Twenty Tips For A Better Life

Twenty Tips For A Better Life
1. Make your own destiny, carve a brighter future by living a beautiful now. Be mindful in all that you do.

2. Others do not need to motivate you. That is one thing that you better learn to do on your own. Motivate yourself to greater heights every day.

3. Whenever things are going well for you at work, be grateful, thank everyone who helped you get there. Thank God above all.

4. Buy a mattress that's really comfortable when you lay in it for 15 minutes or more. A comfortable mattress is so important for a peaceful sleep.

5. The comparison trap is harmful and contagious. Do not compare yourself to anyone. Avoid people that make comparisons for no reason at all.

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6. Enjoy the slow and easy path. Go with the flow of life at your own pace. Slowly. Live life slowly, live life beautifully.

7. Creative hobbies nurture the mind. Develop a couple of creative hobbies and spend time on them each week.

8. Meet your close friends at least once weekly. Maintain and foster the friendship. If you can't meet them then have a long video call.

9. Pointless net surfing must be stopped. As mentioned, it's a pointless activity. Spend time daydreaming instead.

10. While shaving and brushing turn the tap off when not needed. Taps are there for that purpose. Save water, save the earth.

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11. Enjoy working on your health. Enjoy walking, swimming, cycling, and other things you do to stay fit. Spend 30 minutes a day on this.

12. Be there for your parents. Especially when they are older. This is the time when they need you most even if they don't say it.

13. Sleep only during the night. Only take little naps during the day. Become a master at taking power naps.

14. Listen to my mom. She always thought me not to be jealous of others' success but to allow their success to inspire me to be even more successful in my own life.

15. Smile as often as you can. Life is short. Make it happy. A smile costs nothing at all. So why not spread it to everyone you meet?

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16. Go somewhere that you have never been before. It might be a risk but it's well worth taking it. Inspire your kids to step out of their comfort zone too.

17. Ten minutes is a lot of time. Break an hour of work down into 4 periods of 10 minutes each. Leave 4 periods of 5 minutes each for breaks.

18. Learn some more. If there is one thing I've learned that is more important than any other thing that I have ever learned then that one thing is to learn one more thing.

19. See things from their point of view. Have empathy. That's when you understand them better. Listening attentively helps you understand others better.

20. Learn from the inelegant things that others have done. Live with elegance by not repeating their mistakes.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
Mindfulness Trainer. Content Writer. Full Time Mom.
Home Chef. Nature Lover. Minimalist.

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