20 Guidelines For Living A Good Life

20 Guidelines For Living A Good Life
1. Use both sides of paper. Just because paper can be recycled does not mean we waste it.

2. Have a plan for every day. It gives you a good sense of direction for the next 24 hours.

3. Care about your good friends. Take the first step to be in touch with them, meet them, call them, etc.

4. Remove any person from your life who is a bad influence on you. In my opinion such a person can totally mess up your life.

5. Watch good movies with the family. Get the kids involved in the selection of which movies you will watch.

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6. Do not drink alcohol. Don't smoke. Do not be friends with anyone who takes these two substances.

7. Carry a little note book with you when you go outside. It is useful to write down important things. And typing things on the phone takes too much time.

8. Always think pure thoughts. Do not visit websites that have adult content on them. Make sure your family members follow this rule too.

9. Keep in touch with your loved ones everyday. Even if you are out for two hours, message them and say where you are.

10. Buy fruits and vegetables from farmers markets. It helps the farmers make more money by cutting out the middle man.

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11. Take care of your skin. Apply Aloe Vera gel on your skin everyday. It keeps the skin in good condition. Your face will glow.

12. Be a good human being. Do not do anything that your family will not be proud of.

13. Say thank you when people do good things for you. Also be the kind of person who everyone says thank you to often.

14. Maintain a well designed home. Keep it nice and clean all the time. I've learned the importance of cleanliness through the life tips on this site.

15. Do some work during the day. Never stay idle 24 x 7. Doing some work is good for our mind and body.

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16. Eat more fruits daily. Even if you only eat a banana, please eat it. Fruits are healthy and cheap too.

17. Buy good chairs for your home. Chairs must have a proper backrest so that your back is well supported when you sit for long hours.

18. Do not speak behind the back of your friends. I have a friend who does this. Today no one is her friend. She is all alone.

19. Learn to stay calm all day. Being calm helps lower your stress. It makes you feel happy as well.

20. When you go out with friends always pay your part of the bill properly. Never let friends pay for you.

21. Lastly, a bonus tip, learn to say no to friends. They waste so much of our time sometimes. If only we say no to them then life would be more free to live.

Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh
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