60 Simple Ways To Practice Mindfulness Every Single Day

How To Practice Mindfulness
Mindfulness is a powerful thing. When done correctly. And daily. In every moment. Here are 60 simple yet powerful ways to practice mindfulness and reap its fullest benefits in your life...

1. When you wake up, open your eyes wide and feel the blissfully delightful experience of doing so.

2. Have a good stretch. Start with your hands, then your arms, then proceed to your legs, finally your toes. Pay close attention to how you feel when you stretch 'em all.

Practice Mindfulness
3. Tidy up your bed. Enjoy the experience by humming your favorite tune while you do so. Keep your eyes focused on the sheets.

4. Move to the part of your home where you can see the sunrise. Sit down there for a few minutes. Stare at the sun and feel the mild sunny rays of the morning sun fall upon your body.

5. Move into the kitchen. Prepare a cup of tea for yourself. Pay special attention to the water boiling inside the tea pot. Then take in the aromas of the tea leaves.

Practice Mindfulness
6. Step back out to the spot where you can experience the outdoors. This time, focus on the sounds of the morning birds chirping while you take sip after sip of the yummy tea that you just prepared.

7. After you are done, move to your bathroom. Start to brush your teeth. Feel the wonderful brushing of the bristles against your gums. Gargle your mouth well after you are done. Swirl the water inside your mouth well before spitting it out.

8. Next, use the toilet for your bowel movement. Experience the sensations you feel deep down inside you as the excreta comes out of your body.

9. Now is probably the right time to take a nice long shower. Step into the shower. Start the water. Experience and feel the cold (or hot) water falling upon your entire body. Pay special attention to the water as it falls upon your face and neck.

Practice Mindfulness
10. Enjoy the shower experience some more by gently rubbing soap all over your body. Off and on, smell the fragrance of the lather as you continue feeling the wonderful circling motions of your hands rubbing the soap all over your body.

11. Then, wash off every bit of soap for a couple of minutes while experiencing the beautiful feelings associated with the water falling onto your torso once again.

12. Once you're done showering, dry yourself off with a large towel. Feel the fiber of the cloth dry your entire body. Then wrap yourself up with the same towel and step outside.

13. Wear your new clothes. Hold them in your hand and take a good long whiff of the washed fabric. Then put them on. Pay attention to how your skin feels as it gently brushes against the fabric as you put your clothes on.

Practice Mindfulness
14. Time for breakfast. Also time to wake up the others at home (if anyone else lives with you). Give your kids and spouse a tight hug and keep the hug going for a few seconds. Always be the last to let go.

15. Step into the kitchen to make some eggs. Or perhaps slice some fresh fruits. Or maybe prepare some oatmeal for the whole family. Whatever you do, feel it as you do it. Focus on the cutting, the stirring, the preparation.

16. Move to the dining area with the prepared breakfast. Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and pets as you sit there and eat the breakfast that you just made.

17. While eating, experience each bite, feel it by chewing it, there's no better way to eat. Really!

18. After you're done, take the dishes into the washing area of your kitchen. Wash the dishes with your bare hands. Feel the water from the tap falling upon your fingers as you wash the dishes.

19. Next, it's probably time to go outside. Either for work or to run some errands. If you can, walk. There is nothing quite so amazing as experiencing the journey of walking by paying attention to each step that you take.

Practice Mindfulness
20. If you go walking, then focus on the path, don't look here and there. That's how accidents happen!

21. If you go by car, then focus on the road, don't listen to music. Just focus on your driving. Notice everything in front of you while you drive. I mean everything.

22. When you get to your desired destination, look around you, admire the view, enjoy the scenery, take your time to get fully acquainted to the surroundings even if you've been there several times before.

23. Give your body and mind a breather while you're at it by focusing on your breathing as you look around. It might seem like I'm asking you to do two things at the same time. And you ain't wrong. This is a delightful way of practicing Mindfulness that I call 'Mindful Multitasking'.

