22 Nice Little Ways To Live Better

22 Nice Little Ways To Live Better
1. Keep lots of time aside for hobbies. They make our life more meaningful. Hobbies can be lots of fun too.

2. Have fresh and uncooked food more. Fruits and leafy green vegetables are so good for our health. Having raw foods save time too.

3. Play puzzles and games to keep your brain working well. Our mental fitness is so important for our future well being.

4. Always listen to loved ones when they are speaking to you. Don't watch the TV when they talk with you. Listen to them with both ears.

5. Have balance in all things. Do not do anything in excess. Stay away from smoking, drinks and adult videos.

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6. Be a learner for life. Spend time in learning more about the things that you like to do.

7. Listen to audio books more and more. I got this habit on this site. The audio books on time management and Savio Sir's short stories are super awesome.

8. Expose yourself to different cultures. Never limit your thinking by the race of a person. Not every person who belongs to a particular religion is a terrorist.

9. Design your life beautifully. Make each day fun. I have the habit of doing 20 things each day that makes me happy. Till today, I am never sad due to this one habit I have.

10. Give away all your books to poor people. No use selling it second hand. Give it to charity. Free up space inside your bedroom.

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11. Take care of old people in your family. And if no one is there in that age group then take care of someone living close to you who's old. Allah will bless you for it.

12. Be really good at something or the other. Do not have a life where you have nothing that you love to do.

13. Eat sensibly. Your diet is what makes you a smarter person. A scientist had once said that we are what we eat. How true!

14. Walk in nature often. Walking on grass without shoes is a healthy habit to have. The grass releases a chemical that makes us feel relaxed when we rub our bare feet against it.

15. If you don't feel good about doing something that someone tells you to do then do not do it.

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16. Dress smartly. Do not wear clothes that show too much skin to everyone. You are not a bikini model.

17. Make goals for your daily life. I have been told that micro goals are much easier to achieve than large goals.

18. Apply lotion on your skin. Drink warm water during the day time. These are two beauty tips from me for free.

19. Drink more tea. I learned this on Gobog only. Tea has antioxidants in it. Which makes us healthy when we drink it. Tea tastes nice too.

20. Reduce exposure to the sunlight. Only the early morning sun is good for our bones. Rest of the time, the sun is not good and can cause skin cancer.

21. Trust your sixth sense. Meditation helps us tune into our sixth sense. Use this powerful sense to guide you forward to a better life.

22. Make time for yourself. So often you must be doing so much for your near and dear ones but fail to take care of the most important person, which is YOU!

Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh
Animal Lover. Counselor. Happy Go Lucky.

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