20 Life Tips And Messages That Make So Much Sense

20 Life Tips And Messages That Make So Much Sense
1. Failure actually does not exist. It's our mindset that views certain outcomes as failures. Adopt a positive mindset. Delete failure.

2. Eat green. Buy more green. Vegetables are excellent for health. And while you're at it, buy and eat more fruits as well.

3. Jokes are funny only when they are intentionally funny but when it is too personal or insulting, it isn't funny at all. Never make fun of others even if it seems like people will enjoy it.

4. Showing up is important. No matter how you may feel, if you promised to show up, you must. And if you must cancel then make sure you make up in a big way for doing so.

5. Travel. If you can afford to. Don't wait till you retire to start. You might be too old and unfit to travel the world if you wait too long.

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6. Communal activities are good for our overall well-being. Be an active part in the community. BUT remember that charity begins at home.

7. If you truly believe in something, then go all out to do it. Many great people took mighty risks to create something unheard of.

8. Apples are healthy but too expensive. Bananas and oranges aren't. Eat more of them. Regularly. A couple of bananas and oranges are certainly going to keep the doctors away.

9. Let the children talk as much as they like. It's is better for them to express than suppress their feelings. But do teach them when they must not talk. Places like churches, temples, theaters, etc.

10. Listening in silence to a friend in distress matters more than giving any advice. Just be there. That's all that your friend needs at that time.

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11. Don't believe everything you hear until you see it with your own eyes. Seeing is believing for sure. However if it seems to good to be true then it always is.

12. Focus on the other person. You will always be treated well when you focus on them. But don't be a doormat in the process.

13. Help out around the house as much as you can. Get the kids involved every once in a while. It's good for them to accept these responsibilities at an early age. However, as mentioned, let them get involved only once in a blue moon.

14. Have more Empathy. Learn to place yourself in their position to better understand them. Listening without understanding is not actual listening. Read the 50 Ways To Listen Better to learn to listen more effectively.

15. Confrontations tend to be dangerous. Find a better way to clear the air. But don't avoid doing so just because of the possibility of the confrontation.

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16. Make a simple 'to do' list everyday. There should be less than 5 important things to do each day. If you have too much to do during the day then chances of getting them all done reduce drastically.

17. Focus on being happy, not making pots of money. Those who have a lot of money realize soon enough that living a relaxing life and being happy each day is far more important than having all the money in the world.

18. Wake up nice and early to get a quick start to the day. Meditate as soon as you wake up. Look at the sunrise if you can and make sure you glance at the moon the previous night before going to bed.

19. Wash your hands before and after you wash something else. A simple rule. But so many of us tend to forget about these basic things which can prove costly later.

20. Love your spouse so passionately that it makes you shiver. Love should be total. Not half-way. And for heaven's sake don't love anyone else in the same way.

Kirti DSilva
Kirti DSilva
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