24. When you get to your work station (or desk), stretch. Yes, give your arms a nice good stretch. Then sit down and relax on your comfortable chair. Feel your back and bottoms push itself against the seat as you sit down.

25. Get started on your work day. And if you ain't working then you'll probably be back home by now after running those errands.

Practice Mindfulness
26. If you went out shopping, then smell those fruits and veggies by picking them up with your hands and taking a nice long sniff of each of them. Give your nostrils a good workout.

27. While you are resting or working, always pay attention to the sounds around you. Listen to the birds sing. The breeze blow. Admire the sights every once in a while. And if there isn't anything interesting to look at then simply focus on the sounds of your breathing.

Practice Mindfulness
28. Feel the oxygen go straight into your lungs as you take each breath in. Then experience the pause as you hold your breath for a couple of seconds before you experience the slowness of pace as you breath out.

29. Most important at this point is to fully focus on what you are doing. Don't allow a single thought to enter your mind apart from the thoughts connected to the task on hand.

30. After a couple of hours pass by mindfully, it's time to prepare lunch or continue working after a wonderfully long tea break. During the break, have a conversation with someone face-to-face. Listen to every word they say. Think before you reply to anything they ask you.

31. It's always nice to focus while you speak. And fully listen when you are in a conversation with someone. Even if you're on the phone, pay attention to the words, the pictures, observe and listen the best you possibly can.

Practice Mindfulness
32. Always take time to enjoy the flowers and trees. The glorious elements of nature that truly brighten up your day and mine instantly. If possible, live close to nature. And work close to nature. Make nature a vital part of your life. And take time to experience the sights, the sounds, and the smells of Mother Nature during the entire day.

33. It's probably lunch time by now. Taste each morsel of food that you eat. Never eat in a hurry and if possible eat your lunch alone. Being in company of others at lunch and dinner time destroys the joy of eating food.

34. While eating your lunch, pay special attention to the sounds of the fork and spoon as it touches the plate and enters your mouth. Listen to yourself chew your food. And remember to listen and experience every sip of water that you drink.

35. It's after lunch time now, time to get back to work. But before that, take a leisurely walk around the office building if you can. Or take a brief nap. If you're not working during the Afternoons, then I insist that you take a long nap.

36. While you go off to sleep in the afternoon, focus on the sounds of your breathing once more. Do not let anything come into your thoughts as you drift away into another world.

37. It's close to tea time now. You have been busy with work or your long leisurely afternoon nap. It's probably time for your 4pm hobby. Maybe it's painting or drawing, reading or listening to music. Whatever it is, do it purposefully.

Practice Mindfulness
38. While listening to music, actually listen to the music. Pay attention to the instruments. Don't do anything else while you listen to music. Unless you're listening to soft instrumental music playing in the background while you work or do other things.

39. This one's rather important on our sensational journey towards living a life full of Mindfulness. Always be aware of your movements. Know where you are, what you are doing, and how long you've been doing it for. And do this without looking at the watch. Keeping track of the time by looking at the time every now and then ruins the present moment. Never wear or look at the watch.

40. Be mindful while you sit, stand, walk, talk, listen and do other things during the day. It's evening time right now. So you're mind is slowly but surely slowing down. It's important that you slow down the pace of everything that you do after 5pm.

Practice Mindfulness
41. Keep things quiet around sunset. Switch off the music. Be ready to relax and unwind for the remainder of the day. In olden times, the setting sun signified the end of the day and all work as well. Maybe it's time to revive those good old times. Make sure you don't lift a pin or do any work after it becomes dark. Unless your job specifically requires you to work during these odd hours.

42. Switch off your phone after your day is over. Do not use social media after 8pm. Find something more meaningful to do with your time. Draw, paint, bake, sculpt, write, blog, cook, think, but don't waste your time on things that serve no purpose.

43. During the day (or night), resist any urge you have to look back into your past or think about the future. All worry and stress is purely due to doing either of the above. Live for the moment and totally in the moment.

