother-in-law was so happy to hear this that she went to the kitchen to open up a bottle of Champagne.

Raj quietly and politely ate the whole plate of his mom-in-law's Khichdi that evening. He never said a word about how much he hated it, not even to his own wife.

A few weeks went by, and each time he was invited to his mom-in-law's home he would be served a whole plate of piping hot Khichdi.

His hatred for his mom-in-law's Khichdi kept growing and growing. It was only time before something happened.

During the weeks that followed, he rejected all invitations for dinner from his in-laws, and took all steps necessary to avoid eating her Khichdi again.

Finally, it was their first wedding anniversary, and there was to be a big party at his in-laws place.

He tried to convince his wife and in-laws to shift the party to their place or to a fancy hotel but they said "No".

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More than anything else, he wanted to avoid eating his mom-in-law's Khichdi. Just the thought of eating another plate of her horrible tasting Khichdi made him really anxious.

However, no one noticed this, and his wife wasn't paying attention to his reactions as well.

The day finally arrived and he was once again sitting at the dining table, as the huge bowl of Khichdi was brought out.

I cannot explain exactly what happened to Raj at that moment, but his life changed forever that night.

Maybe he was drunk, or maybe he was really pissed off. But what he did was unforgivable.

He picked up his plate of hot Khichdi (that was lovingly served to him by his mom-in-law) and he threw it straight on her face.

It all happened to quickly, that no one could stop him. But, it didn't stop there. He stood up, lifted the whole bowl of hot Khichdi with both his hands, and emptied it on top of his mother-in-law's head.

This incident landed his mom-in-law in hospital that evening, and sent him to prison.

His marriage was over just a week later, and he was advised by the courts to seek Psychological help.

He had come to me for a counseling session in Mumbai. That's how we met and he shared his story with me.

What started out as a small thing, ended up becoming a disaster for Raj.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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