20 Tips For A Happy And Good Life

20 Tips For A Happy And Good Life
1. Be safe rather than sorry. Do little things to make your home life safer for your kids and you.

2. With the popularity of social media these days everyone is constantly in contact with everyone else. Detach yourself from the phone and computer every evening to spend quality time with the family.

3. Take good care of everything that you own. The longer things last, the better it is.

4. Do not allow others to bully you. Don't let the comments of your friends and family affect you deeply.

5. Learn how to paint the home as it saves a lot of money when you paint the rooms of your house yourself. You value the home more too.

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6. Be where you are. Don't let your mind wander off into dreamland during the day.

7. Spend time going through old photo albums. These days with smart phones, we don't even bother about these things.

8. Never add a friend on your social network if you do not know the person directly. Please trust me on this one.

9. Spend time alone every day. Maybe 1 hour. Once you get used to being in your own company then you will never feel lonely.

10. Write in a daily journal. It's well worth it. When you're all alone you can read through the old entries and feel good.

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11. Sweat daily. Which means, do something physical which gives your body a good workout. Even a long walk for thirty minutes will do.

12. Learn meditation and mindfulness. Both are excellent things to know. I practice both everyday.

13. Whenever you are doing things like watching TV or listening to music, squeeze a stress ball. It's relaxing and good for the muscles.

14. Be yourself all the time. Don't go around showing others a side of you that is not the true you.

15. Take small steps towards achieving your goals. Our dreams should not be left on the back burner all the time.

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16. If you can afford to get assistance from others in daily life then do it. No point wasting time and effort in cleaning, cooking, etc when you have the money to have others do it for you.

17. Garlic is a magical food. Have freshly peeled garlic in your salads. You can have it plain also. It is good for the heart, lowers blood pressure and has many other health benefits.

18. Do not settle for less. Do try to live the best life possible. There are so many ways to live a fantastic life. These posts on Gobog are so cool.

19. Admit when you are wrong. Don't be ashamed of making a mistake. Take full responsibility and move on.

20. Use your dead time properly. Dead time is time spent standing in lines, waiting for friends, etc. Use this time well by listening to audio material or blogging online.

Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh
Animal Lover. Counselor. Happy Go Lucky.

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