44. Eat your dinners early. Don't give your stomach extra work to do. And, once again, while eating, savor each bite, enjoy the taste, the smells, and the colors on your plate. Make every meal an ultra pleasurable experience from today.

Practice Mindfulness
45. You might feel like yawning during the late evening hours. Part of truly practicing mindfulness is to experience all these little things that you probably didn't really experience much earlier. Feel the yawn, experience the awesome feelings of having a nice long yawn. You know you've really felt your yawn when you did not hear or feel anything else but the sounds of your yawn.

46. It's wise to spend your late evenings in silence. Talk only if you must. Indulge in activities that you can do while being silent. Be it cooking, cleaning, resting, laying down, or a creative hobby that fully keeps your mind occupied before you sleep.

Practice Mindfulness
47. The night hours are perhaps the best time to experience the two 'nesses'. Stillness. And Nothingness. Enjoy being still. Don't exert yourself before you sleep. Not even a tiny bit. Experience stillness while enjoying the nothingness of the now. Nothing feels more delightful than the blissful feelings experienced while practicing silent meditation during the darker hours of the day.

48. Be a responsible Mindfulness practitioner. Do not waste our planet's resources. Use water within limits. And spend as much of the evening hours without using much electricity.

49. Once every few days, spend the entire evening without lights. Experience the darkness in its entirety. Meditate in the dark. Focus only on the blank spaces in front of you. There's no need to close your eyes when all you can see is the blissful darkness and the serenity of a noiseless environment.

Practice Mindfulness
50. Spend quality time with your loved ones before you it's bedtime. Hugs are in fashion in the soothing world of Mindfulness. Hug your loved ones more often. Cuddle them. Brush your fingers through their hair. Experience love in the purest ways. Don't hold back. Give into the moment.

51. Embrace the time before sleeping time. Make it your finest hour of a day spent mindfully and meaningfully. Spend some time in reflection, take a nice long shower, meditate some more, and if you feel like it then blog for a while. Fill in your journal or share your knowledge with the world like we do.

52. Before I close this post, let me remind you that practicing Mindfulness is all about being in the now, feeling every single thing, experiencing each moment not in the next moment but right now, in the now, live each day mindfully, and you'll always be smiling while you sleep.

53. Be mindful while you work, play, sing, dance, write, talk, hug, make love, meditate, exercise, and do every single activity during the day. I'm repeating this once more, but it's really important to do so.

54. If you have the habit of watching TV, being on the computer, or whiling your late evening hours away on the phone then I strongly suggest that you cut down on these 3 things unless you are fully immersed into them while doing them.

55. When you watch TV, watch TV. Don't eat, don't talk, don't do anything else at that time. One more thing, if you flip channels while watching TV then it's a surefire sign that TV watching isn't good for you anymore. Find something meaningful to watch or do something better.

56. It's time to sleep now. Make your bed ready for sleeping. Puff the pillows. Change into nightwear. Switch off the lights. Lay down, close your eyes, and say goodbye to your day...

Practice Mindfulness
57. While we are falling asleep, there is a strange temptation to think about something or the other. Avoid this temptation by focusing on your breathing once again. Meditate before you sleep. What better way to end your day?

58. If you wake up at night to visit the toilet then watch your step while you walk. Listen to yourself pee while you pee. Listen to the dripping sound. Go back softly to your waiting bed.

59. Once in bed, quickly close your eyes, don't think of anything, don't even try. Just close your eyes, listen to your breathing and drift into dreamland once again.

60. Finally, experience how you feel first thing when you wake up in the morning. If you followed the 59 steps before this one right then you are sure to wake up with a big fat smile, feeling fresh, energetic and looking forward to the brand new day.

Savio DSilva
Savio DSilva
Audio Book Creator. Life Coach. Soft Skills Trainer. Counselor.
Meditation Practitioner. Food Technologist. Frugal Marketer.

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