How To Make Life Good In 22 Ways

How To Make Life Good In 22 Ways
1. Make a list of things that you like about you. Then refer to that list on those days when you feel sad, moody or lonely.

2. Go to bed on time. Wake up only 9 hours later. It has been proven that 9 hours of sleep is important for a better life.

3. Spark your creativity. Do things that inspire you. Do stuff that stimulates your mind as well as your body.

4. Invest in stuffed toys. Better still, invest in a good pet such as a Pomeranian.

5. Be generous with your time. Give enough time to those people who matter most to you.

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6. It's not about how much time you give your loved ones. It's about how much 'quality' time you give them. IF you are on the phone while listening to your loved one speaking to you then that's not quality time.

7. Have bath with cold water. It's a very popular therapy. Besides you save lots of money by saving electricity costs. Cold water baths make my body feel good.

8. Think like a creative person. Figure out new ways of doing things. Make a list of how you can enhance the state of your life.

9. Never have a zero balance. Having no money in the bank is the worst feelings in the world. Make sure you save some cash everyday for a better future.

10. Learn to cook and bake. These two things are such important talents to have in modern life.

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11. Get straight to work once your work time starts. Don't let your mind wander. Take regular breaks so that when you return to your work you are feeling fresh as a morning flower blooming in the garden.

12. Write. Write. Write. There are few other things in life which enhance our quality of life than journal therapy.

13. Talk to your friends more often. These days we don't spend much time actually talking to our friends. We spend lots of time being with them but we don't talk much.

14. Focus on hobbies. Our hobbies are those things that we can turn into a fun career tomorrow. I love to write these posts on Gobog as they help me feel good knowing that I'm doing something good.

15. Love fully. Never fall short on the amount of love you give your family. LIFE is incomplete without true love.

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16. Have a nice healthy breakfast. Today I ate 3 boiled egg sandwiches with cheese and tomato slices inside. I drank a glass of fresh orange juice as well.

17. LIFE is all about choices that you make. So make good choices for yourself. What's a good choice to make? Anything that makes life more meaningful and fun is a really good choice to make.

18. Don't complain. Don't hold onto past grudges either. Both of these are negative things to do. They make life frustrating instead of good.

19. Increase your knowledge. The more that you know, the better the chances you can use that knowledge for the betterment of your life.

20. Maintain a report of things that you do all week long. Write down in it what you do each hour of every single day. It helps you know how you are spending your time.

21. Be kind to others. As much as possible. There's really no reason to be unkind. Or is there?

22. Blog as a hobby. Maybe you can turn it into a full-time career like Kirti, Savio and I have on Gobog.

Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh
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