22 Tips To Live A Better Life Everyday

22 Tips To Live A Better Life Everyday
1. Sprinkle rose water in your bathing water before you take a bath. It works as a natural astringent and keeps the skin feeling soft for a long time after you bathe.

2. Once a day, have a creativity period. Which means, keep some time aside for creative pursuits. It's good for the brain.

3. Make a daily to-do list. Don't make it over 20 items long. It will make you feel stressed out by the end of the day.

4. Keep the home and surroundings clean. A clean home leads to a better life. There is no two ways about this tip.

5. Encourage loved ones to do well in life. Start by praising them for the little things they do each day. Most parents don't notice the little things about their kids.

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6. Make short term and long term goals. But focus mostly on the short term ones. There is the concept of Micro Goals which I have found to be effective in my daily life.

7. Buy a good yoga mat for meditation and exercise. It helps support the entire weight of our body thus reducing the risk of injury.

8. Be consistent in all that you do. I've seen many of my friends do some thing once in a blue moon then they don't do that thing for such a long time after that.

9. Eat more fiber. When you eat more fiber then you will feel full all day long. This way you won't eat unhealthy snacks in-between your meals.

10. Eat lunch while eating lunch! Which means, do not do anything else while eating. Focus on what you're eating.

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11. Disconnect from your phone at least once a day. Switch off the phone to experience total silence at home. The ideal time to do this in the evenings and nights.

12. Do not take others so seriously. Some of our friends have a habit of complaining all the time. It's best to know when it's time to say goodbye to such friends.

13. Drink lots of water. You know when you need more water when your urine is yellow to dark yellow in color. Water keeps us hydrated. It helps give us energy too.

14. Time is so important in everything we do. Manage your time better. I have found Savio DSilva's 'Sweet Sixteen System' to be the best time management system I have ever used.

15. Make that decision. Anything that's pending is a bad thing for our mental health in the long run. Make those decision, do what's pending, complete those tasks you have been delaying for so long.

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16. Buy a good thermostat for your home. It helps keep track of the exact temperature so that you can utilize the fans and heating facility accordingly.

17. Do a cardio workout everyday. There is so much proof that daily exercise is good for our heart health. Even 15 minutes to start with is fine.

18. Write down all the ideas you have. Do not depend on your brain to remember it till later. Good ideas can cause great things to happen but first you must remember them.

19. I got some great advice from my grandma. She told me that 10 hugs a day can keep the sickness away. Trust me, this works.

20. Challenge yourself. Don't be happy being in your comfort zone. Sometimes, it's better to step outside.

21. Hit the park. Go for a walk in nature. It feels good to smell the clean air. A daily walk at dawn is what I love the most.

22. Practice deep breathing during the entire day. When we breathe properly then we are practicing meditation 24 hours a day. What could be better?

Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh
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